Front Yard BBQ Party

With everyone returning to our hometown for the long Chinese New Year weekend, we had a BBQ party in front of our parent's house and force smoke into neighbours' house! 
There were the usual suspects on the grill - marinated chicken, hot dogs, etc served with coleslaw and washed down with cold Pepsi.
But the piece de  resistance was grilling the precious, precious Kelah fish that my Dad got a few days earlier from an Orang Asli settlement. Oh, it's absolutely yummy!

To placate any disgruntled neighbours, we did send over some BBQed chicken over to their houses. XD


  1. Happy Chinese New Year!!

    Love the grill, it is the best way to cook food and so tasty.

  2. @Japan Australia,
    Thanks! :)

    The food was sure tasty!

  3. Ahhhh bbq :D Nice :D I haven't been to one in ages.

  4. @Nick,
    Maybe you should do one. Bring the staff for a BBQ get together or something? Then, invite me oso :D

  5. i love doing BBQ especially with close friends, it's really a great time to spend together..

  6. but have not been doing that for quite some time already, hope somebody will organise one and i just go and eat.. haha!!

  7. tell you a secret: i actually enjoy BBQ the food and give them away for friends to eat, you feel happy to see them so contented with the food you gave, hahaha!! :D

  8. I don't mind enjoying the food from a BBQ but don't like having to BBQ the food myself! :)

  9. @SK,
    OK, if we ever do a BBQ together,I know who to take charge of the grill. It will be SK! LOL

  10. @Mei Teng,
    Me too! :D
    Never mind, next time we want to enjoy a BBQ, we invite SK over.LOL

  11. I miss living in a kampong where neighbours are more tolerant accommodating. I'm sure they appreciate the food you offered.

  12. @ECL,
    I miss it too. City people can be quite intolerant and uncaring about their neighbours, which is kinda sad.:(

  13. I love grilled food, but never had the chance to grill fish back here in Singapore.

    Happy Chinese New Year, if it ain't too late, Lina! ^_^

  14. @Shingo T,
    Cannot grill own food, can always go to "ikan bakar" place or something too. ;)

    Happy CNY to you too! :)


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