At 4.30 In The Morning

No more very early mornings for me after this Ramadhan month for this year ! I can sleep late and wake up later again. XD

Out of the 28 days of Ramadhan, I cooked our sahur meals 25 days, skipped them for 2 days because I was too tired (slept really late) and for 1 day we decided to eat out. Plenty of 24 hours eateries options at our place although they are mostly Mamak restaurants.

For that 1 day, we went to McD for our sahur.
McD Bandar Tun Hussein Onn in the wee hours
What's your choice, eat-in, drive-thru or call for delivery?
Brisk business. 
The place was almost full when we were there. Plenty of non-muslims too. Why you all wake up so early ah? And plenty of people who look like they just roll out of bed in there. XD
Our sahur of the day. 
Beef burger Happy Meal for Raimie, Big n Tasty burger for me and Hot & Kickin Chicken burger for Zaini. Drinking coke at 4.30am? How "healthy" of us.@.@
Getting the Happy Meal for the purpose of collecting this games. Raimie only has two more games left to complete his collection.

Pity no hypermarkets open that early because otherwise, we'd have done our weekend shopping too! @.@


  1. today i buka puasa at a high class hotel n the bill was lower than i expected n guess what.. they gave me a discount for being a senior citizen dont know whether to laugh or to cry hahahah

  2. @Bengbeng,
    Nice to get discount, but not nice to be seen as a senior citizen,ah Bengben? XD

  3. Wa wa sahur at McD! Hmmm actually now you said.. I think those hypermarkets should open early during the ramandhan month to cater for those who wakes early for sahur and even able to buy stuffs to cook even if needed yea?

  4. wishing you and your family Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. enjoy your festive break dearie.

  5. Hey Lina, here's wishing you and your family a Selamat Hari Raya and don't forget to tapau some ketupats and rendang for me ... hahaha!

    Have fun and happy holidays :D

  6. @ladyviral,
    you remember last time the proposal for hypermarkets to open 24hrs was shot down due to fear it will severely affect little sundry businesses? So, no early morning shopping lah! Maybe we should go Pasar Borong instead, eh?:D

  7. @LR & Nick,
    Thanks for the wishes!

    Have a fun three day weekend! :)

  8. My Muslim neighbour woke up at 4 am for a month every morning to cook. I salute her. I can't wake up so early in the morning.... often I am just getting into bed. :P

  9. @ECL,
    Most Muslim moms will not grumble and wake up early to cook for the family. I'd have opted to sleep on but Raimie already started fasting this year so to support his effort, wake up and cook I must! :)

  10. that's just way too early for us!

  11. @Ayie,
    way too early for us too if not for the fasting month! :D


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