Happy Chinese New Year!

May wealth always come your way.

May it be auspicious and as you wish.

May your year be as bright as the sun that fills your life with infinite success.

May the Year of the Goat brings with it the fortune and good health for you and your family members.

And may all your dreams come true in the Chinese New Year of the Goat.
Image from Tratles.net


  1. Thanks Lina!
    Happy holidays to you!

  2. Hi Lina! That's a lovely wish and I wish the same back to you!

  3. You guys call it a goat. Japan calls it a sheep. Ru's decided to go for ibex. Happy Ibex Year, Lina and family! ^^

    1. Oh yes, we also call them Lamb, Ram and Kambing too. Now a new slang "Meh" too!

  4. What a nice wish from Lina! 谢谢!
    This year is a very excellent year for all those TIGER born.


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