Balik Kampung Trip

So, how was your Chinese New Year long weekend? Great?

We head off to my hometown on Thursday, the morning of the first day of the new lunar year instead of joining the crowd and traffic the day before. We woke up early and set off at 6.30am and the road was quite clear that early except a bit of jam at the Karak Toll.
First order of business, before the trip - filling up the gas.  The gas station was deserted!
The road between Bentong to Raub. See all the mist? Looks so mysterious.

Not relishing the jam with people rushing back home after the holiday, we decided to return to KL on Friday to avoid the rush and only spent a night in Raub. My sister also went back the same day because she had to go to work today. But even on Friday night, there was already quite a traffic in Karak Highway. I bet it's gonna get worse today and tomorrow!

Our decision to spend just a night of course is something Raimie was totally unhappy about. He is always reluctant to leave and I take it in a positive light. It is much better for him to love going "balik kampung" and spend time with his grandparents rather than being dragged kicking and screaming whenever we  go "balik kampung".
He happily spent time tagging along his granddad, doing errands and pillion-ride granddad's motorbike even baby-sitting his young cousins.  :-)


  1. yeah, i guess everybody would have rushed back to their "kampung" on wednesday evening already..

  2. but all the way to Raub just for a night's stay?? hmmm, isn't that too short?? no wonder Raimie complained about that, haha..

  3. hmmm, coming back to KL on Friday?? i guess many are still there celebrating the 2nd day of CNY in their "kampung"s.. :)

  4. hahaha, it's kind of interesting to see 4 passengers on a bike huh?? that's definitely something you can't find in KL~~ :p

  5. @SK,
    that's why. Even KL was already quiet on Tuesday evening, right?

    Well, we arrived early Thursday morning and return to KL late night Friday night, so OK lah. Anyway, most of the family members are already busy and with their own activities by the second day already.

    That 3 pillion riders on the bike - yeah, good thing you don't see them that much in KL! But they can still be seen though - dad ferrying school kids. Never see them? Come and use the Pantai Dalam road after school session. XD

  6. My CNY was boring. Just stayed home all day. Not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow though.

  7. @Nick,
    Me neither. XD But to work we must go.... T_T

  8. You are wise to be travelling on the first day of CNY as people celebrating normally stay home this day, thus less traffic.

    That second picture is cool! Love the blue hue.

  9. @HappySurfer,
    We certainly wasn't keen being stuck in a jam.

    I wanted to take some shots of the misty mountains too, but hubby was driving was and wasn't keen on stopping for me. T_T


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