Carbo Loading At Olive Garden

It's actually lunch with colleagues, but as we had lunch at Olive Garden a few days before the now cancelled SCKLM, it also served as part of my carbo loading meal.

Though truthfully, I rarely eat pasta to carboload before a full marathon or an ultra. I prefer my banana leaf rice more. Hah hah

Anyways, the 6 of us decided to share our orders to enjoy more variety.

For all entrees that we ordered, we got either free refillable salad or soup. We were also served with breadsticks. And it was yummy!
We ordered the gnocchi chicken soup, opting out the beef selection as some of us don't take beef.
Plus the minestrone soup.

And salads too.
Then we ordered two types of flatbread, Sicilian Pineapple and Triple Cheese Carbonara.
We continued our meal with Lasagna Primavera with Grilled Chicken.

Truthfully, at this point, I was already feeling stuffed.

But we still had more coming!
Next, our pasta. A very rich Chicken Alfredo.

Kenyang ady, wei!

Still ada thing we ordered!!! Greedy. LOL
Next was, our Salmon Risotto.

It was nice, but by this time everyone was feeling jelak from all the cheese and cream we consumed.
Then, our appetizer arrived, Lasagna Fritta. It should have been our first dish, so we didn't really enjoy it fully, what with being full and all.
Lastly, our desserts.

We chose the 5 in one set Dolcini.

And I had my cappuccino.

It was a great lunch.

We were full to the max. Portions were big and generous. Service was fast and friendly.

And with a 10% on our total bill when we pay with an MBB credit card, it's totally value for money.

I think we only spent about RM260+ for the food and our drinks too.


  1. Oh la la...that is a lot of food! I like! Eh, mana ini Olive Garden?

  2. The Lasagna Fritta looks very interesting, Lina! Something I would've picked too :D

    1. It waa nice too, but we were too full to enjoy it fully.

  3. I like pasta but with olio flavor, hehe!

  4. wah, indeed loads of carbo, and to be more precise, cheezycarbo< that is!!

    i think i menang you a little bit, will only yell that i'm stuff up to the point of the Chicken Alfredo, hahaha!!

    anyways, i think the desserts were nice leh.. 5 in a set!! everyone had a set of 5, or a set to be shared by everyone??

    1. Share la... Cannot fit in more cream into the tummy. Lol

  5. Hmmm must tryyyy sbb I ni half Italian hahaha...
    I think I mentioned to you before masa I student dulu, Olive garden sempat sekali dua je makan kat US lah bajet student kan takleh selalu hehe

    1. Ooo no wonder gojes. Ada Italian blood. Hihi

      Jom jom Mills.

      Leh kabolod kat Olive Garden pasni. :)

  6. Looks like fine dining stuff to me. I have only ever tried Olive Garden in the US. There, they are NOT fine dining. They serve huge portions (huge even by American standards). It is somewhere truckies (or fatties like me) go...

    1. It's pretty much relax atmosphere lah...

      Cheerful staff, hearty meals.

      But of course, no truckers in sight here. :P

  7. Wah nice leh. Making me drooling though i have just ate.

    Cheerful staffs ya. Bagus. Hate it when have to pay so much for bad aervice

  8. Banana Leaf rice is always my favourite too that fills me to the brim and murah lagi.
    Your Salmon Risotto looks delicious!

  9. Wahhhh you had me at all the flatbread pizzas and Salmon Risotto too... Love them to bits... Will put this in my carboloading venue #wishlist soon hehee... Long time havent go to MidVal oredy by the way... It's about time :)


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