Monday, 28 February 2011

That Aggravating Thing Called The PIBG AGM

Attending the PIBG AGM is somewhat the necessary evil for us. What's PIBG AGM exactly, you ask? Oh, that's Parents Teachers Association Annual General Meeting. We try to be as involved as possible and support Raimie's school activities as much as possible so to PIBG AGM we went yesterday.

It was good that my son's PIBG AGM went without too much a drama. The headmaster is a nice guy who is always willing to listen and most of the teachers are nice too, as are the parents. So I have to say, my son's PIBG AGM is way better than some school that we've heard horror stories about, with hardheaded headmaster, recalcitrant teachers or troublemaking parents but the meeting  on Saturday went way too long for my liking because of some issues which I felt a bit too frivolous to talk about in the AGM.

I'm all for parents voicing out their opinions for a better school environment and a better relationship with teachers and all but I really don't understand why some people think it is appropriate to voice out their children's personal schooling problem at the AGM instead of having a face-to-face talk with the headmaster and teachers. I mean, if it's regarding school bully and bully teachers, yeah well, that is good to be raised out  for all to hear but when you talked about how you didn't understand your Year 1 child's time table or which day's time table to be used for Saturday's replacement class or how you are not sure what homework is given to your child on any particular day or why some books have to be left behind at school, well that can be solved with just a phone call to the school or the teacher or even your child's classmates. Didn't you bother take down the school's number and get to know your child's teacher when they were enrolled to the school? At least meet the teachers on orientation or Day 1 or report card day!

After all that talk about school's responsibilities to mould students into excellent students by the parents and how parents wanted teachers to provide such a nurturing environment to the students and how to change the school for the better; it is interesting to see that these same parents think nothing of not throwing their own trash into the dustbin and expect someone (teachers, who else?) to clean up after them! A parent even had the gall of taking my own bottle of  water that I placed  on a chair beside me without so much a hesitation and wasn't at all apologetic when I told him off. Jerk!

I'm not a  teacher and I do get exasperated with them sometimes, just as I get exasperated with my own son with his studies but sometimes I feel we parents really are asking far too much from teachers. Not only do they have to teach our kids in class, we expect them to babysit them when they are out of class, check our childrens' schoolbag and make sure nothing got missing, make sure they eat during recess (all these were raised out during the AGM, BTW), and even pick up trash for us? Might as well as hire a private tutor or get my son be home-schooled, I say. Then I can watch over him or let someone watch over him like a hawk. No, wait! Better to put blame on somebody else rather than take responsibility on my child' behaviour.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Heavy Rain Worries Me

Just look at the water level of that river!

When its pouring heavily outside, I get worried. Thank goodness I'm not affected by traffic jam or flash flood caused by the rain much because my father-in-law's house is just a walking distance to my office but come rain, Zaini would probably be home later because the LRT train do have the tendency to stall on rainy days. Did you noticed that?

When I pass this river, I couldn't help notice of all the debris and trash floating in it. Why do some people still throw their trash in the river without nary a thought of the consequences afterwards? 

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A Helping Hand

 Raimie along with his young cousin, giving grandad a helping hand. They were de-shelling "buah perah" which look somewhat like rubber seeds and dry them to make a popular traditional Pahang food called "Asam Rong".

Start 'em young and maybe they can continue the tradition someday. I myself, have absolutely no idea on how to prepare the "Asam Rong" dish. But eat them, I can!
With his uncle playing car-wash. He is a helpful boy, isn't he? 

Now, if only  he can just do all the chores Mommy ask him to do without too much grumbling.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Friday, 18 February 2011

Hometown Funfair!

We visited the funfair held in my hometown during the Chinese New Year holiday because Raimie was really excited to go, along with his cousins, aunts and uncle too.

Although already late at night (it was after 10.00pm), the fair was packed with people.
Plenty of young 'uns on group dates it seems. Some people came to the funfair even wearing their best clubbing dress!  Well, it was the Chinese New Year holiday so everyone must be wearing their Sunday best! (^.^)

Raimie felt he was too big for the rides at the funfair, but he waited around for his cousin give a go at the funfair rides, even accompanying them on one.

What he likes to do at funfairs is playing funfair arcade games.
He didn't win anything big but he had fun and that's what counts. ^-^

When was the last time you visit your neighbourhood funfair?

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

It's A Date

Mommy and Daddy went out to have some fun on Monday and left Raimie behind.

Zaini had to do a site visit on Monday and  was able to get away from the office; and Tuesday being a Public Holiday, asked me whether I was free and able to take the afternoon off. Raimie had to attend school so he had to sleepover  at his Grandad's house while Mommy and Daddy checked-in at Equatorial Bangi. Wohoo!

I guess the staff at Equatorial were used to seeing my son, because they enquired about him and whether he'll be needing an extra bed. No, Son got left behind and it's just Mom & Dad time.

We got a room upgrade, which was nice. That and the fact the front desk staff  (Sukbir & Malina) remembered us and our Son and also Rod who always replied my e-mails promptly even in the middle of the night, make me very happy and special. ^^

Instead of joining the Valentine's Day dinner crowd at the hotel's restaurants, we had a nice, quiet  and simple dinner in our room. It's always better to eat in the comfort of our room than having to go down and dress up! Not to mention cheaper than paying for a couple's Valentine's Dinner set/buffet.

Dinner was simply BBQ burgers and hot chocolates for us.

I tell you, having a "couple-time" without our son once-in-a-while is really nice. Love him we do, but sometimes not hearing his endless chatter can be quite blissful. LOL I enjoyed being able to soak in the tub without him wanting to have his time there too.

I had all these plan of going for a steam-bath, sitting by the pool  and having a drink or two but it turned out we never left our room until check-out!

So, how was your Monday? Good? *^-^*

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Lake Garden : Hibiscus Garden

There are many sub-gardens in KL Lake Gardens or Taman Tasik Perdana. With the total area of 91.6 hectares, it is a big place to enjoy a spot of nature. In this blog so far I've covered the lake area and the Orchid Garden. What else is there to see? Plenty!
There is a Hibiscus Garden where one can enjoy looking at hibiscus flowers in a serene setting. Plenty of shaded areas for one to cool down after a hot afternoon trek around Lake Garden here with a cool water feature shaped like the hibiscus flower (what else?) at the pavillion. Nice.

Zaini and I spent a fair bit of time here, just sitting and soaking the atmosphere (there are benches under that shade and with fans too). The only downside of doing this at this nice garden was that, every few minutes or so, a group of tourists would come and we were inevitably asked to take photos of them!
and of course, there are the flowers...
Have you been to this garden yet, KLites?

Friday, 11 February 2011

Front Yard BBQ Party

With everyone returning to our hometown for the long Chinese New Year weekend, we had a BBQ party in front of our parent's house and force smoke into neighbours' house! 
There were the usual suspects on the grill - marinated chicken, hot dogs, etc served with coleslaw and washed down with cold Pepsi.
But the piece de  resistance was grilling the precious, precious Kelah fish that my Dad got a few days earlier from an Orang Asli settlement. Oh, it's absolutely yummy!

To placate any disgruntled neighbours, we did send over some BBQed chicken over to their houses. XD

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Lake Garden : At The Orchid Garden

As I mentioned in my earlier post about Lake Garden, there are plenty to do and see or visit at Lake Garden, and one of them is the Orchid Garden. It's situated right across KL Bird Park. The garden is not that big but there are enough orchids there for visitors to see.
Rows and rows of orchids. When we were there, not a lot were flowering but enough for me.
There are also plenty of water features here, to cool down the afternoon heat.
and there are also orchids for sale if you wish to bring some back home.
Next, we went to the adjacent Hibiscus Garden. Stay tuned for plenty of hibiscus flower photos! ^-^

Monday, 7 February 2011

I Love Chinese New Year!

Not only because of the two days public holidays we Malaysians get but also, it's bounty time at the office! Haha. It's good to be surrounded by generous people. :)

Not only do I get mandarin oranges (though less in amount compared to previous years), I also got angpow from bosses and a colleague always, always brought me the nian gao ever since he knew I love eating them fried with yam.

Yeay, angpow collection is good this year! LOL

The day after tomorrow, I'm joining the queue at the company's Chinese New Year Open House and collect angpow from the MD. *smile*

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Balik Kampung Trip

So, how was your Chinese New Year long weekend? Great?

We head off to my hometown on Thursday, the morning of the first day of the new lunar year instead of joining the crowd and traffic the day before. We woke up early and set off at 6.30am and the road was quite clear that early except a bit of jam at the Karak Toll.
First order of business, before the trip - filling up the gas.  The gas station was deserted!
The road between Bentong to Raub. See all the mist? Looks so mysterious.

Not relishing the jam with people rushing back home after the holiday, we decided to return to KL on Friday to avoid the rush and only spent a night in Raub. My sister also went back the same day because she had to go to work today. But even on Friday night, there was already quite a traffic in Karak Highway. I bet it's gonna get worse today and tomorrow!

Our decision to spend just a night of course is something Raimie was totally unhappy about. He is always reluctant to leave and I take it in a positive light. It is much better for him to love going "balik kampung" and spend time with his grandparents rather than being dragged kicking and screaming whenever we  go "balik kampung".
He happily spent time tagging along his granddad, doing errands and pillion-ride granddad's motorbike even baby-sitting his young cousins.  :-)

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

What's In Your Wallet?

Mine? Nothing much. Not even that much cash either. 

Plenty of papers though - various restaurant discount coupons : Pasta Zanmai, Sushi Zanmai, Yuzu Restaurant, Tony Roma's and a lot of plastic too. No, not the credit ones but membership cards, bank cards, insurance cards.

I have so many discount vouchers; when we had dinner at Pasta Zanmai yesterday, we actually gave an expiring Pasta Zanmai discount voucher to the couple next to us, rather than let it waste.

What's in yours?


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