Getting Bicycles To Africa By Putting On Mileage

A friend's company that is based in Switzerland had this charity drive for their staff, family & friends to provide bicycles to the children of Burkina Faso.

I won't go much into the details of the charity drive by its foundation other than we were encouraged to log in miles by either running, walking, hiking or cycling and for each mile, the foundation will contribute a certain amount to the program and in turn for the bicycles.

It took about a fortnight for the company's staff all around the world to rally and raise $40,000 and the foundation had increased their target to $50,000. At the moment, they're already reached 95% of the target.

I got onboard two days before Raya when my friend asked who'd be interested to join and although I haven't been raking in lots of mileage, I was glad to be able to contribute even just a little bit.
We logged in our miles through an app and to make it more fun, we can share photos of our workout for others to see, to motivate and be motivated.

It's such a cool way to be able to contribute and stay healthy, right?

And it's also a good motivation for me to go out and head for a run, knowing that I'd be able to turn it into something that can benefit others too.


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