Tuesday, 19 April 2011

I'm Not A Happy Camper!

Why can't things always go my way? My long-suffering hubby would always say that things have to go my way; well the exact words are "ikut dia aje" or otherwise, I'll probably have a meltdown. Yup, I like it when everything is to my liking. Who doesn't, anyway?

Well, the weekend wasn't exactly according to my way, last week. I wanted to go to the park but the boys wanted to go for an early swim instead, so I pouted a bit about that.

Didn't get to find a new running shoes yet. And I wanted to check out the Brooks shoes Nick advised me to get, but I had to wait next week for it. Me and patience don't really go together. If I want it, I want it now! Not happy again. Pout some more. *^-^*!

My MP3 player that I used during my jog & run decided to go dead on me. I guess it would've been OK because I did a couple of runs without listening to music and I think I did just fine.

But the last straw was on Saturday, I was aiming for my 5k on the treadmill (it rained on Saturday morning), and when I reached 4.5k, my treadmill decided it had enough and simply stopped working! I use my treadmill for my weekday runs because I can only run at night on weekdays. Running outside at night around the carpark area in the dark isn't something I want to do. Now I am so annoyed!

I can be a brat (not to mention a b**ch) so I refused to cook on Sunday because instead of sympathising with my plight, hubby just decided to ignore me and nap on the couch. I'm giving him a cold shoulder now because I am not a happy camper!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I need to chill, I know...


  1. aw, there there. i'll love to give you a massage right now if i can. it seemed like your luck has been running out for the past weekend, but not to worry. for before you even realize, you'll start having things going your way soon enough. :)

  2. hmmm, seems like everything went so wrong to you and not according to your way huh?? calm down and the fussy you are the worse it gets.. just take it easy and enjoy life.. :)

  3. Oh dear..don't stress yourself out. Chill. These things happen and sometimes it's out of your control.

  4. @levian,
    oooohhh... I'd love to have that massage! :)

    I sure hope so!

  5. @sriyany,
    but sometimes it felt like, when it rains, it pours. :(

  6. Oh dear! Things happen in waves, don't they? This too shall pass.. Hope you are feeling better. Hugs..

  7. Sometimes we need to give in to meltdowns. I do :) I feel better after ;-)

  8. @HappySurfer,
    Yup, something made me happy today. ^^

  9. @jellybelly,
    But pity the people around us when we are having a meltdown. :D

  10. I'd be crabby too if I didn't get to look for running shoes ... LOL!

    Normally when I feel this way, I'd just sleep it off and things always look better upon waking up :D

    Hope you're back to your normal self by now.

  11. @Nick,
    ALmost. Now, if only the technician for my treadmill come and fix my treadmill - this week would be great!



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