A New Tomyum Place

We usually head to a nearby tomyum place located at a corner lot house nearby our home for dinner.

But after several times of experiencing "no stock available" for my order and the fact that the staff or the owner never reprimanded diners who smoked there, we decided to try out a rather new place much nearer to our home.

I don't really mind if occasionally the place didn't have items to cook a particular dish that I wanted to eat because I can always change my order but I really hate the fact that smokers can freely smoke at their outlet despite government's directive of banning smoking at eateries.

So while they maintained their happy smoking customers, they lose us. Probably it isn't a big deal to them anyway. Haha

Anyways, back to new makan place which is less than a km away from our house.
It's called Faris Seafood and it is a proper restaurant with some Thai staff at the shop.
Our drinks - sirap bandung for me, sirap for hubby and coffee for son. Yup, the boy loves coffee.
We ordered somtam and theirs was quite interesting as there was apples in in too! 
And seafood tomyum with rice too.
We also ordered this siakap sambal pedas. 

The restaurant currently has a promo price of RM19.90 for siakap cooked either in sambal pedas, masam manis or tiga rasa.

Otherwise, the rate is RM38 for a 500gm fish.
Son meanwhile, wasn't keen on eating rice so he ordered fried kway teow instead.

Our dinner cost around RM40 which was a good deal for us.

Food was good, service too.
And most importantly, no smokers here!


  1. I also really dislike the smoke from smokers. I wish that the government would really take action against smokers who still smoke in eateries. The siakap assam pedas looks so so pedas in the photo.

    1. siakap sambal pedas.

    2. and restaurant owners need to be firm too. They're afraid about losing smoking customers, but they tend to overlook their customers who don't smoke and don't like to get secondhand smoking while they eat.

  2. Wah bestnya! My mouth was watering reading this post! LOL!

  3. The siakap looked good. Must be spicy good.

    I love seafood tom yum.

    1. It's just the right balance.

      The somtam was really spicy though. ;)


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