Happy Birthday Me! (And Oh! To Hubby Too) *^-^*

35 years since I first said hello to the world. Happy birthday me!

A retrospective look at myself... I guess I am getting old because I am starting to look back at my life. I am actually the type who simply forget about the past and always want a clean slate in each stage of my life.
Me, I think at the age of 3 at my grandparents'. I sure loved dancing when I was small, but am too stiff now to do any moves without embarrassing myself!  Psst... I sure have a big head, right?
Me, at 10 at my aunt's house in Kepong. I'd spent my school holidays there, alternating between my grandparents' in Shah Alam, my aunt's in Kepong or my grandmother in Semantan, Raub.

I learnt how to ride a bicycle there in Kepong and on my first try, ended up in a monsoon drain. Luckily nothing was broken. Bruises and cuts? Pfft! Are you a wuss complaining/worrying about that? I've had my forehead stitched when I was only 4! I was knocked down by a motorbike when I was 10, while riding on my bicycle. I limped for two months after an accident on the motorbike, riding without a license at the ripe age of 14!
Me, in Kuantan at the age of 13 with the my homeroom mates after a 12km trek from our school to a nearby beach called Teluk Chempedak. I went through a phase of trying to look and act tough during my early teens. Entering boarding school was very exciting for me. Whilst other kids got homesick, I was actually enjoying life in the dorm and being away from home.
Me, sitting for my SPM. I always goof around on exam day hence the happy, relaxed face despite being completely not ready to sit for such an important exam. o.O
Me and my course mates, graduating. One and a half years' worth of crazy class schedules from 8.00am to 5.00pm for a paper qualification while other "normal" students take 3 years to finish a diploma course!

How many of you spent your college life attending classes non-stop; Mon - Fri, 8.00am - 5.00pm? Not many, I bet. It was a miracle for me to made it through the end and not getting booted halfway, because apart from what I got from the classes when I wasn't sleeping, I hardly do any studying. I got through doing all my COBOL assignments with the help of some kind souls in my class. I'm much indebted to you guys!  (Yes, guys...) :)
Me, at my first permanent job in a financial institution. Dang, I sure look nerdy, don't I?
Me, at my first company annual dinner with Zaini and Shida. Zaini and I used to work in the same office, you know. Although it took us two years to finally get together as a couple. *^-^* And Shida worked at the HQ of the same company.
Me and Zaini on our first overseas trip together.
Me, on my honeymoon trip to Redang Island. I sure was slim, wasn't I? What I'd do to get that figure again! ^-^!
Me, as a Mom. Has it been 8 years already? My, Raimie grew so fast!

Whatever people said about my achievements or lack of it, I feel my life is complete. I guess I'm not  much of a go-getter. I don't need much, being loved and be able to love is good enough for me. Though having more money sure doesn't hurt either!

But I realised, as a Mom; I sure wouldn't want my son to behave irresponsibly like me growing up!

Anyhoo... In two day's time it's Zaini's turn to celebrate his birthday. Happy 34th birthday dear.


  1. happy birthday to both of you... sweet 30s

  2. Awww... this is such a beautiful post, Lina. Happy, happy birthday to you and Zaini. Many, many happy returns!

    What a great collection of photos and memories! What a punky kid you were and already a dancing queen at 3. Lovely shots! I like that shot of you at Redang most. You look so cheerful, outdoorsy and athletic. Time flies, eh?

    Do you and Zaini normally spend your birthdays in Japan? Hope you both and Raimie are having fun there.

  3. 35 years is not old, wait till you reach my age ... LOL!

    Happy birthday to the both of you :D

  4. @HappySurfer,
    Not really... it just happen we spent the last two birthdays in Japan, otherwise we spent it checking-in into a nice hotel in KL ;)

    I happen to love the Redang photo the most too.:D

  5. Happy birthday to you both. I love seeing these photos of you and family. Thanks for sharing your special day with us.

  6. happy birthday to both of you... sweet 30s huh..i would go one step further n apple polish n say u two dont look a day over eighteen ;)

    Happy birthday my dears :) n many many days of happiness this year

  7. Happy birthday to you both. 30s still young lah... ;)

  8. wahhhhh syiok nya entry nih !! ko memang pandai berayat2 cinta nih :D tetiba ada terselit gambo akak, malu sehhhhh, aku tak hengat pun detik2 itu..

  9. eh bad.. telupa nak ucap.. selamat hari lahir, semoga happy selalu, bertambah murah rezeki n panjanggggg umur :D salam untuk zaini skali naaaa :D

  10. Happy happy birthday Lina!
    A big hug and kiss on your happy day! :D

  11. Happy buffday to you!
    Happy buffday to you!
    Happy buffday to you both!
    Happy buffday to you!

    Blow the imaginary candles now! :p

  12. @Poetic Shutterbug,
    Thanks. And I was happy sharing the photos too. :)

  13. @bengbeng,
    I like the way you apple polish! LOL

  14. @Evan's Mom,
    Still young? I wish I'm still in my 20s. LOL

  15. @Dot,
    Ucap aje ke? Hadiah mana? Muekeke

  16. @LV,
    Too many candles. I'm out of breath. LOL

  17. Happy Birthday Lina and Zaini! I was right, I knew it was your birthday and anniversary as well.


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