November Recap

November is quite an interesting month for me, racing wise.

I did something that I've never done before and that was entering the Fit in the City which was Celebrity Fitness & Fitness First's inaugural urban obstacle race and group exercise showdown on Nov 4th, 2017.
Then, the week after, I joined a race walking event.

And mark my word, the race walkers are damn fast. The top walkers walk faster than most of can run, even! And imagine doing 100km in 12-hours. Runners also may have a hard time getting that mileage for 12-hours.
And finally, I joined the inaugural KUL Marathon. 42K, 25K, 10K and 3K at and around KLIA!
November had been fun.

I tried new stuff, I met new friends, I enjoy my runs.

Now, I am certainly looking forward to December.

I just have 3 half marathons to do in December and those should be fun. ^^


  1. Well done to you! Enjoy your run in Dec!

  2. It looks like you had fun. That first photo, are you supposed to go through those tyres? I will get stuck!

  3. Amazing! The race walkers walk faster than runners. You have fun running 3 half marathons in December, lina.

  4. This is totally cool, dear! Love them all! xoxo

  5. That’s fun ! Keep going and don’t stop running !!


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