Benji's For A Treat

Hubby and I took a day the day Son's SPM results was announced.

Later, we went to Benji's at Bangsar Village as a treat for him. SPM come out already, good or not good, still must give a treat lah...
Son with his order.

I guess we haven't been to Benji's for ages as the menu has been updated with some interesting new choices.
Such as Son's Burger Ayam Berempah, served with fries and kedondong pickles on the side.
Hubby ordered an old favourite - The Big Breakfast.
I ordered the Nasi Dagang.

Not too crazy with the Gulai Ikan though as it was too sour for my taste.

We had planned to go to our favourite Japanese restaurant on Saturday the same week, but a friend wanted to treat Son so we postponed that dinner to Sunday.


  1. I haven't been to Benji's. Food looks good. You curi curi take son's photo? cos he is not looking at the camera.

  2. I am eyeing your son's burger but I know that fries are not good for my throat right now.


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