Santai Foldie Ride Around Putrajaya

On the first week of August, we took our folding bikes out and head to Putrajaya for a relaxing ride.

Our starting point was at Taman Warisan Pertanian, the same as our last 21K walk there a few weeks earlier.
From Presint 16 we rode to PICC and Taman Seri Empangan then towards Putrajaya Water Sports Complex in Presint 6.
Then it was to Presint 7 and Ayer 8.
After reaching Kelab Tasik Putrajaya, we decided to continue on. It was a combination of jogging/cycling track and road but as we head to to Seri Perdana, we cycled on a stretch of boardwalks. There were some stairs along the route, so carrying our foldie was needed too occassionally.
The route was pretty flat for the first 20K or so,  but there were plenty of inclines once we head to Seri Perdana in Presint 10 and later in Taman Wetland.

There were a few kilometres of gravel road that we went through in Taman Wetland before we hit the tarmac again.
Finally we arrived to Taman Botani, our last stop before heading back to Taman Warisan Pertanian.
We took it easy and stopped many times along the way and bumped into friends and even my sister with her family at Kelab Tasik Putrajaya.
Incidentally, we registered for the Kayuhan Maya Merdeka Hulu Selangor. Each participant needs to clock in a minimum of 40K mileage, so the mileage from the ride that day went into this Kayuhan Maya mileage ride too.

We have a few more days to add up our mileage for the virtual ride and hopefully not be last in the Duo category leaderboard. 


  1. Good exercise! Nice that it could be counted as part of the virtual ride. The scenery there is nice.

    1. Yes, very nice to ride around the lakeside of Putrajaya

  2. It has been donkey years since I ride on a bicycle! Dunno if I can still remember how to balance myself.

    1. Sure can. Come la to Putrajaya. There are plenty of bikes to rent, can slowly cycle around and enjoy the scenery.

  3. Hi bro, tumpang tanya... How to get from Point 20 to 21? Jalan tar or jogging track?

    1. A mix of broadwalk and pavement/jogging track. Part of 21 tu tarmac.


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