0% GST

There are all sorts of news when GST went into zero rate on June 1st.

There were reports of retailers and F&B outlets hiking up their prices regardless...

But for me, I am enjoying the benefit buying groceries at AEON and AEON Big and my personal care items at Guardian and Watson's because they got cheaper!
Even the two kiddo's food get cheaper.

Pro Diet wet pouch which was usually priced at RM1.50 at AEON is now priced at RM1.41. I got them at only RM1.37 recently at AEON Big.

And this month, Smart Heart is on promo at AEON for a mere RM1.19! Hubby usually buys them at a vending machine near Jaya One for around RM1.30 but the machine doesn't get replenished often.

Because the two kiddos will always be eating anyway, I cleared AEON's shelf off ALL their Smart Heart Kitten food today. Hahaha

It's not that easy to find Kitten wet pouch compared to the adults' variety so whenever there's promotion, we'll hoard them.

Anyways, I've been posting their photos and videos often at my IG account, so if anyone wants to kepoh and see them, check their activities and naughtiness at my IG account: https://www.instagram.com/lina1975a 


  1. Meow! This AEON is always having the best price for pet food and stuffs. I am surprised they sell them on vending machines! Meow!

    1. Ya, me too!

      But good lah.
      Only thing is that it doesn't get replenished regularly.

  2. Oh, really good price now so sapu sapu sapu! :D

  3. Good lah, sapu while it is cheap :)

    1. Ya. After all, sure will eat one. :P

  4. Bet your kittens are growing well and happily in your household.

    I also bought some grocery last weekend. Not because 0% but still need to buy anyway. Haha

  5. Bukan makin murah barangan ni. Even our seasonal parking increased by rm70 oh.

  6. The thought of it excites me, dear! xoxo


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