Sunday Hike - Off To Mount Tok Wan This Time

Mount Tok Wan is located in Semenyih, Selangor and one must go pass and summit Broga Hill first before going on to summit Mount Tok Wan.
Not keen on joining the huge crowd going up to Broga Hill (400m above sea level), we started our hike late. At around 10.00am.
But not before a late breakfast with the family. Nah, I didn't cook. We went to Mamak instead. Hahaha

Seems like Roti Sardin is a must for us before any hikes nowadays. Hehehe
Met a few friends already making their trip to Mount Tok Wan and even a few loops around Broga Hill when we got to Broga Hill's third hill. They were planning to continue training until 1.00pm. 

For us, we just hiked slowly (I was feeling sooooooooo unfit!) to get to Mount Tok Wan.
Bumped into quite a number of hikers heading back and most were friendly. Love that.

A few parents with kids too. Cool!

The day was hot and sunny, thank goodness for the strong wind that kinda cooled down our hike. But it was rather torturously hot to hike past the shadeless Broga Hill to get into the trail of Mount Tok Wan.

I have to say, I was really glad we finally got under the shaded forest area. Phew!
By the time we reached the peak of Mount Tok Wan (675metre above sea level), it was already after 12.00pm and the area was devoid of any hikers. 

We stop and rested for a bit, took photos (of course lah!) and then head down again.
OK, let's head south-west back to Broga Hill. Hehehe

Can't resist playing with my Polar V800 features.

Bumped into a fellow runner on our way down. He was recceing the route to bring his barefoot gang in the future.
Anyways, a 12K hike that took ages to complete and we finally finished and it was time to head home. 

We'll try and see whether we can slot in another stroll tomorrow.

Actually, I hope to put in 3 consecutive days of hikes to take advantage of the long early-Feb weekend. 

We'll see how, yeah? ^^

1st day of February and it's already a good start.
I joined the "Run This Year" 2015 challenge, just for fun and happy to note that while I hadn't been able to log-in much training mileage on the weekdays and being down with a bad flu for more than two weeks didn't help either; I was able to clock in 139miles (224km) in hikes, walks (nope, the walks around malls or work place didn't count) and runs.

Of course it helped that I had two long hours run sessions in early January especially doing 80K at the Watergate 16-hour but let's see if I can try log in as much if not more for February.

After all, I need to train for April's adventure race that I've registered in, together with my husband. Good luck us!


  1. Ever saw blogger friends posted Broga Hill pictures, nice place...

    1. Too crowded though.

      But it's a good place to head to for first time hikers.

  2. I love hiking. And I like the 1st picture.

  3. Well done ! I also heard about broga hill,it's seems a very popular hiking spot.

    1. It is popular. Quite easy to go to, for one.

  4. You are spending your long weekend very productively! I did not know about Mount Tok Wan until today. Can climb ke after that heavy breakfast hee..hee... Carbo for more energy huh? Keep doing what you love!

    1. Can... got training already to go after any meals. Muahaha

  5. fuyoh!!! I love the first photo!!! Mak Glam so bergaya standing on the hilltop!!!

    and of course, I also like that second photo, hihihihi!! the roti canai looks so crispy outside fluffy inside~~ :p

    1. That one was Zaini la dei! Bwahaha

    2. ooopssss.. tak pakai cermin mata pulak!!!

      sorry ah~~ :D

  6. Broga Hill tak main la for you. Easy peesy hike. Now grasuated to gunung already .

    aiks...where nasi lemak. no trademark nasi lemak?

    1. It's not easy peasy la. Hahaha
      But it is easier than other trail routes.

      Don't need to show nasi lemak all the time, right?

      Especially if the post mmg tarak cerita about makan. Lol

    2. Well.. except that roti sardin la. Hihihi

  7. I wanted to laugh at the first photo. I have climbed Broga Hills twice but never reached the top cos it was too packed!!!!

    Excuses I know!

    I was always exhausted cos didn't have enough sleep the night before. LOL

  8. My Japanese friend loves Roti Sardin as he thinks it is superb and unique - out of the world!! I just shook my head in his disbelief!


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