Tuesday, 31 July 2012

11th Day Of Puasa

Good news when we arrived home after work. There's water in the tap! Running water! Wooohooo!!! Hope it'll lasts though. Sucks if the tap go dry again tomorrow.

The first thing Zaini asked me after checking the tap - "do you want to go out for a run today?" ahahah I wish I can but today is rest day. Heels (both of them) are killing me. Actually thye've been killing me for the past few weeks. @.@ Even after taking NSAID to help with the pain, it's not completely gone.

Raimie seems more chirpy and talkative than usual when he finished his Asar prayer at the neighbourhood surau so I guess he has gotten the hang of puasa. *clap clap*
Buka puasa was Nasi Kerabu for both Zaini and I. Zaini had it with fried chicken and I had it with beef rendang. Yes Rurousha, the rice is blue. The rice's colour blue is not from artificial colouring but rather from a flower, Bunga Talang (blue pea flower).

Raimie had his usual - nasi lemak with ayam goreng berempah and crysanthemum tea. That boy and his nasi lemak. Ish ish

If there's still running water tomorrow morning, I think I'll try do a 7K before sahur. Wish me luck!

Monday, 30 July 2012

10th Day Of Puasa

10th day of puasa and Raimie got through it just fine.Sure, there were whines and a bit of tantrums and flopping around involved because he was too thirsty or hungry but that boy managed to go through it after all. Good job Raimie. Mommy and Daddy are proud of you! Just 20 more days to go.

Sahur today was leftover pizza that we had for buka puasa yesterday and for buka puasa today, the usual because Raimie said so (I indulged him as a treat for fasting) and it's nasi lemak... again!

School wise - Raimie told us that he needed to stay back each Monday and Thursday for choral speaking. With co-curriculum activities on Wednesday, seems like he won't have time to attend religious school anymore soon! Oh dear. :(

Anyways, remember the Pacemakers Anniversary Run I did yesterday? You don't think I'd finish yakking about it, do you? Wanna see some particularly ugly mug of yours truly trying to do a semblance of a fast run that Sunday? Don't "kutuk" too much, OK? heh heh

I tell you, that steep stairs notwithstanding, last Sunday's run was a lovely run to be in and a part of. Serious runners abound and yet, they came with a wanna have fun attitude.
Thank you so much to Victor, Gila Bola Karim, Tey, Andrew and Yum Kin Kok for the awesome and gritty (heh) photos. Love them! Plenty more of those in FB... ^^

There were as many photographers as there were runners at the run on Sunday and FB's busy with updates on us tagging each other. I get to play photographer too this time because of the team event. Me, staying after the race is a rare thing because the two boys would usually want to head back almost immediately after I finished my run.

No more races to join in August but here's what's in store for September and what I somehow registered and will get myself into (with bunny ears, if I might add). 
Sep 9th - Adidas King of the Road (16.8K)
Sep 16th - Taiping International Marathon (21K)
Sep 30th - Salomon X-Trail (10K)
I went crazy signing up for races. @.@
p.s. anyone got any idea what's the nicest hotel there is in Taiping?

Sunday, 29 July 2012

9th Day Of Puasa And Running In PAR8-2012

OK, we start our 9th day report with what we did on the 8th day first... as I posted the 8th day report bright and early yesterday just to make sure Yvonne can comment in it! LOL 

Anyways, I've come to realise I need to stay away from reading the following bloggers' posts or comments on each other if I don't want my puasa pahala to be gone and I'm left with just hunger and thirst this Ramadhan and they are the zany, crazy, wacky, chatty and extremely funny :
  1. Twilight Man
  2. Simple Person
  3. Yvonne
  4. Yan
  5. Small Kucing
  6. and of course, the instigator of it all, SK
 As you have read from yesterday's post, no water in my housing area... low water pressure katanya... Whatever.
But at least, the water tank came and the two big tanks in front of our apartment won't be dry for too long... I count my blessings, how little they might be.

No water and what to do?  Stay out of the house. We camped out at FIL's house for a while to shower and did some laundry.
Then, spent a few hours at Mid Valley and Gardens Mall. About an hour at Borders reading books...
then, checking out sports stuff and here's the Daddy at Mizuno listening to the staff's explanation. Daddy said that if the guy talked to Mommy, Mommy would've bought something from Mizuno because Mommy is such a sucker for service. And yes, she agrees. Mommy always am a sucker for good service that she tends to buy or applies for memberships that she probably won't ever use again because the staff is earnestly promoting the product to her. And yes, Mommy almost want to buy a Mizuno running skirt there. Almost.

We don't see any point of camping out early at any eatery just to secure a table so we only made our way to Pappa Rich ten minutes before buka puasa. Buka puasa was simply these...
Curry mee for Mommy

For today - Busy Sunday for us! Woke up early to prepare for today's Pacemakers Anniversary Run 8 - 2012 at Lake Garden.

And since I'm trying to be a good disciple of SK's... another photo album. Now, you don't have to scroll and scroll for my photo overload post! Bow respectfully to SK.
Team Dailymilers' bib, me as 1st runner and the medal for today

Overall, a fun experience. Yes, despite that stairs that we need to conquer. The guys were nice enough to tolerate tortoise me. ^^

The refreshments served were awesome. There was nasi lemak, banana, watermelon slices and of course isotonic drinks but the one thing I cannot "tahan" was the tau foo fah. Aiyooooo... the smell was so nice and fragrant some more!

What to do? When we got back, saw that the soya bean uncle had opened shop (or rather mobile kedai) and got two packs of tau foo fah to eat for buka puasa later! Have to buy fast because uncle's soya bean is popular.

How is your day/weekend? ^^

Saturday, 28 July 2012

8th Day Of Puasa

and still no water. Cannot go pee whenever I like. Must save water. Petronas station nearby also locked their toilets during this water crisis. huhuhu~

On the bright side, got exemption from cooking so no cooking and that means no to doing dishes too! Seriously, during this puasa month, I think I'm forever washing dishes. I don't like doing them but since I am very OCD about keeping my kitchen tidy and dry, the two boys aren't encouraged to do much there.

So far, Raimie only missed one day of fasting and that was the day that he missed his sahur. Good job Son! 

For buka puasa yesterday, we skipped rice and had this:
Ramadhan set of a 6 inch sub, a drink and a cookie for RM9.90. The cookies weren't ready and were still baking when we finished eating our sandwiches... and the staff kindly put an extra cookie for us to make up for the waiting. That was so nice of him to do that. ^^
Talking about nice people, I got two more freebies at the office yesterday.

A Famous Amos muffin and a pack of kurma (dates). Dunno why people keep giving me stuff to eat but I really appreciate their generousity! I must follow their lead and be more charitable this month!

Today's sahur was :
Roti canai & teh tarik!

Spent a few minutes after sahur getting water from the water tank as there is virtually no queue very early in the morning at the tank.

Can't do much activity today so I think we just draped ourselves on the sofa and be a sloth today! But at the moment, not feeling like I want to go back to sleep so I'll just park myself in front of the computer. Wish I can go out for a run though because the weather is just too nice, all cooling and windy. Nobody is outside getting their morning exercises today it seems, even "Aci" was nowhere to be found today.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Don’t Test My Patience On The 7th Day of Puasa

Really, some people! 

Anyways, woke up bright and early with the full intention to do a speedwork run + stair exercises before cooking for sahur but horror upon horror… dry tap this morning! I have no intention of being all sweaty and stinky when there is no water so no run for today. 

*already in grumpy mode because of that* 

As I don’t want to see stacks of dirty dishes when there is a dry tap, sahur was at the Mamak today. Raimie had 2 roti canai at 4.30am! He sure has good appetite this early in the morning. 

Saw two big “tongs” of water parked right in front my apartment building so I guess dry taps for this weekend too. Saw similar black “tong” at the roadside at the semi-d and terrace houses area too. No water for the whole area! Alamak! 

And today’s main rant is: 
Went to Cold Storage to buy something and there’s a promo of buying two items at RM6.59 compared to one item at RM4.29. Took two and head to cashier. Fat grumpy cashier (she is FAT, ok) who only smiled at Mat Sallehs was the lone cashier there. 

She scanned the items, quickly cleared the screen (so the total amount only flashed briefly for me to see, but I saw the total of RM6.60) and curtly told me to pay RM8.00! Hello… I can do my math. Even if the system didn’t register the promo price, RM4.29 x 2 does not equal to RM8.00! 

Good thing I puasa. Cannot flare up easily. Lose pahala. Simple matter, I just asked her to give me the receipt. Oh yes, she didn’t even print out the receipt! She didn’t even put a paid sticker on my purchased items or ask me whether I want a plastic bag. 

Folks, remember - always look at the register to note the correct price and/or double check your receipts later. You know lah, nowadays the register can be quite confusing showing the prices… before promo, after promo price… deduct immediately, deduct only at the end of transaction… really have to do mental arithmetic while items are scanned…but I digress. 

Back to the rant: 
She sulked. Yelled at her supervisor (that woman really likes to yell at fellow workers right in front of customers) to manually open the cash register, took out my correct balance and shove it into my hand without even an apologetic smile. Say sorry for the error? Seriously? I was giving her trouble for buying stuff, right? 

Oh yeah, Cold Storage Gardens Mall is sooooo busy and packed with shoppers everyday. So busy that cashiers there are all sooooo tired even at 9.30am! *sarcasm* 

For the price I’m paying at Cold Storage, I better head to Village Grocer in Bangsar Village instead. At least the staffs there are not biased to be friendly ONLY to foreigners. 

- inhale deeply - 

On a lighter note, just look at these: The medals for Sunday’s run. 
Dunno got license or not from Transformer.kekeke

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

5th Day Of Puasa

Woke up early today and didn't miss sahur. Well, technically it wasn't waking up because I can't sleep. Must be the adrenaline rush doing a late night run yesterday. That's why I favour early morning runs these days but beggars can't be choosers. And I run whenever I can this Ramadhan!

This marks Raimie's 4th day of puasa. He didn't fast the whole duration yesterday. No problem. At his age, him fasting is more to train him to do this "ibadah". Regardless, I am proud of him for trying.

During school days this Ramadhan month, I was able to wait for him to finish his religious class and do his Asar prayer before both of us go check out the Ramadhan stall nearby FIL's house; which is quite popular with people working at Mid Valley. The poor boy looks exhausted but he was game enough to endure it and usually he'd feel better after having a nice, cooling shower. ^^

For buka puasa today :
Nasi lemak ayam for Raimie
Nasi lemak with beef rendang for Daddy
and laksam for Mommy.

I am in panic mode now...
I have this team run event this Sunday and looking at what I have to go through (see photo below)... I am seriously hyperventilating about the tough route.
Photo credit : Pacemakers Anniversary Run 8 - 2012 (PAR8-2012) FB page.
So, tonight I did (or tried to) a fast loop around the carpark - 2.4K at 13min then ran (and walked & panted) up to 8th floor of my apartment block and finished off with an attempt to do a few 20sec strides. Must climb the stairs all the way up to 10th floor (total stairs : 180) tomorrow and tried to do a below 6min pace 3K run. Good luck me! I'll rest on Friday and Saturday in anticipation of Sunday run. 

By the way, want to know how most runners behave when they see a camera? See this video taken during the Men's Health and Shape Night Run. Sad though that I can't find me in the video. Another bunny was found but not this bunny! Bwahaha

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

4th Day Of Puasa

Overslept and actually was still soundly sleeping, dreaming about my favourite pastime : running when Zaini woke me up at *HORROR* 6.15am this mornig! 

So no sahur for us! Took pity with Raimie and told him that he can opt to buka puasa early if he cannot stand the hunger.

Must put a few alarms on for tomorrow. huhuhu

Funny though because even without alarm, my body clock would usually make me awake at around 4am. It is really not normal for me to still be soundly asleep after 6am, unless I slept late the night before! 

Must be because the house is so... eerily quiet nowadays. Since Friday night, which was the day before we start fasting; the scrapping, the marble-playing, the furniture moving, all the noise that would manifest itself around bedtime/midnight are gone. I'm guessing we'll have a quiet home for a month, until Ramadhan is over. huhuhu

Another good thing happen today. I received two packages from two blogging friends.
A keychain from Simple Person and a postcard from Wenn. Also in the photo, SK's present for me being one of the crazy spammers haunting his blog much, much earlier.SK, sorry I only blogged about this today! ;p

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Oh yes... for buka puasa, we had nasi lemak bought at Raimie's friend's Mom near FIL's place. Nasi lemak with sambal sotong for Mommy and Daddy and for Raimie, with ayam goreng berempah. No kuih and just chrysanthemum tea to quench our thirst. We have very simple need for our buka puasa.

For sahur tomorrow (if I do wake up, that is) I'll make fried rice. Simple and quick.

I'd better go to sleep now. Otherwise tomorrow will oversleep again.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Run Like I'm Training

From the few road races that I entered in the past (a mere 11 so far), I noticed that I didn't really do well as I hoped to on race day compared to the training runs I did to prepare for them.

Challenging race routes compared to training route notwithstanding, I do need to rectify this problem. I pushed hard when the training plan calls for it (tackling inclines and hills head on) but I tend to chicken-out from doing the same during races. Because of that, I feel that I'm not getting any better at this running road races thingy.

I guess it all boils down to mental strength and determination and wanting to get the best out of myself. I guess I didn't want it badly enough... yet.

All I think most time during these races was to not suffer the run and spoil my mood. I really want to push my limit but at the same time enjoy the road races I join! At the moment, I guess I am enjoying myself... too much.

Must find a way to enjoy both - good timing (and be better at it) and at the same time, enjoy running with a few thousand like-minded fellow runners.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Second Day Of Puasa

Don't worry, I'm not going to do a daily "puasa" post. ^^
We went to Pasar Ramadhan yesterday to look for buka puasa dishes. For today's buka puasa, it's home-cooked meal, very simple home cooked meal.

Grilled pari (skate) with budu (with lots of shallots, lime juice & cili padi) and blanched lady's fingers. Very very simple but very very good. 

What's more fun was that everyone chipped in at the kitchen. Mommy prepared the fish & budu mix, Daddy looked after the grilling and Raimie put the lady's finger in the boiling water and set the table too.

What should I cook next week, I wonder?

Saturday, 21 July 2012

First Day Of Puasa

As with last year, it was easy to wake Raimie up for sahur. Since it's the weekend, we went out to McD (of all places!) for our sahur there. Mommy had quarter pounder, Daddy had Big & Tasty and Raimie had cheeseburger. Eating those at 5.00am! We are so unhealthy!

On the way to McD, Mommy kept an eye out for her pre-dawn running route but looks like the route she did on weekends last year may not be suitable this year. Construction sites sprouting up, stray dogs and stray Mat Rempits too! Safety first! Guess the apartment car park will have to do for the time being. Maybe I'll make friends with the "aci" who always goes out for a morning walk at 4.30am and follow her. ;p

By noon, Raimie was already whining about being hungry and thirsty so Mommy had to remind him that it's not good to whine about that and coaxed him to occupy himself with lots of activities (watching TV doesn't count). 

At 5.00pm we decided to went to Bandar Tun Hussein Onn to check out the Pasar Ramadhan there and buy some groceries at Carrefour. Anyway, may need to go to Mydin tomorrow and get Raimie a new prayer mat. ^^
A whole lot of people!
Colourful array of drinks. We bought our soya drink from our regular soya bean uncle in front of the Toto shop instead. ;p
I wanted to take more photos but wasn't feeling comfortable doing it so well, just these three shots from Bandar Tun Hussein Onn Pasar Ramadhan. We bought an ayam bakar and RM6 of siput sedut from this stall. Man, things are getting pricier and pricier these days...

I think I'll just cook for buka puasa next week.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Busy Friday And Ramadhan Begins

The day before we need to fast for a month and Zaini & I decided to take a day off.

Last day before the fasting month for me to have a run around Lake Garden after dawn, so I did that. I've been slacking this week and today was the first run I did this week! @.@ Terrible. I was huffing and puffing when doing that incline at the Deer Park. Got Uncle with weights in his two hands encouraging me during the run. Nice. ^^ Seasoned (male) runners are always friendly. I like friendly uncles. Hehe

Got back home but not before tapau'ing some briyani (last briyani lunch for a month! kakaka) to do some top to bottom house cleaning. It's nice to herald the arrival of Ramadhan this way... 

We will need to do a bit of grocery shopping later for our sahur (pre-dawn meal). I don't need to think much for our iftar (breaking of fast) because we will be spoilt for choice for food to buy this month! All the delicacies! 

I'm probably cooking something light and simple for sahur - porridge, fried rice and maybe an occasional fried fish/sotong balls & beef patties. We'll see. ^^

Anyway, just for info...
The Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar and the day begins at sunset. Ramadhan, the month Muslims fast; is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. The original meaning of the word is scorching heat.


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