At 3.30 In The Morning

I had to somewhat re-arrange my schedule during the Ramadhan month. During this fasting month, I've turn into such an early riser. No more late nights for me either!

My alarm rings three times each morning without fail during this fasting month, and although I may not like it one bit, get up I must.

My first alarm is set at 3.30am. That signals my wake up time in order for me to have an hour's worth of workout each day. Although some days, I cheated and slept on. ^_^!

Getting up at this time is the only way for me to get a decent workout. I've tried working out in the evening, but the hot weather we are experiencing now proves just too much for me, even though I'm running on a treadmill in the comfort of my own home. Working out at night is not an option because I usually get way too hyper after a workout and doing it at night will only make me alert and not be able to sleep! @_@

The second alarm will ring at 4.40am. That's the time for me to wrap up my workout and head to the kitchen to cook for our Sahur meal. Sahur is an early morning meal before we start fasting during the day. I only cook simple meals and so far I've not skipped any meals yet because Raimie has started fasting this year. Fasting without this early morning meal would be too difficult for him! By 5.00am, I should be finished and it is usually time to wake Zaini and Raimie up.

The last alarm will ring at 6.00am. After our sahur, I let Raimie to continue sleep for a bit and at 6.00am, I will wake him up for him to get ready for school.

Because I have to wake up really early, I sleep early, the latest by 10.00pm  compared to my usual 11.00pm or 12.00am during the non-fasting month.

So far, so good. *^-^* And I do like sweating it out everyday. Feels good. During our vacation next week, I'll get plenty of workout because we'll be walking a lot and if we are in Tokyo, there'll be countless of stairs to walk up and down at the train stations.  Don't believe me? Read this.


  1. Adui, 3.30am? I cud NEVER get up that early even if my life depended upon it. Even getting up at 6am every morning for my training is already an effort so I salute you for waking up that early :D

  2. @Nick,
    I sleep early, so that's why I ca wake up that early. Cannot sleep for more than 6 hours nowadays, anyway. :D
    Some more I have to wake up earlier than the two boys because I need to prepare sahur. Otherwise, you think I'm gonna wake up that early? @.@

  3. haha we surely need to adjust our time huh?

  4. i do understand abt sahur n buka puasa n stuff like that but i never tot of behind the scenes like the mum waking up early to cook. u dont need to work out. u auto lose weight waking up so early. the bit abt working out at 3.00 .. it blows my mind. yet at the same time, it could b an incredible experience as the temp is just nice at that moment with the silence peculiar to that hr of the day.

    I live in an area where houses have a little garden to play with n yet after 10 or 11 everybody takes pain not to cause any noise to the neighbours so it is very quiet. at 3 in the morning total silence :)

  5. @Willie,
    Ya... and re-adjust after the fasting month. :D

  6. @Bengbeng,
    It's not so much of a weight loss for me, but more for stamina and strength. I'll inevitably need to give my son piggyback rides for a bit during our vacation esp when taking up the stairs! Upper and lower body strength are vital! LOL

    And yes, total silence at 3.30am but at 4.00 you'll hear other homes busy with their own cooking and stuff for the sahur. By 5.00, the outside will be merry with early morning jogger walking up the hill beside my apartment. :)

  7. Wooow Lina.
    Its sound like you plan your day all day long. I cannot do exercise before sahur, try that before.

  8. @zezebel,
    I cannot exercise after a meal.Anyway, I'm used to hit the gym at 6.30am daily so 3.30am isn't such a hard thing for me to do. :D

  9. omg! working out at 3.30am! that's what i call commitment! it's difficult enough at 7am much less 3.30am :)

  10. @jellybelly,
    I sleep earlier than usual so that's why I can wake up at that time but trust me, it's not easy for me! :D

  11. my gosh Lina...are you kidding me? 3:30?

  12. @Ayie,
    Only during fasting month. ;)


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