Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Sports Day 2011

We woke up bright and early last Saturday and head off to Raimie's school for his school's 53rd Annual Sports Day.
 All students at the assembly hall before proceeding to the sports field.
 But not before taking their morning rations - mineral water, soy bean drink, bread for morning snacks.
One of the sports house busy prepping up the sports tent decoration. Teachers, students and parents were busy doing the finishing touches.
The "perbarisan". Sports parade? A boy or two can't withstand the heat and had to be escorted out to rest under the  tent.
 The cute pre-schoolers waiting for their turn.
 Can you spot where's Raimie? He was waiting for his turn for the relay run.
 Raimie with his one and only gold medal this year. He was so proud that he wore that medal all day on Saturday!
Two girls took a breather amidst the activities around them.

We didn't linger long at the Sports Day event and left  after Raimie's last event because we were rushing to get back to my hometown for my brother's wedding.


  1. Congrats to Raimie for that gold medal.

  2. @HappySurfer,
    Thanks! He was so happy getting the medal. :)

  3. wow Raimie is so terror. did he sleep with his gold medal?

  4. @LR,
    He would, if we allowed him to. XD

  5. congratulations to raimie on winning the gold medal!! cool~~

  6. oh i miss the school sports day so much.. i remember i was selected to take part every year and able to get prizes (last time no medals)..

  7. my proudest memory was during standard 6, i got 2 golds for my individual event and 3 silvers for team event.. :)

  8. @SK,
    Wah! You so terer during school. :)

    I used to be active and got medals for athletics when I got to Form 3 only. Others were busy studying for their SRP and I was busy not studying. LOL

    Zaini OTOH runs on the MSSWP. :P

    Do you still keep your medals? Dunno where all my medals gone to now. XD

  9. Congrats to Raime! He looks good with the gold medal :)

    Seeing your pictures, I actually miss Sports Day now but could do without the heat la!

  10. @sriyany,
    Thanks. :)

    Yeah, we definitely can do without the heat. Funny. When we were in school, we can camp out under the hot sun, no problem, right? :p

  11. Woohoo congratulations Raimie! Get gold medal some more.. I used to get all these medals in primary school too. But when I start secondary school, become so lazy already - until now! Haha

  12. @Bella,
    So now active again? :)

    He got one gold medal only, but OKlah. ^^ Dari takde, kan?

  13. awesome blog, or blogs to stumble upon. like the japan hols!

  14. Congrats to Raimie! Good job!

  15. @jellybelly,
    Thanks. :)



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