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Remember my rantings of things not going my way a few days ago (or was it a week ago)? The treadmill technician has yet to come because I can't get away from work just yet so it's just running around the apartment's compound and carpark for me at the moment. But I got myself a new pair of running shoes. But the pain of finding that pair!

Zaini finally relented and drove me over to The Curve (Sunway Pyramid is a bit too far for us, Nick) because I wanted to check out some Brooks shoes that Nick had recommended. Got there, and there was a staff in the store and despite us being there for ten whole minutes and being really obvious about our intention to seriously buy a shoe (I didn't just want to pick a pair and ask for the size, I wanted some consultation too), the staff decided that his paperwork; which was strewn on a table was more important than us.

Then, we went to the next door Al-Ikhsan store. Not much selection there, and I think Alamanda's store have more options and more willing staff to help. But for a discount store like that, I wouldn't have minded if the staff there cannot be "technically" helpful. Same thing over at Nike Store - a staff tailed me everywhere but without saying a word or offering any advice (though I have to say, Nike store at Midvalley has nice staff, but they kept promoting the latest and most expensive shoes to me). Do I look like I can afford a shoe that cost more than RM500?

After checking out half a dozen sports stores (at Curve and MidValley), we decided to head to The Mines because a store there carry Brooks brand. Same thing over a few sports stores there but still, no shoes for me. I wasn't only looking to pick up a shoe and pay, I wanted a helpful staff who were willing to listen to my requirement and find me a suitable running shoes. Seems like I was asking too much. Zaini said so too. Well, maybe I am. But if a customer stands in front of a row of shoes, looking lost - a good sale staff would've or should have come to the rescue and ask what was it that the customer needed. No?

The final stop for me was the Adidas store at The Mines at Zaini's recommendation because he said that the staff there are really helpful. I plonked my butt on a seat and told the staff I needed a running shoe - long distance running, I have neutral arch, I think I have a slight over-pronation, yada yada and see whether he would try to make sense of what I'm talking about. Very helpful staff there although they weren't too sure what exactly I was looking for. They let me try a whole lot of shoes; the shoes there aren't all cling-wrapped!, and I finally settled on one. My very first Adidas shoes. (I have always been a Nike fan, OK).

I tell you, even if that brand/model isn't something I am looking for but the customer service is excellent and the staff nice to me, I would've ended buying things I have no intention in buying in the first place! And if the staff is snobbish or isn't helpful, I would not even buy the things I really want to buy at all even though they're having a sale or something.

Anyway, on a happier note, I got an e-mail feedback from Brooks about my experience and was informed that I could make an appointment with their sales consultant if I still wanted to, with discount to boot for the shoes I buy or they could come and meet me for some consultation too.and bring over some shoes for me too. I'll keep that in mind for my next purchase of running shoes. But instead of just walking-in to the store, I'll make sure I'll have an appointment first! Read about Brooks Malaysia consultancy service promise here.

And on another happy note, this new pair of shoes I got sure makes a lot of difference. It is so much more comfortable to run now. My run at Lake Garden this morning is the third time I'm running in my Adidas shoes. So far so good. ^^

My puny 6k target is almost there too! Maybe next week I'll try the whole 6k or more and in a decent time too.


  1. congratulations on getting a pair of shoes that suits you, finally!! :)

  2. yes, i totally agree with you.. the service meant more to me than the brand and quality.. i would definitely go for the better customer service..

  3. yeah, so your 6K goal is on the go, and i think you sure can go beyond that with your new pair of Adidas!! :)

  4. @SK,
    Goal is within reach, that is if I don't start injuring myself first. ^^

  5. Glad you could pick up a good quality shoe. They will make all the difference especially in terms of comfort and support for your feet. Good Luck!!

    Japan Australia

  6. @Japan Australia,

    From what I've seen so far, it sure does make a LOT of difference. :) It's money well spent.

  7. great..i wear brooks too!

  8. @wenn,
    You do? Cool.

    I have yet to get one. Maybe in future. :)

  9. I'm horrified that the Brooks staff at the Curve were that bad. They're normally very helpful.

    Good to know that Brooks personally emailed you regarding your issues. They're actually very professional people, well, normally anyway.

    I'm getting my new pair of Brooks which will be only released in June hand delivered to me by Brooks and with a discount to boot :D That's what I call service ... hehehe ...

    By the way, I think you bought the same Adidas shoe that I have though I'm not sure. Is that an Adidas Litestrike Eva?

  10. @Nick,
    Maybe I was there at the wrong time. There was only one staff and he was busy with his paperwork. :( Or maybe I don't look like I'm fit enough to buy a running shoe. ;p

    Yeah, they offered to come and let me try all the shoes at my convenience too after that. Such a great customer service. If I didn't buy that Adidas shoes, I definitely would take up the offer. No need to go to the shop and get discount some more. :)

    Can't remember the model of that Adidas shoe. Lemme go back and check. ^^

  11. I wear New Balance shoes for jogging. They are very good at least for me but definitely not stylish enough which don't matter cos all I want is good for my feet when I jog. Haha!

    I bought it at the New Balance shop in 1Utama, and they gives good service in that they analyze your feet and then recommend you the correct shoes to buy.

  12. So you bought Adidas? I love Adidas too! I have a pair too! : )

  13. @foong,
    Zaini asked me why I didn't even glance at NB shoes or ASICS. I told him I don't like the look of the shoes. Style is important as comfort for me! LOL

    How many pairs you have now?

  14. I don't like New Balance either but Asics do produce some of the best some of the world's best running shoes in my humble opinion though I never tried one yet ... LOL!

    When it comes to shoes that protect your feet (depending on what type of runner you are), Asics, Mizuno, Nike make some of the best though I thoroughly hate Nike except for their Nike+ plus Sports band which I rely on exclusively to track my progress.

    For me it's Brooks all the way :D So is that a Litestrike Eva :D

  15. @Nick,
    I know! They produce the best running shoes but I still not keen to try it yet. ;p

    I'm thinking of getting that Nike+ Sportsband too. Have checked it out at Nike Gardens and maybe getting it by this weekend. ^^

  16. @Nick,
    BTW, it's Adidas Response Cushion 19.

  17. Don't get the Nike+ yet. They're launching the Nike+ GPS Watch in June which I am DEFINITELY getting though it's a little pricey at around RM700-800!

    My happy feet blog has a picture of it and a little review in one of the postings :D I'm absolutely in love with it ... LOL!

    Response Cushion 19, how is it so far?

  18. @Nick,
    Wow! That's kinda pricey. Dunno whether I can afford it.

    The new shoes, it was good. Plenty of support but I don't know whether this is applicable to all shoes since I only just hit my 6K target recently, but after about 50 minutes of running, I felt like the sole kinda stick to my feet. But compared to my old shoes, I felt less hot when running in this shoes so after pounding the road, it didn't felt like my feet are on fire or anything.

    And it was great for my knees! Didn't feel much pain after. :)


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