Balik Kampung For The Eid (Raya)!

First off, a Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin wish from the three of us to everyone!

We had a pretty busy two days of "Raya" and enjoyed the trip back to my hometown a lot! Raimie was reluctant to return to KL and wanted to stay on.
We only made our way to my hometown in Raub on the first day of Raya itself, after celebrating it with Zaini's father. Our journey started shortly after the Friday prayer, and the roads in KL were refreshingly clear and almost devoid of traffic. A rare sight only to be witnessed when there is a long festive holiday. We'll see this clear road again come Chinese New Year! ^-^
It was a smooth ride on Karak Highway although the traffic was a bit on the slow side once we were approaching the road to Genting Highlands. Seems like many are heading there during the weekends! (For a spot of gambling, maybe?)
Our trip back to KL on Saturday was accompanied by intervals of heavy rain and drizzle. Glad to say we arrived safely and in one piece!

How was your weekend? Hope it was a good one.

By the time this post is up, we'll be in Japan for a two weeks'vacation. I'll be putting up trip report posts at my other blog Urutora No Hi. Do visit!


  1. I had a blast doing nothing but driving on empty roads ... LOL!

    Have fun in Japan :D

  2. @Nick,
    First day in Japan and my feet already hurts! LOL

  3. @LV,
    Tokyois waaay too hot and my feet is killing me. But other than that< i'm having a ball here! :D

  4. Nice baju baru :D Enjoy your vacation!

  5. what a nice family portrait and all looking good in blue. :) glad you enjoyed your trip.

  6. @LR & jellybelly,
    We'll try hard to have fun duirng this trip! ;)

  7. nice baju raya n selamat hari raya... bukan raimie jer tak nak balik KL my kids siap nangis2 tak nak balik KL. enjoy sgt dorang kat kampung.

  8. @Yatie,
    Itulah, Raimie masa dalam kereta bergenang je air mata dia. huhuhu

    But in a way, I was happy that he was actually reluctant to leave the kampung. Shows that he loves balik kampung and all the kampung related things.

    Masa kita kecik pun, kita mcm tu gak, ye tak Yatie? ^_^

  9. i love your matching outfit!

    btw, balik is also a tagalog term meaning back

  10. @Ayie,
    Plenty of families will have matching "baju raya" or a color theme for the day. :)

    And it actually makes it easier to spot who belong to which family when going out visiting family and friends. LOL


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