Siblings Buka Puasa At Kafe Chendana, Dewan Bahasa Pustaka

We try to organise a buka puasa get together at least once during Ramadan with our siblings because well, Hubby and I don't really see them often otherwise.

You know lah, me and whatever shenanigans that I got myself into, that keep the family occupied on most weekends and Son is also busy with his school activities that kinda made lepaking with the clan a bit hard for us. That and I also freelance and that do take up a lot of my free time outside of my normal 9-6 working hours. 

Anyway, with the help of my younger sis, we found a good place for this year's family buka puasa. Alas, two siblings couldn't make it because they live in Pahang but the other four of my siblings and their family were there.
We foud a very good deal at Kafe Chendana, located at Dewan Bahasa Pustaka.

We managed to book with the early bird rates and paid only RM30 per pax for adults and RM15 per pax for children. That is cheap! Considering most wedding/catering halls charge on the upwards of RM50 per pax for buka puasa buffet.

I didn't really have high expectations but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and variety of the food served.
There were rows and rows of kampung style dishes and I personally love the veges - masak lemak pucuk pacu, cekur manis, bayam, stir fried mixed veges, etc.
Among the crowd favourites were the kambing golek, of course.
Our table kept on replenishing our plates and my family sure ate a lot of them!
The ikan patin masak tempoyak was nice.

I also love their Malay kueh mueh that they served generously. It certainly satiated my cravings for good kueh! I seriously love their kueh!

We got a really good bargain with their early bird rates at RM30.00. But even paying the full rate of RM60.00 per adult, I personally say that it is highly recommended.

The food was good and delicious. The staff replenished the dishes routinely although maybe not with the same item. 

There were many stalls featuring kambing golek, grilled items like satay, soups - soup tulang, ikan patin masak tempoyak, roti john & murtabak, yong tau foo, fried items and even western food - pasta plus nuggets, sausages, fries for kids.

The staff were efficient, and will immediately come for assistance when you arrive to check on your table. The dining staff in charge with clearing the tables were good too.

So yeah, highly recommended.

We didn't stay long though although there were so many good food yet to be savoured because, well... Don't waste food!

We try to eat everything we took and not to be overly full with our buka puasa.

There was still some discounts available by purchasing their online vouchers, at 11Street for instance if anyone wants to give the place a go. Just look up their Facebook page or IG account lah, if you wanna have more info.

If I suddenly have some surplus cash, I wouldn't mind giving Kafe Chendana another go with my family. Maybe invite Hubby's side of the family too. Barulah meriah! Hahaha


  1. Wow! The food sure looks good and you all got a very good price too. I think fish masak tempoyak is not easily available at ramadan bazaar or am I mistaken with thinking this way?

    1. No idea since we don't really go to Ramadan bazaars. Haha

  2. Wah! I have never seen such affordable buffet prices. Good value for money. Can makan puas2 including for sahur hah...hah..

  3. oolalaa....mmg berbaloi! This is almost like you only paid for entrance fee and then get freebies! Hi kambing golek...wish I was there.

  4. The price is so reasonable and you got the best spread with delicious kueh mueh. I am surprised that they have this dining place at Dewan Bahasa as my office deals with them every week for many years!!! Wow! I must wake up.

    1. Come on Anay!

      You should try the place and belanja your staff there!

      It's totally worth it.


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