The Orange Sky

Just enjoying the view. ^^
Sunrise, somewhere high up on a hill in Malaysia. But looks like an outer-space photo, don't you think? ^^

The moon and the sun meeting each other.
And a sunset somewhere near a tranquil lake in Japan.


  1. oh brilliant!! that is an amazing photo, the sun meeting the moon over the hill?? impressive~~

  2. @SK,
    Truthfully, didn't notice them together on the hill, but came out that way in the photo.

    And I'm just assuming they're both the Sun & the Moon. XD

  3. Very nice shots, esp the top one. Outer space, alright - like in the movies. LOL!

  4. wow, i love the shot that has both the sun n the moon in the photograph! we get to see that often, but rarely managed to capture them in the exact same shot. cool shot! :)

  5. @HappySurfer,

    Usually we'd just look at them in awe and forgot to snap them, right? ^^

  6. Tapping into our photography skills are we? :P

    The pics looks great though!

  7. @sriyany,
    digging up old photos and posting up here, because I ran out of ideas. LOL

  8. Great shots. I love the orange colours in the first picture and the second picture just looks so peaceful.

    Japan Australia

  9. @Japan Australia,
    Thank you. ^^

    For me, the first photo kinda pierce my eyes. And I soothe it with the 2nd photo. ;)

  10. You're right, it looks straight out of a scene from one of my Star Treks movies ... LOL!

  11. yeah, pretty scenic and beautiful view! In fact I love the way the clouds shade the sky, exactly like a picture!

  12. @Alice,
    Well, it is in a way a picture. No? LOL


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