A Helping Hand

 Raimie along with his young cousin, giving grandad a helping hand. They were de-shelling "buah perah" which look somewhat like rubber seeds and dry them to make a popular traditional Pahang food called "Asam Rong".

Start 'em young and maybe they can continue the tradition someday. I myself, have absolutely no idea on how to prepare the "Asam Rong" dish. But eat them, I can!
With his uncle playing car-wash. He is a helpful boy, isn't he? 

Now, if only  he can just do all the chores Mommy ask him to do without too much grumbling.


  1. he was helpful indeed! but like usual, it takes much more nagging n discipline to have children do the chores at home since it always turned out to be a routine. n definitely less attractive too. :p

  2. i think i'm worse than you, since i don't even know what a buah perah is, not to mention deshelling or eating.. :p

  3. haha, are you sure Raimie was helping to wash the car or he's just interested to play with the water and bubbles?? keke~~ :D

  4. hmmmm, nowadays kids will set condition beforehand if they are to help mommy with house chores.. don't you think so?? xD

  5. @levian,
    I don't like to nag, hate it even so when either son or husband didn't do their part of the chores, they'll have to contend with my awesomely ugly, scowling face and me banging things everywhere. Hahaha

    Doing stuff once in a while is sure more attractive than having to clean his own room daily. :D

  6. @SK,
    How to know - it's Pahang Malay traditional food. ;)

    I agree - he must just like playing with bubbles and not so much the hard work of washing. :)

    I agree. So different than our time, eh? Dare to argue back, then my Mom will sure wallop me! :D

  7. hahah! so you are the quietly objecting type! i kinda share that attitude. somehow being angry n screaming doesn't come together. but i may not promise the peacefulness when i'm ready to talk. :p

  8. @levian,
    Exactly! I may be quiet, but better watch out when I'm talking. :D

  9. That's the thing with kids, they would love to do other people's stuff but the moment you ask them to help around the house, they'll grumble non-stop ... LOL!

  10. Haven't heard of buah perah, so googled it but no picture available. Would love to see the fruit before deshelling. Any chance?

    I recently discovered another fruit (a local one) at a hotel buffet. This one looks like the Vietnam milk fruit (that I recently blogged about) only smaller. The strange thing about the new fruit is that I saw them hanging by a neighbour's fence and was curious enough to ask the maid who was tending to the garden. No idea what it's called but it does shape like figs and the contents are yellow and made up of seeds mostly - and sourish too. Just the thing for digestion after a heavy buffet.

    Thanks, learned of something new today.

  11. @HappySurfer,
    I put up photos of the buah perah and the process to make edible food out of it over at my Malay Language blog because I figured the readers over here might have absolutely no clue about it. ^^

    Check it out at : Buah Perah Untuk Asam Rong

  12. @Alice,
    Only when he feels like it. ^^

  13. dont worry Raimie is a good boy. u dont have to worry ... :) I do have to worry hahaaha

  14. @Bengbeng,
    Why should you? Benghui good boy. So hardworking and quite handy in the kitchen too. ^^

    I wish Raimie is as hardworking as Benghui. :D

  15. Asam Rong? Never heard of it. I'm curious to try.

  16. Children are never to young to do help out, don't sayang too much. They have got to learn at an early age.

    Raimie is doing fine. :)

  17. @ECL,
    Come visit Pahang (not the coast-side but the mountain range side) and you can try them. Better still, come over my hometown someday and I'll pujuk my Dad to cook it for you.:)

    Yes, never to young to start kids to help out but that doesn't mean they'll like doing it. LOL


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