My Big 6

My big 6 for 2015.
1. Watergate 16-hours
2. Gunung Nuang Ultra
3. Route 68 Challenge
4. Back 2 Endurance 12-hours
5. Pink 50
6. Tango Ultramarathon

Plenty of memories and learning experience.

Learning to know and understand myself, as a runner and more importantly as a person. And work towards being a better and nicer, more understanding human being.

Through this process, I learn how to stay positive and make myself be positive when things got tough.

I run not to compete or compare with others because I run for my own achievement. For my own satisfaction.

I do not fear the distance. I respect them. And because of that, I am hungry for more.

But for now, let me take a step back.

I'll be back stronger and faster.

When I do, hopefully I won't be called a wannabe ultra runner anymore.

I can be patient because I am in no hurry to prove myself to others. I do not need to be great.

I have proven myself to me.

*Off-season for me for October.
Training for next year starts in November. ^^


  1. Nice achievement. Have a good rest this month.

  2. at first when I saw the title on my blogroll, I thot Mak Glam got a new Big 6 Hero plush toy, muahaha!!! how shallow I am, hihihihi~~

  3. a very inspiring post that Mak Glam relates all her running experience to her attitude towards life, and then motivates her to become better and better!!! thumbs up~~ :)

  4. Thanks :)

    Will enjoy some short distance runs and volunteering at races this month & enjoy myself. ^^

  5. That's quite an achievement for a year!

  6. Congrats, Lina. So nice of you to take it as it is.

  7. Congratulations on your BIG 6 Lina. That is definitely a great achievement. Keep it up and may you have greater things running to you in the future :D

  8. LOL. I thought what big 6!!! You still young la and learning from every run.
    Your life has been on good tracks meeting good people and events while we all benefited from your blog post everything about running sports! Kudos Mak Glam!


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