Two Months With The Cats

Two months ago, we rescued the kittens from under a neighbour's car.

A week later, we rescued their siblings, a boy kitten but sadly, the brother didn't live long.

This two, Putih and Kelabu are growing up swell and beautifully.
They are extremely naughty and active. They love to follow Mommy to the kitchen and like to wait for Mommy at the door when she went to the bathroom.
They like to kepoh when Daddy is trying to clean their kitty litter and jump around when Daddy is trying to relax.
Abang likes to play with them too but Abang is busy with his homework and his handphone too. 

They are also very good cockroaches hunter. 

Both of them are already due for their vaccination, as per the vet's advise but we'll probably take them to the vet after Raya.

Their Mommy is still around and comes to the home every morning and night although Mommy Cat usually doesn't want to stay indoors for a long time.


  1. They are so adorable. Sad that their brother didn't make it. Thanks for the update about them.

  2. Look at the kittens climbing the window grille. Lol.

    The kittens are cute. Furry fellas

  3. OMG!!! Your cats are so comel and adorable. How would you feed them & change litter when you travel? Teach me please.....

    1. Haven't decided yet because we haven't travel since we got these two naughty kittens at home. Hahah

      Most probably, we'll send them for boarding.


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