My Weekend

How was your weekend? Good? I hope it was. ^^

Since I got nothing to say or write, some random post about what I did last weekend.

Raimie had to go to school on Saturday, so woke up early and head to McD for an almost free breakfast. We got some vouchers for free sausage mcmuffin and McD so we got that, and ordered iced milo for Raimie and Zaini and I shared a cup of coffee. Total damage - less than RM5.00. It would've been free if we didn't buy any drinks, but why so cheapskate, right? 
After dropping Raimie off at school, Zaini and I head to Lake Garden and huffed and puffed running around the lake for about two hours. Managed to somehow hurt my knees again running up and down the hill there. Me and hills really don't go well together. I'll stick to the flat area next time. Otherwise, I'll need a constant stock of painkillers. That can't be good. :(

Then, we took our stinky, sweaty selves to Starbucks and stink the whole place up for a couple of hours, drinking overpriced fruit juice until it's time to pick Raimie at school. LOL

Rest a bit at home, then it's play time at the pool. Saturdays is a pool time for Raimie. He needs to practice his swimming. Mommy needs to swim a bit too. Swimming is sure easy on the knees too!

Had ramyun for dinner. Dinner is always a light affair, but sometimes I'm afraid we just eat junk! 

Sunday - didn't want to slave over the stove for breakfast so took the easy way out and fried some tempura nuggets.

Sunday is always a lazy day, so did nothing (after I did my run on the treadmill that is) until it's time to prepare lunch. Lunch was a Korean affair - kimchi jigae, grilled beef with lettuce wraps and tofu with stir-fried kimchi.

I was absolutely cheesed off with Jusco, by the way. A tub of Kimchi is  now sold for RM30 instead of the usual RM25 at Jusco!  Managed to find a cheaper option over at Village Grocer.

And what do you know - a bit of ironing, dinner and it's time for bed soon and  for Monday to come. And Monday blues hits me. x.x


  1. I'm inspired by your korean affair - I should start one too!

    Normally, it's the usual Italian affair for me (pasta being the lazy way out)

  2. @sriyany,
    I tekak Asia. I eat my pasta with miso soup sometimes. XD

  3. Sounds like you had a great weekend. I had to work for part of mine, but also got to enjoy some time off with the family.

    Japan Australia

  4. i've got the McD voucher but yet to go and have my free breakfast.. will do that on Wednesday morning when I have class~~ :p

  5. hmmm, have you thought of maybe doing that more often will help to heal the pain in your knees??

  6. wow, you cooked all those?? and somemore Korean?? that's interesting and looks very yummy yummy too..

  7. @Japan Australia,
    Quality time is better than no time at all. :)

    I always feel I'm too lazy on weekends. We don't really like to go out that much.

  8. @SK,
    Happy eating at McD! :)

    As it is, I'm already running 4times a week. And last time I injured my knee (or whatever part of my leg) I walked in excruciating pain for a month. Better be safe than sorry (but I think I want to try that hill and conquer it jut to prove myself).

  9. @SK,
    Cooking Japanese & Korean food is kinda a normal affair in my household. Now, if it's Malay food - then I'd have trouble! LOL

  10. woot! we had a jog at the nearby park last weekend as well. it felt great after the sweat. but like you, i'm no huge fan of hills, not even stairs. fortunately they do have the flat area! :)

  11. @levian,
    It sure feel great after a sweat, right? :)

    I'm not too fond of stairs either, but I tackle them anyway - to make my butt looks nicer. LOL

  12. i lurve McD breakie.... :)

    sundah lunch.... look yummy

  13. @Yatie,
    Me too. Esp kalo free. Muekeke

    Sunday lunch too - part grilled beef : favourite my two guys in the house. Part makan sayur tu, kureng sikit. XD

  14. Seems like you had a fun week. Hope you will have an exiting week too.

  15. @Sailor,
    I hope so too. And hope you do too. :)

  16. Woot! I thought the latest McD breakfast voucher is only good for from Apr 11 to 13? Not so?

    Knee trouble can be an extended affair so I think you may want to be extra careful there. I've had friends who once injured their knee ended up with knee pain every now and again. One even needed operations but to no avail.

    Didn't know kimchi is so costly here. I've yet to learn to appreciate this delicacy. Sounds like you had a great weekend. Have a wonderful week ahead!

  17. @Happysurfer,
    Yup, only a few days left to enjoy that McD voucher. Have you enjoyed your free breakfast yet? :)

    About the knee problem - I've gotten reminded by my GP about it already. Take care or be prepared for visits to the Orthopedic again. Ugh! I should remind myself not to go crazy and sprint whenever there's a hill in front of me. o.O

    There are cheaper option (the ones made locally) but I only like one brand type and it's sold at a more expensive price at Jusco.My hubby told me it's time I learn how to make the stuff myself since a tub only last for about two weeks in my household.

    Have a great week too! :)


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