Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Respect My Time And Space Too

Dear Whomever It May Concern,

I understand you are busy and you need to be connected at ALL TIMES, but when I have to hold the lift for you while you take your own sweet time getting into it because you were busy reading/typing some “very important” messages, you are taking my precious time.

That time when I had to give way to you, to stop from a head-on collision because you weren’t bothered to see where you were walking into? I do mind who I bumped into so please, respect my space even if you don’t care who you could “kiss” while you were engrossed with your expensive phone.

When we had to abruptly brake our car because you were too busy chatting on the phone or reading or typing messages on it while crossing the road; you are making a nuisance of yourself at my expense. I don’t care if you want to endanger yourself at any other time, just don’t get me involve in it. I don’t know you so I have no desire in visiting you at the hospital (or the morgue).

Or that time when I stared with disbelieve at you when you were on your motorbike on a busy road and your left hand were holding your phone and you were glancing at it? Please don’t be near our car because I have no desire on swerving the car to avoid your motorbike because you were too busy reading your SMSes.

We all have handphones now, we all have some nice ringtones for it too. But please, when you put it at an ear-deafening volume, answer it immediately when your phone rings. Don’t let a whole song being played before you decide to press the “answer” button. If I want to listen to songs, I get my earphones on and listen to my own selection, thank you very much. And why oh why do you need to talk so loud on the phone that people can actually hear you a mile away? Do I need to be involved in your conversation?

Have some class people. Think about others when you decide to whip out that latest phone of yours. Think about your safety too!

Anyway, my world does not revolve around accommodating you and your handphone(s).


  1. yeah.. these people are really not considerate and live only in their own world with themselves in the center..

  2. it's great that you wrote this post, and i hope those people would be able to read and then realise how wrong they are..

  3. I get really annoyed at ignorant people like that. It's like the whole world revolves around them.

  4. Scary, but I still see a lot of people sending SMS and talking on the phone while driving.

  5. @SK,
    Even if they read, you think they'd realise this post is aimed for them? XD

    Just letting off steam lah...

  6. @sriyany,
    and they put their guard down and be vulnerable just because of their pre-occupation. So dangerous! o.O

  7. @jellybelly,
    Scary, right? And talk about being selfish. Selfish to care for their own safety and for others too. :(

  8. What a coincidence, only this evening I saw this moron talking on the phone while riding his motorbike!!!!

  9. some people could be a nuisance.

  10. Oh dear! Someone must have really cheesed you off. Hope you are feeling better.

  11. @Nick,
    Moron indeed! They don't care about thier safety and others too! :(

  12. @beelee,
    And those nusisance aren't even apologetic about it! :( Grrr.....

  13. @HappySurfer,
    It's like a daily occurence now.

    Actually, the person who triggered this ranting was a junior colleagues who decided that it is way more important to check her handphone rather than be attentive when people are talking to them. I just don't understand why people need to glance at their phone every two seconds in a meeting. Busy? Oh for goodness sake! Even the CFO isn't as busy as those girls! Sheeeesh!

  14. back then, we only get to see car drivers talking on phones n typing smses. but now, as frightening as it sound, even motorbike drivers does that! i just saw one the other day, n seriously, he gotta stop swaying!

  15. @levian,
    that's why... The biker can sway all he wants and injure himself but probability is he's gonna crash into someone else too.

  16. LOL, couldn't agree more! What a nice way you put about this issue!^-^

  17. @Alice,
    Start nice. Then when nice doesn't work, be prepared for hell to break loose. LOL



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