Lake Garden : Hibiscus Garden

There are many sub-gardens in KL Lake Gardens or Taman Tasik Perdana. With the total area of 91.6 hectares, it is a big place to enjoy a spot of nature. In this blog so far I've covered the lake area and the Orchid Garden. What else is there to see? Plenty!
There is a Hibiscus Garden where one can enjoy looking at hibiscus flowers in a serene setting. Plenty of shaded areas for one to cool down after a hot afternoon trek around Lake Garden here with a cool water feature shaped like the hibiscus flower (what else?) at the pavillion. Nice.

Zaini and I spent a fair bit of time here, just sitting and soaking the atmosphere (there are benches under that shade and with fans too). The only downside of doing this at this nice garden was that, every few minutes or so, a group of tourists would come and we were inevitably asked to take photos of them!
and of course, there are the flowers...
Have you been to this garden yet, KLites?


  1. i definitely have been to the Lake Garden before, but i don't remember if i've been to the Hibiscus Garden.. it's part of Lake Garden?? or maybe it wasn't at the time i last went there, haha!!

  2. oh, all the nice shots of the hibiscus.. very colorful species indeed.. and i guess the 4th one is our national flower?? :)

  3. @SK,
    Just 1 comment from you toda? I'm crushed. (;_;)

    It's located next to Orchid Garden, which is right across Bird Park. :)

    Haha, maybe it wasn't there 20 years ago.

  4. @SK,
    OK,got more comments from you. I was impatient. LOL

    4th flower? I think so. XD

  5. I hvn't been there but I hv seen many kinds of hibiscus in Cameron Highlands.

  6. @wenn,
    Cameron Highlands flowers are sure nice. :)

  7. the first hibiscus didn't look familiar to me. the half folded petals make it look exquisite! the weather seemed rather hot from the photographs. i'm glad to know that you had fun relaxing n enjoying the atmosphere. :)

  8. @levian,
    It was hot! We were there around noon, and the sun shone brightly.o.O

    But yes, we managed to have fun and relaxed a bit under the shade, watching a few photo shoots while we were there too!

  9. The gardens look really nice and beautiful hibiscus flowers.

  10. @Japan Australia,
    It is nice though I wish it has more variety and bigger. :)

  11. Wow! That's totally an eye opener!
    Haven't seen so many bunga raya in one place before!

  12. @London Caller,
    Yes, plenty of bunga raya there but sadly not much info on each flowers.

  13. I was there some two weeks before the CNY. Which reminds me, I have to get my post up. Besides my party, there were just a few other local visitors so it was not crowded and no help needed to take pictures.

    Your reply to SK about '20 years ago' made me laugh. I find the Orchid Garden more interesting though. Nice pictures. Will link to you in my post.

  14. @Happysurfer,
    You went to Lake Garden. Cool!

    Will wait for your posts about it. :)


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