Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Double Ouch!

Well, this is gonna be a short post.

We are already back from Japan last Saturday after almost a two-weeks vacation there. Post vacation blues are almost over (LOL) but there are two things still bugged me now.

1. I fell down the stairs at a train station in Tokyo on the day we were flying back into KLIA and am still nursing an awesomely sore backside.

2. Returning back, I found my Celcom Broadband connection sucks big time so at the moment not much updates or blog hopping or facebooking until this is sorted out.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Mid Autumn Festival And Mooncakes Galore

Mid autumn festival! It's also known as Chinese Moon Festival and falls on the 15th moon day of 8th Chinese lunar month. It is said that the reason for celebrating the festival during that time is because the moon is at its fullest and brightest at that time. 

Some malls had already put up stalls and decorations for the festival and sale of mooncakes, as early as August.

I don't celebrate this festival although I enjoyed playing with lanterns during the festival when I was smaller but one thing I love and Zaini does too, about this festival is the mooncakes!

We love, love, love mooncakes! And every year we indulge eating mooncakes that comes in all sorts of flavours. Lucky me, because I don't need to buy any - I usually get plenty at the office.

Apart from the fun of eating the sweet mooncakes (gotta watch the amount we're eating though - all those sugar!), I love collecting all the lovely mooncakes boxes. I kept quite a number of them and use the boxes to keep my receipts and an assortment of stuff. ^-^

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Happy Birthday Me! (And Oh! To Hubby Too) *^-^*

35 years since I first said hello to the world. Happy birthday me!

A retrospective look at myself... I guess I am getting old because I am starting to look back at my life. I am actually the type who simply forget about the past and always want a clean slate in each stage of my life.
Me, I think at the age of 3 at my grandparents'. I sure loved dancing when I was small, but am too stiff now to do any moves without embarrassing myself!  Psst... I sure have a big head, right?
Me, at 10 at my aunt's house in Kepong. I'd spent my school holidays there, alternating between my grandparents' in Shah Alam, my aunt's in Kepong or my grandmother in Semantan, Raub.

I learnt how to ride a bicycle there in Kepong and on my first try, ended up in a monsoon drain. Luckily nothing was broken. Bruises and cuts? Pfft! Are you a wuss complaining/worrying about that? I've had my forehead stitched when I was only 4! I was knocked down by a motorbike when I was 10, while riding on my bicycle. I limped for two months after an accident on the motorbike, riding without a license at the ripe age of 14!
Me, in Kuantan at the age of 13 with the my homeroom mates after a 12km trek from our school to a nearby beach called Teluk Chempedak. I went through a phase of trying to look and act tough during my early teens. Entering boarding school was very exciting for me. Whilst other kids got homesick, I was actually enjoying life in the dorm and being away from home.
Me, sitting for my SPM. I always goof around on exam day hence the happy, relaxed face despite being completely not ready to sit for such an important exam. o.O
Me and my course mates, graduating. One and a half years' worth of crazy class schedules from 8.00am to 5.00pm for a paper qualification while other "normal" students take 3 years to finish a diploma course!

How many of you spent your college life attending classes non-stop; Mon - Fri, 8.00am - 5.00pm? Not many, I bet. It was a miracle for me to made it through the end and not getting booted halfway, because apart from what I got from the classes when I wasn't sleeping, I hardly do any studying. I got through doing all my COBOL assignments with the help of some kind souls in my class. I'm much indebted to you guys!  (Yes, guys...) :)
Me, at my first permanent job in a financial institution. Dang, I sure look nerdy, don't I?
Me, at my first company annual dinner with Zaini and Shida. Zaini and I used to work in the same office, you know. Although it took us two years to finally get together as a couple. *^-^* And Shida worked at the HQ of the same company.
Me and Zaini on our first overseas trip together.
Me, on my honeymoon trip to Redang Island. I sure was slim, wasn't I? What I'd do to get that figure again! ^-^!
Me, as a Mom. Has it been 8 years already? My, Raimie grew so fast!

Whatever people said about my achievements or lack of it, I feel my life is complete. I guess I'm not  much of a go-getter. I don't need much, being loved and be able to love is good enough for me. Though having more money sure doesn't hurt either!

But I realised, as a Mom; I sure wouldn't want my son to behave irresponsibly like me growing up!

Anyhoo... In two day's time it's Zaini's turn to celebrate his birthday. Happy 34th birthday dear.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Report Card Day

Two days before the school closes for a two-weeks holiday, I had to go to Raimie's school to meet up his class teacher and sign his report card. The time fixed to meet with the students' respective class teachers was from 10.45am-12.45pm. By the time I reached the school at 11.00am, a long line was already forming.

When I was small, we just took back our report cards for our parents to see and sign. Most often than not, Zaini and I signed our own report cards! LOL

Not that our results were anything bad but I never really bothered and my parents also were not too bothered about it. :D

How did Raimie do for the last test? Quite well on most subjects, achieving above 90% marks except for Malay Language papers. Simply deplorable! He only got 88% and 78% on Malay papers! More exercises and more reading Malay language books for him after this!

Soon after the school holidays and our vacation to Japan, it will be time to sit for the final exam of the year. Study he must do, from now on!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The First Day Of Raya

We started our celebration of Hari Raya (Eid) from our home in Balakong and made our first stop to my father-in-law's house before heading off to my hometown in Raub. I was pretty relaxed this year because we opted not to cook and invite Zaini's siblings to our house like we did all these year and I get to spend the first Raya in Raub! Otherwise I'll be spending the whole night before the morning of Raya in the kitchen cooking and preparing the raya feast.
Raimie with his grandad. He is pretty pampered by his grandad and can even get away being naughty most of the time.
Arriving my parents home, it was time to greet everyone and have a family photo session. We weren't in the family photo last year, and this year it was my 3rd sis and her family that weren't in. She spent the Raya with her in-laws in Sarawak.
Raimie had the honour cutting the "Raya" cake. After enjoying the raya goodies, we made our way to my mom's kampung in Semantan.
Our first stop in Semantan was our Wan's (grandmother) grave.
Then, stopping at a few relatives house and enjoying the good food - lemang, rendang, nasi impit, laksa. Yummy! This is the time to meet relatives we won't be meeting at other times too. 
 Then, later that night, our house was filled with visiting relatives. It was havoc, it was noisy and it was fun!
For Raimie, it was fun for him to get the duit raya! Rather good collection this year too! *^-^*

Monday, 13 September 2010

Balik Kampung For The Eid (Raya)!

First off, a Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin wish from the three of us to everyone!

We had a pretty busy two days of "Raya" and enjoyed the trip back to my hometown a lot! Raimie was reluctant to return to KL and wanted to stay on.
We only made our way to my hometown in Raub on the first day of Raya itself, after celebrating it with Zaini's father. Our journey started shortly after the Friday prayer, and the roads in KL were refreshingly clear and almost devoid of traffic. A rare sight only to be witnessed when there is a long festive holiday. We'll see this clear road again come Chinese New Year! ^-^
It was a smooth ride on Karak Highway although the traffic was a bit on the slow side once we were approaching the road to Genting Highlands. Seems like many are heading there during the weekends! (For a spot of gambling, maybe?)
Our trip back to KL on Saturday was accompanied by intervals of heavy rain and drizzle. Glad to say we arrived safely and in one piece!

How was your weekend? Hope it was a good one.

By the time this post is up, we'll be in Japan for a two weeks'vacation. I'll be putting up trip report posts at my other blog Urutora No Hi. Do visit!

Friday, 10 September 2010

Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri everyone!

We'll have a busy day today. We are heading back to my hometown in Raub this afternoon after spending the morning with my in-laws in Bangsar.

Those who will be journeying back - drive safely!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

At 4.30 In The Morning

No more very early mornings for me after this Ramadhan month for this year ! I can sleep late and wake up later again. XD

Out of the 28 days of Ramadhan, I cooked our sahur meals 25 days, skipped them for 2 days because I was too tired (slept really late) and for 1 day we decided to eat out. Plenty of 24 hours eateries options at our place although they are mostly Mamak restaurants.

For that 1 day, we went to McD for our sahur.
McD Bandar Tun Hussein Onn in the wee hours
What's your choice, eat-in, drive-thru or call for delivery?
Brisk business. 
The place was almost full when we were there. Plenty of non-muslims too. Why you all wake up so early ah? And plenty of people who look like they just roll out of bed in there. XD
Our sahur of the day. 
Beef burger Happy Meal for Raimie, Big n Tasty burger for me and Hot & Kickin Chicken burger for Zaini. Drinking coke at 4.30am? How "healthy" of us.@.@
Getting the Happy Meal for the purpose of collecting this games. Raimie only has two more games left to complete his collection.

Pity no hypermarkets open that early because otherwise, we'd have done our weekend shopping too! @.@

Monday, 6 September 2010

At 3.30 In The Morning

I had to somewhat re-arrange my schedule during the Ramadhan month. During this fasting month, I've turn into such an early riser. No more late nights for me either!

My alarm rings three times each morning without fail during this fasting month, and although I may not like it one bit, get up I must.

My first alarm is set at 3.30am. That signals my wake up time in order for me to have an hour's worth of workout each day. Although some days, I cheated and slept on. ^_^!

Getting up at this time is the only way for me to get a decent workout. I've tried working out in the evening, but the hot weather we are experiencing now proves just too much for me, even though I'm running on a treadmill in the comfort of my own home. Working out at night is not an option because I usually get way too hyper after a workout and doing it at night will only make me alert and not be able to sleep! @_@

The second alarm will ring at 4.40am. That's the time for me to wrap up my workout and head to the kitchen to cook for our Sahur meal. Sahur is an early morning meal before we start fasting during the day. I only cook simple meals and so far I've not skipped any meals yet because Raimie has started fasting this year. Fasting without this early morning meal would be too difficult for him! By 5.00am, I should be finished and it is usually time to wake Zaini and Raimie up.

The last alarm will ring at 6.00am. After our sahur, I let Raimie to continue sleep for a bit and at 6.00am, I will wake him up for him to get ready for school.

Because I have to wake up really early, I sleep early, the latest by 10.00pm  compared to my usual 11.00pm or 12.00am during the non-fasting month.

So far, so good. *^-^* And I do like sweating it out everyday. Feels good. During our vacation next week, I'll get plenty of workout because we'll be walking a lot and if we are in Tokyo, there'll be countless of stairs to walk up and down at the train stations.  Don't believe me? Read this.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

11 Years On... And A Wish For A Lifetime Together

11 years ago, on Sep 4th 1999 we made a commitment to spend our lifetime together.

Happy anniversary to us!

Where would I be without my pillar? Thank you for always being there and being the calming force for me.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Iftar With Friends And Family

I played host to some of the Muslim colleagues from office, breaking fast at The Citi Cafe, Cititel last week. I got to pick who to invite and not wanting to host a big group, I just invited 10 people for the iftar. Again, the iftar was sponsored by one kind soul who never forgets about us every year. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ^-^

Zaini, Raimie get to join the iftar too!

First off - there was an issue about the cafe being not certified halal by JAKIM but I was informed later that it was due to two issues :
  1. the use of a balsamic vinegar that had no Halal logo
  2. the storage of juices with alcoholic beverages
I was assured that these two issues had been addressed and I duly informed those joining the iftar. After all, if they don't feel comfortable dining at the cafe, it's their choice.

A pose before entering Citi Cafe. Say cheese!

Really nice selection of food available, if you like traditional kampung style dishes. I love them all! These are the type of food I'd proudly bring my foreign friends (if I have any, that is) to sample.
Our table, laden with good food.
My dinner - salmon,soft shelled crabs in sweet & sour sauce (I think), really tender black pepper beef, broccolis, tempoyak(fermented durian) on the side, ulam pegaga, kacang botol, mango salad and a bowl of oxtail soup. The oxtail soup gets my thumbs up. The meat was so tender, they literally melt in my mouth. Really!
and also this special dish, gulai tempoyak ikan jelawat. A Pahang gal like me won't say no to this freshwater fish dish. Yummy! Although a bit too thick for my liking (I like my a bit more sour too), it was a good dish that reminds me of my hometown. 
Raimie waiting for break fast time. I am so proud of him. He's able to fast a whole day now.

The cafe was full of diners but despite the crowd, we enjoyed our dinner. Of course, eating with friends is always pleasureable. That and the fact that the staff there were quite efficient clearing our table for us to put more plates (and more food) on it! LOL

We took our time eating, and spent time chatting and getting to know each other better.

I look forward to another similar iftar next year with the same group of people! :)

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Mall Trawling : Midvalley Megamall

The road to Midvalley is paved with.....traffic jam! More so during a public holiday. Ugh!
Bumper to bumper jam on Friday, Sep 27th. It was because Selangor had the Nuzul Quran holiday. It took us almost one hour from Bangsar to Midvalley! We had to brave the traffic because of our iftar at Cititel that evening.
Midvalley is of course packed with people. Many of them made a beeline to the centre court for a photo op there.
The theme for the mall this year seems to be a flower garden or something. Although I work in this area, I don't like to walk around the mall much nowadays. Way too crowded and I am also trying to avoid "accidentally" spending my hardearned cash while window shopping. :D
Some stalls selling things one may need for the festive season
Jusco even has a stall selling traditional food items : lemang, rendang and even baulu too
Redemption counter for HSBC Cardholders. Spend RM250 with your HSBC credit card and bring home a pot of orchid.

Any of you braved the crowd (and the traffic) at this mall recently?


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