Son's Second SPM Treat At Miyagi

The week SPM results was announced, we took Son for some treats.

First was on the day he collected his results, then on Sunday, we went to Miyagi Japanese Restaurant in Bangi and our friend joined us for dinner this time.
Son had the Beef Teppanyaki.
Hubby had the Seafood Teppanyaki.
I ordered the Fried Oyster and Sashimi set meal.

We always love to come to Miyagi because it's really value for money to eat here.
Over dinner, we also "racun" our friend to try a Japan marathon, and more specifically Kobe Marathon. I'm thinking of doing it this year, but let's hope COVID-19 will not drag until the end of the year!
Son and our friend, she's a famous doctor with many followers on her social media account and MedTweets. You can follow her tweets at @rafidah72 


  1. A wonderful treat for your son.

    I like that fried oyster and sashimi set. So hearty.

  2. You know I get really excited to see your son growing so fast into a handsome young man! Next moment mummy will blog about wedding and sit on the pelamin! Time flies really fast.

    I should also congratulate to Lina and Hubby for the best parenting. Seriously.

  3. congrats on the results.. Food looks amazing as well


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