Hometown Funfair!

We visited the funfair held in my hometown during the Chinese New Year holiday because Raimie was really excited to go, along with his cousins, aunts and uncle too.

Although already late at night (it was after 10.00pm), the fair was packed with people.
Plenty of young 'uns on group dates it seems. Some people came to the funfair even wearing their best clubbing dress!  Well, it was the Chinese New Year holiday so everyone must be wearing their Sunday best! (^.^)

Raimie felt he was too big for the rides at the funfair, but he waited around for his cousin give a go at the funfair rides, even accompanying them on one.

What he likes to do at funfairs is playing funfair arcade games.
He didn't win anything big but he had fun and that's what counts. ^-^

When was the last time you visit your neighbourhood funfair?


  1. neighbourhood funfair!! wow, i thot they are already extinct?? you still able to go~~

  2. i really miss those days during kids time in the neighbourhood funfair.. but i guess the funfair nowadays should be more advanced..

  3. hmmm, i think we only have arcades here inside shopping malls.. bring your kid there again to win some prizes, haha.. :D

  4. @SK,
    Still got lah, even in Selangor. There would be one everytime school holiday in Balakong. ;)

  5. The last time I visit one of these fun fairs, I came out sick from smelling all the diesel fumes.

  6. Gosh, it's been so long since I went to one. For small towns with little entertainment, funfairs can be a source of great fun. I bet you enjoyed yourself too, right? LOL!

  7. @Nick,
    Ha! True... all those diesel fumes from the rides. I conveniently forgot about that. :D

  8. @HappySurfer,
    It's still nice to visit funfairs. Makes me think of my childhood. ^^

  9. Have not been to a funfair for ages. Would like to visit one.

  10. @Mei Teng,
    If do you visit one, would you think that funfair used to feel/look bigger when we were younger?

  11. it has been decades since i last visited fun fairs.

  12. @LR,
    Hahaha... it seems you guys haven't been to one recently, have you? ^^

    I guess we wouldn't have too, if it's not because of our Son. :)

  13. @wenn,
    they are, aren't they? :)

    Of course, like Nick said earlier - the fumes can be a killer though. ;p

  14. Its amazing that fun fairs look pretty much the same all over the world with only slight differences. In Australia, we have a lot of them next to the beach during summer and they are a great childhood memory.

  15. @Japan Australia,
    They are indeed great childhood memory. And now, it's in my child's memories too. ^^

    A funfair by the beach. Wow, that's nice. :)


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