A Night In A Capsule Hotel In Tokyo

After spending three nights in a hotel with onsen facilities in Nikko, it was time to head back to Yokyo.

Our first night in Tokyo during our December 2017 trip was at a capsule hotel.

It was Son's wish and we stayed there as a birthday treat for him. A teenager values a "me-alone" time away from the parents and capsule hotel provides that. ^^

This was our third time spending nights in capsule hotel but the other two stays were in Osaka & Kyoto. Son loves the capsule hotels that he had stayed in before.

The capsule hotel that we stayed in was a nondescript type of capsule hotel that looked rundown at first glance. A gruff old man manned the front desk and just a little bit of English was spoken.

Each of our capsule cost 2,200 yen so it was a total of 6,600 yen per night for the three of us.

There is a dedicated female floor located on the 5th floor, if I remember correctly and access to the capsules is by using passcode. The other floors are for male guests. This female-only floor is quite the standard, for security reasons.

Hubby and Son of course had their capsule rooms nearby each other.

A steady stream of guests checked in later that night, both male and female alike.
A few capsules were already occupied when we checked-in that evening. My capsule was located right at the end of the corridor.
My comfy capsule that came complete with a TV, earphone, plugs for chargers, a yukata and towels.

The mattress was comfy and I slept well.

There's shared toilet facility on each floor, but we had to go down to 3rd floor for shower and bath. For security, access to the shower/bath facility is also by using passcode.
The shared bath. I was lucky to have this all to myself to soak in and others joined in after I was done with my bath.
The shower stall. And of course, all bathing amenities are provided - soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.

Outside, at the changing room area; hairdryers are provided for us to use.

This is pretty simple but you have all that you need if you suddenly can't go home and need a place to crash for the night and didn't want to spent it in a dorm.

Much as I'd like to just stay cooped in my capsule and sleep, we woke up early at 6.00am the next day because we needed to head to travel to Itabashi.

I had a race on Sunday at Itabashi so after a light breakfast of bread and milk which we had at the common area at the capsule hotel's lobby, we took a train to Itabashi.

It was just a small race of 5,000 pax (yes, that is considered small for Japan's standard) with a cheap registration fee of 4,000 yen. There was probably 10 foreigners joining the race and I think the others were expats studying/working around that area.

The boys later had a nice Mister Donuts breakfast while they waited for me to finish my run and we later had lunch of grilled saba for me & hubby and Son had kaki-furai (fried oyster).


  1. I must experience staying in a capsule if I get the chance. Haha.

    The place looked like prison cell. Lol.

    1. It's definitely much nicer than a prison! 😝

  2. Your capsule room looks big. The price is just about RM80 which is a good price. I have seen capsule rooms that are so small that they are like a bigger coffin box where you can just sit up and cannot walk around the capsule room.

    1. You can't actually walk in this capsule 😝 but it's big enough to enter hunched.

      I've stayed in one that had a mattress ngam-ngam the width & length of the capsule but it's still quite roomy.

  3. My friend told me that most capsule hotels are very popular and fully booked in Japan, ahead of the normal hotel rooms during peak months. I guess the traveling office workers prefer the capsules just for a nap. I guess I won't have a chance to stay unless I visit Japan alone cos my wife is not comfortable with the idea being confined. Muahahaha

    1. Rugi la Anay. I quite like it bcos there shared facilities like hot bath are quite nice & something I don't get at normal chain hotel for similar price.

      Beats staying at a dorm too, for me.

  4. Wow, what an experience! Don't think I'll like the idea of sharing the shower area etc with others & we prefer a room with lots of space. Hahaha! xoxo

    1. Haha

      But it's a different experience and Japan is indeed one of the best place to try this sharing accommodation style because Japanese respect privacy. πŸ˜‹


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