The First Day Of Raya

We started our celebration of Hari Raya (Eid) from our home in Balakong and made our first stop to my father-in-law's house before heading off to my hometown in Raub. I was pretty relaxed this year because we opted not to cook and invite Zaini's siblings to our house like we did all these year and I get to spend the first Raya in Raub! Otherwise I'll be spending the whole night before the morning of Raya in the kitchen cooking and preparing the raya feast.
Raimie with his grandad. He is pretty pampered by his grandad and can even get away being naughty most of the time.
Arriving my parents home, it was time to greet everyone and have a family photo session. We weren't in the family photo last year, and this year it was my 3rd sis and her family that weren't in. She spent the Raya with her in-laws in Sarawak.
Raimie had the honour cutting the "Raya" cake. After enjoying the raya goodies, we made our way to my mom's kampung in Semantan.
Our first stop in Semantan was our Wan's (grandmother) grave.
Then, stopping at a few relatives house and enjoying the good food - lemang, rendang, nasi impit, laksa. Yummy! This is the time to meet relatives we won't be meeting at other times too. 
 Then, later that night, our house was filled with visiting relatives. It was havoc, it was noisy and it was fun!
For Raimie, it was fun for him to get the duit raya! Rather good collection this year too! *^-^*


  1. So many envelopes, lucky Raimie got banyak duit :D

  2. I want duit raya... if not... those rendang, satay, kuih raya... put inside bag raya? :P

  3. @Evan's Mom,
    He has plenty of relatives. ;)

  4. @LV,
    like goodies bag, izit? LOL

  5. I didn't get to eat a single Raya goodie this year ... so sad :(

    But you guys sure looked like you had loads of fun back home :D

  6. Happy Eid-Ul Fitr 1431 H may god accept our deeds and yours

  7. Raimie looks so hensem in his raya clothing and he has grown too

  8. @Nick,
    Why? Strict with your diet? :D

    Raya is definitely fun (and tiring too!) :p

  9. @Bengbeng,
    He sure has... :)

  10. it's nice to see that part of celebration for your family, it's something not being practiced on our end


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