Best Carboloading Meal Ever!

While I had the choice of many marathoners all over the world to carboload - pasta; on Wednesday, a few days before SCKLM was supposed to be held; my favourite choice of food to enjoy before a long run (42K and above) is this :
Banana leaf rice at Nirwana Maju, Bangsar. ^^

Extra rice and kuah banjir.


Nope, I don't have tummy issues eating this before a race but best to eat it at least two days before a race lah. Hihihi


  1. Seeing the banana leaf rice you eat, makes me wanna go eat briyani again, hehe...

  2. yierrr.. you make me feel like eating banana leaf rice now, right now!!! hahaha..

    BTW, tonight is your banana leaf rice day right?? :p

  3. Your hubby and boy's expression says it all hah..hah... Banana leaf rice would be my choice too though my carbo load turns to fat :(

  4. Never mind the calories, you can shed them off very easily with your active runs.. :) Just enjoy eating!!

    1. Don't worry. I never really care about counting calories! Hahaha

  5. I love. Lol...but i love the mngo chutney fr devi . Yea can really eat till full if go thre. The down side is..each time will feel sleepy afterwards.

  6. The more I see your hubby, the younger he gets!
    I must start running like him now. Wonder if he uses any face creams or bedak too?


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