Iftar With Friends And Family

I played host to some of the Muslim colleagues from office, breaking fast at The Citi Cafe, Cititel last week. I got to pick who to invite and not wanting to host a big group, I just invited 10 people for the iftar. Again, the iftar was sponsored by one kind soul who never forgets about us every year. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ^-^

Zaini, Raimie get to join the iftar too!

First off - there was an issue about the cafe being not certified halal by JAKIM but I was informed later that it was due to two issues :
  1. the use of a balsamic vinegar that had no Halal logo
  2. the storage of juices with alcoholic beverages
I was assured that these two issues had been addressed and I duly informed those joining the iftar. After all, if they don't feel comfortable dining at the cafe, it's their choice.

A pose before entering Citi Cafe. Say cheese!

Really nice selection of food available, if you like traditional kampung style dishes. I love them all! These are the type of food I'd proudly bring my foreign friends (if I have any, that is) to sample.
Our table, laden with good food.
My dinner - salmon,soft shelled crabs in sweet & sour sauce (I think), really tender black pepper beef, broccolis, tempoyak(fermented durian) on the side, ulam pegaga, kacang botol, mango salad and a bowl of oxtail soup. The oxtail soup gets my thumbs up. The meat was so tender, they literally melt in my mouth. Really!
and also this special dish, gulai tempoyak ikan jelawat. A Pahang gal like me won't say no to this freshwater fish dish. Yummy! Although a bit too thick for my liking (I like my a bit more sour too), it was a good dish that reminds me of my hometown. 
Raimie waiting for break fast time. I am so proud of him. He's able to fast a whole day now.

The cafe was full of diners but despite the crowd, we enjoyed our dinner. Of course, eating with friends is always pleasureable. That and the fact that the staff there were quite efficient clearing our table for us to put more plates (and more food) on it! LOL

We took our time eating, and spent time chatting and getting to know each other better.

I look forward to another similar iftar next year with the same group of people! :)


  1. I wish someone would sponsor me a meal every year too ... in fact make that every week ... LOL!

  2. i love crabs! those look super deliscious :)

  3. Food there is not bad. I go there for their buffet dinner once in a while.

  4. @Nick,
    I also want people to sponsor me every week, if not everday! LOL

  5. @jellybelly,
    it was too! Nyum nyum. ;)

  6. @HappySurfer,
    I want to try their Friday's Japanese buffet someday. :)

  7. that is good .. Raimie is learning fast.. it isn't easy i know esp for his tender age

  8. @bengbeng,
    yes, it is not easy. We do allow him to buka puasa early if he can't stand to fast until dusk but he tried his best and only missed a few days. :)

  9. Raimie getting the hang of it. such a good boy :).

    the food sure looks tempting... yummy~

  10. Hi Lina! Oh another leg of great eating for you and your family! Hubs' bday is almost coming (yes it's been a year since you've sent us those cds) and I'm planning to cook special for him aside from treating him out to Italian

  11. @Ayie,
    Happy advance birthday wish to your hubs. :)

  12. what a delicious spread. next time invite me to buka puasa with youlah. :)


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