Thursday, 29 May 2014

Good Things Come In Small Packages

See see see!
Small items. In cute, eco-friendly box. From Modbox.
And what a treasure trove inside. All sample sized, so that I can try before I commit and shop for regular-sized items. If anything doesn’t suit me, then I don’t lose out much. If I like, then can proceed and do online shopping at Modshop. (And ooooo can accumulate Modpoints too. I likey)

It’s a neat idea, right? Choosing beauty samples in case anything might not be to your liking.

And after realizing that you need more of the small packages, go ahead and indulge on bigger ones!

A beauty box comes with a choice of 3 product samples of my choosing at a price of RM9 and once I made my choice, it’s processed and my beauty box was sent to me within 3 working days. Busy people sure would love this option. Sample first. If like then buy regular size.

RM9 for a box of beauty samples of your choosing, and get it sent to us is rather a good deal. There is a delivery charge of RM6 for Peninsula Malaysia and RM9 for East Malaysia. So, OK it’s RM15 to get a box but see what I got! ^^
Human Nature Overnight Elixir vial. I need to revive my old skin lar… Been abusing it so much lately.

There’s 9 ActivOil Nutritives in the serum to help me!

Quite easy to use. Four drops of the serum after my nightly cleanse (should be toning too… but ah well…) and massage onto face in gentle, upward strokes.

30ml (1 fl oz) is priced at RM129.90. 
Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover.

Hey! Hey! Just because I wear specs doesn’t mean I occasionally don’t “glam” up and wear eye makeup! After wearing, then must take off la… and take the eye makeup gently. No need to maniacally rub my delicate eye area.

And this one quite good lah. Removes stubborn eyeliner and waterproof mascara gently. Some more got Vitamin B & E. 

Shake well before use and wipe off with cotton pad.

And… can be used for my lips too. Way cool. 

145ml Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover retails at RM26.90.

Bifesta actually has more in their range. Maybe I can try other stuff in the future, yeah?

p.s. It’s Japan mari. You know I’m a sucker for Japanese product. Hihihi 
Shaire London Hair Perfume Dry Shampoo

Just in case I need to use it in-between hair washes (no water supply time…).

It’s good for those wearing tudung or have their heads covered for a long period of time since it neutralizes odor.

A 60ml bottle is RM35.90. 

Can you believe that I only got to know that there is such a thing as dry shampoo watching a KBS documentary/reality TV called The Human Condition when they were on the task of rationing water. Huhuhu

Can’t wait to see what’s on offer next at Modbox!

p.s. I sure have been doing a lot of online shopping lately, haven’t I? Thank goodness none of them cost a bomb!

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Press Release : Spreading More Than Goodness On World Milk Day

Dutch Lady Malaysia gets Malaysian children

to Drink.Move.Be Strong through Jr. NBA programme
Petaling Jaya, 14 May 2014 – In celebration of World Milk Day this year, Dutch Lady Malaysia will go beyond spreading the goodness of milk with a campaign that helps Malaysian children adopt an active and healthy lifestyle.

Aptly named Drink.Move.Be Strong, the campaign essentially encourages children to drink one glass of milk a day and spend one hour a day on outdoor exercise.

Putting the campaign into action, Dutch Lady Malaysia will present the first Jr. NBA programme in Malaysia. Under its Drink.Move.Be Strong campaign, the NBA’s international youth development programme will serve as a vehicle to promote physical activity through basketball participation.

Rahul Colaco, Managing Director of Dutch Lady Malaysia, said the Jr. NBA programme promotes not only basketball participation, sportsmanship and teamwork, but more importantly, an active lifestyle among children. “It has been staged in the Philippines for seven consecutive years, and has reached more than 80,000 students, parents and coaches participating in its camps, clinics and activities. We plan to present Jr. NBA Malaysia as an annual programme to get more and more Malaysian children and parents appreciate and reap the healthful benefits of sports,” he added.

Jr. NBA Malaysia 2014 presented by Dutch Lady Malaysia will conduct a series of exciting basketball clinics and camps to get children to be active and drink milk. It will officially launch on 31 May, 2014, a day before World Milk Day (on 1 June, 2014) at Stadium MABA, Kuala Lumpur.

“We are thrilled to partner with Dutch Lady Malaysia to help improve the health of children across Malaysia,” said Francesco Suarez, Vice President, Global Marketing Partnerships, NBA Asia. “Basketball has a significant participation base, the game is easy to learn, and is a great way to teach boys and girls the importance of exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to the support of Dutch Lady Malaysia, we are bringing Jr. NBA to Malaysia where, together, we can speak directly to kids, parents, and educators about health and fitness.”

On the impetus of the Drink.Move.Be Strong campaign, Colaco said it is founded on the belief that every child’s growth and development is heavily influenced by both nutrition and daily exercise. “It is also conceptualised to address nutritional and lifestyle gaps found in Malaysian children based on the the findings of SEANUTS (or South East Asian Nutrition Surveys),” he said.

SEANUTS is a nutritional study on children aged six months to 12 years in four South East Asian countries including Malaysia. Its key findings on Malaysian children indicated one in 20 were underweight; one in five were overweight or obese; a high proportion of school-aged children reported low physical activity; and nearly half the children had Vitamin D insufficiency. These findings implicate parents, schools, healthcare professionals, policymakers and even the private sector need to play proactive roles in educating and getting Malaysian children to adopt a healthier lifestyle with the right nutrition and more physical activities.

“Through the Drink.Move.Be Strong campaign, we hope to harness the power of both nutrition and basketball to enable Malaysian children to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle,” said Colaco.

Participation in Jr. NBA Malaysia 2014 presented by Dutch Lady Malaysia is free and open to boys and girls between five and 14 years old. There are four stages to the programme, starting with a series of clinics for coaches and children in the first. The sole coaches clinic will be held on 31 May at Stadium MABA; and a series of open clinics for kids will follow starting with a clinic at Sekolah Wawasan, USJ15 on 1 June.

In the second stage, a two-day Selection Camp will be conducted in August, during which the top 40 boys and top 24 girls aged 10 to 14 years will be chosen to participate in the National Training Camp in stage three. Children who participate in clinics as well as school players are welcomed to join.

The National Training Camp, which makes up the third stage of the programme will be held in Kuala Lumpur from August 22-24. It will be attended by an NBA Legend or Player, and it covers a three-day intensive training schedule and culminates with the selection of 10 boys and four girls who will be named as the inaugural Jr. NBA Malaysia All-Stars.

In the final stage, the Jr. NBA Malaysia All-Stars will be provided with a unique, overseas NBA Experience trip and the opportunity to play against a counterpart team from another country later in the year.

In addition to Dutch Lady Malaysia, Spalding will serve as the supporting partner of Jr. NBA Malaysia. Astro is the Official NBA Broadcaster. The event is also supported by the Westports Malaysia Dragons.

Visit to learn more about the Drink.Move.Be Strong campaign.  To sign up for Jr. NBA clinics, go to

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Everyday Is A Good Day

That should be how we look and tackle each day, shouldn't we? ^^

Don't have anything much to blog. Probably a blogger's block at the mo'. Hahaha

Don't worry.

I'll be writing more posts soon, in case anyone missed me. LOL

Sunday, 25 May 2014

A Night Fun Run In Cyberjaya

A first for me. Running the route, that is. My first time running in Cyberjaya, running in the Firefighters Cyberjaya Night Half Marathon last night.

I didn't exactly jumped to register when it first opened. The inaugural event was held by a first timer if am not mistaken and I do have this thing about just joining any race organised by any Tom, Dick & Harry. Anyway, that later changed and I registered on the last day of the early bird (or last day of registration or something...)

There was a bit of glitch come race kit collection day. While the 10K runners could collect their race kit the week before the event, the 21K runners had to collect theirs on race week. Friday or on race da itself. Something to do with the event t-shirt, I heard.
Unlike other road races, the organiser provided different coloured tee for the 10K and 21K runners which is actually kinda cool for me. You can differentiate the different categories just by a glance at their t-shirt.

Some runners grouched about not getting a half-marathon finisher tee. For me, I don't need one. Go run 42K and get one la, Bub! Run a bit also want all sort of things. Later race fees go up, complain also. Haish.

Race day. It rained heavily in the afternoon in my neighborhood. Was feeling apprehensive about it as if it rains then this would be my second run in the rain in a week's time. Habislah my red Adidas. Hohoho

Good thing the rain had stopped by the time we arrived the Balai Bomba in Cyberjaya, the race venue. 
Wasn't feeling hungry so instead of having dinner, I just had half of a croissant and a cup of cocoa drink before the run. 
Awesome meeting with a respected "lejen" runner. 
With GC members.
Important thing to do before a race. 1. Go to toilet 2. Take lotsa photos with running kakis. All checked. ;-)

Flag-off for 21K was at 8:15pm. A bit congested at the start line as the 10K runners were standing around behind the start/finish arch too. Crowd control should be applied next time here so that 21K runners aren't held back by the 10K runners. 

I ran with the GC members for the first 2K before lagging behind. They were way too fast for me. I was doing like 20min for my first 3K. No no no, don't want to risk a pancit and suffering run so I slowed down considerably after the 3rd K mark. I wasn't planning for a PB or anything this time, Haven't been running much so I am just treating this as my long run training.

The route was nice. It's not flat but nothing too steep either. There were inclines littered along the route to make it less boring for runners. There were a few stretch of unlit road that we had to run through but the organiser had thoughtfully placed a few trucks with ermm... disco lights to guide us. Nice gesture but it did make me feel kinda dizzy. LOL And there were a few stretches that runners had to run carefully, along construction site. 
Some runners seem to think that hurling negative comments and scolding people their right just because they paid tho... Hurmmm...
Didn't stop at the first water station (WS) as I usually only hydrate at KM10 but I did stop at the second WS at KM6 mark because I want to take photo of the above sign. Stop already, drink a bit lah... ;-)

The traffic was a bit heavy along the strecth from KM6-8 because of the residential area and there weren't any coned-off road for runners. A cause for concern; yes but any of you ran MWM 2013? We had to deal with much busier traffic there with not so much of a marshall holding up the traffic for us.

At least at Cyberjaya it was like 70% traffic free route that we enjoyed last night. 
Before the KM9 WS. At KM8 mark if not mistaken
Yup, sure I was sweaty (and most probably smelly too) by this time. Stopped at WS3 and there were runners asking for 100-Plus. There weren't any but we were told that the next WS will have some.
Had expected WS4 to be at KM12 mark but turned out it was after KM13. I ran taking note of the distance markers that were placed at every 2K along the route so I was expecting the next WS will be quite near when I see the KM12 distance marker and picked up my pace only to kena run another km for my drinks. Adui. Hahaha

WS4 had only water and no isotonic too (can imagine runners complaining about this) but there were bananas served here. Saw a few familiar faces at the WS enjoying their bananas and taking a bit of a breather.

At around KM14.5 just after a climb, I nearly fell as I tripped on a spilled hardened cement. The effort to not fall flat on my face kissing the road somehow caused me a pulled muscle. My butt was hurting so I decided to walk it off. By this time, a runner friend passed me. She was running/walking strong despite a worrisome ankle pain.

Looked for medic/spray (there were ambulance stationed along the route and marshalls on bikes) but no luck... so I thought what the heck... If I just continue to walk, it'll take so much longer to finish so I tried to jog the pain off. Faster finish this. Pain - think about it later lah. 

The next WS was at KM17 mark I think. When I reached the WS, the volunteers apologised to us because they ran out of paper cups but they were quick enough to pour drinks into empty bottles (just enough for one runner to drink) so we won't have to chug our drink from a full bottle. No biggie la. I told the volunteers so. 

Some runners took a whole bottle with them I guess as I saw bottles still quite full littering the road after the WS. What a waste. Here's a question? Why can't we stop and drink at WS instead? 

We ran until a junction approaching Shaftsbury. It was quite confusing as I thought we'll be running straight ahead though that would mean the route being under-distanced. However, saw a police traffic motioning runners to turn left. If there's no traffic police/marshall most runners would just run straight ahead.
At KM18. "You're not slow. You're just enjoying the course" ^^
By this time, I saw the faster runners already looping back and that did picked my spirit up. We're almost there! Yeay!

The last WS was at KM19 mark. They also ran out of paper cups but mineral water was aplenty. I had 100-Plus here. I heard afterwards that some runners complained about the lack of water stations and about WS running out of drinks so I guess I was lucky because I managed to hydrate properly along the route. WS at 3K apart is quite OK for me. Generous even.

From KM19 it was a climb towards the finish line. Blergh. Decided to walk it and jog on decline. 
If you can walk around the mall for hours, why not try do it outdoors once in a while? ;-)
At KM20 mark. Yeay. 1K more to go. Happy happy joy joy LOL
"Abang macho sedang menunggu. Hurry up" LOL
And then, I finished! Yeay.

Finished, got my medal (which I promptly stashed in my pocket) head out and thought of waiting for friends. But son was almost dozing off by the roadside and hubby told me to hurry up. Went back in to check for my snack pack. There were cakes, soup & bread being served, along with hot tea. No fruit left though. Didn't fancy eating them so I head out and we went back straight after that.

All in all, a good run for me. The race is of course not perfect. There were hiccups but for a first time effort, the race organiser did a commendable job.

They did apologise for the hiccups. And constructive suggestions were duly noted.
  • Water stations could be improved
  • Separation of 10K crowd from the starting line when 21K are flagged-off
  • more visible distance marker (the size of a billboard?) as plenty of runners seemed to not see them
  • checkpoint ribbons should be placed at KM18 or so when runners need to loop back to finish their run. It's too easy to cut short the run at the KM17-19 stretch.
Kudos on
  • separate colour tees for 21K and 10K. I loike
  • trucks with lights at unlit stretches 
  • marshalls - along the route and on bikes
  • friendly volunteers
  • and oh yeah, nice looking medal. :-)
While Mommy was running, the two boys enjoyed dinner at one of the stalls at the Bomba station. A nice addition to the event was stalls selling food and even clothing items!
and of course, they checked out the Bomba's exhibition too. Even got to get on a fire truck. Nice. ^^
Thank you to race organiser and volunteers and also friends who supported us that night. I had fun.

A sidenote : this is my 12th half-marathon done todate. The next run will be Back to Endurance, a 12hours Ultra. Looking forward to it! ^^

Thursday, 22 May 2014

PRESS RELEASE : Energizer Malaysia Brings Back Signature Energizer Night Race To The Heart Of City

Power to unite and make positive changes for a brighter community

Kuala Lumpur, 22 May 2014 - Runners who are looking for something exciting and spectacular can certainly look forward to the Energizer Night Race for a Brighter World.

The Energizer Night Race is back with a renewed commitment and will flag off 9th August from Dataran Merdeka, delivering not only a fulfilling race experience for runners but also to go the extra mile to make a positive impact to the community through a race for a brighter world.

In line with this global initiative, Energizer Malaysia is calling everyone to lace up their running shoes and power positive changes by bringing light to dark areas. Mr. Mike Foong, the Managing Director for Energizer Malaysia and Singapore, explains the drive powering the initiative, “Being a responsible portable power and lighting solutions market leader, we constantly recognize how we can do better to inspire public and deliver a world-class sporting event that embodies our aspirations and corporate responsibility.”

Together with race organizer Twenty First Century Sports Sdn Bhd, collaboration partner Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL), and sanctioning body Federal Territory Kuala Lumpur Athletic Association (FTKLAA), the race targets to have an estimated 15,000 runners to join Energizer Night Race 2014, making it the largest night race in Malaysia and at the same time, lead the charge of positive changes in our communities.

There will be six categories altogether: The 15 KM Men’s Open (18 years and above), 15 KM Women’s Open (18 years and above), 15 KM Men Junior Veteran (40-49 years old), 15 KM Men Senior Veteran (50 years old and above), 15 KM Women Veteran (40 years old and above) and the 5 KM Fun Run (7 years old and above). Registration fees are RM50 for the 5 KM route and RM60 for the 15 KM route.
15K Route
5K Route
With the starting point at Dataran Merdeka, a landmark for many momentous events in the city and Malaysian history, both the 5 KM and 15 KM routes have been carefully designed for runners to take in the wonderful vista of the city’s famous locations such as the National Monument, the Parliament, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman and the iconic Sultan Abdul Samad Building. There will also be a massive celebration waiting for runners when they reach the finish line.

The ‘Light Up The Dark’ initiative will be powered by participants registering for the Energizer Night Race and a further announcement on its details are coming. “We will soon be finalizing with the authorities on the specifics and I encourage everyone to follow us on Facebook to stay updated on Energizer Night Race 2014,” Mr. Foong added.

The signature global race series first had its beginnings in South Africa in 2007. To date, it has been held in Peru, Philippines, Mexico, and Spain with more than 220,000 runners lacing up their running shoes to help make a positive impact through the Energizer Night Race for a Brighter World.

The upcoming race is a key component of Energizer’s That’s Positivenergy implementation in Malaysia, and highlights its legacy of category leadership in bringing responsible portable power to the marketplace.

Inventor of the Energizer Ultimate Lithium Battery – the World’s Longest Lasting battery which is the perfect fit for all high-tech devices, and the Energizer Max which comes equipped with the Power Seal Technology that helps protect devices from leaks and store power for up to 10 years (when not in use), Energizer will continue providing longer lasting batteries that help people and their essential electronic devices stay powered while reducing waste at the same time.
The Energizer Night Race 2014 will be supported by Banana Boat, Schick, Brooks, Evian, Jake’s Charbroil Steaks, GNC Live Well, 100Plus, HooHA! Asia, Milo, Nestle Fitness, PowerBar, Nikon, and Soleus Running Watches. Interested participants can register online at from 22 May to 8 July, and visit the Energizer Malaysia Facebook page for more information.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Gong Cha Truck For Parched Throat!

I had the luck of enjoying Gong Cha drinks served from a Gong Cha truck twice. 

One time at Mid Valley City Charity Run.
fellow runners queuing for their Gong Cha drinks ^^
Another was at the Butterfly Walk /Fundraising event.
me, excited to redeem my Gong Cha drinks
I tell you, a cup of cold Gong Cha drink is such a heaven-sent after a workout or on a hot day.

That’s why I’m imagining how nice it would be if a Gong Cha truck with a truckload of Gong Cha drinks of course; can make an appearance at one of a running event that I’ll be doing on June 15th at  Lake Garden; which is organised by a respected runner and friend. Imagine us 200 runners enjoying a cold Gong Cha after a few hours of running. Bliss…

And since this is a running event - imagine the photo opp with the drinks and the truck too! We runners love our photos! LOL

Sounds great, don’t you think?

Fingers and toes crossed!
I really want to have a refreshing GC winter melon drink!
Must. Have. Icy. Cold. Drinks! LOL

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A Walk In The Park

Let's see... how long has it been since we made a point to walk around Taman Tasik Cempaka in Bangi? Ages!

We always come to the area near the park for our dinner or to "lepak" at McD but not so much to enjoy the park. My last blog post on our "training" at Taman Tasik Cempaka was in 2012! (Read here) Used to head there once or twice a month, run a bit and then visit the Pasar Tani nearby and buy "Nasi Ambang" for our brunch. ^^
Had lunch at McD on Sunday and enjoyed a spot of caffeine too so we decided to burn the calories consumed (well, a bit of it, anyway) with a stroll in the park. ^^
Let's start our walk! The weather was nice for a walk too.
Taman Tasik Cempaka is quite nice, if not for the fact that it's rather dirty. Rubbish strewn everywhere! I mean, everywhere!

That said, the facilities are in good order. Two big playgrounds for kids to enjoy. Workout spots with most in good condition.
Son loves trying out the facilities.
Anyone read this when they're in the park? We did. ;-)

One of the reason I used to run in this park:
It has distance marker. Quite handy for those without gadgets to calculate their distance done.

The jogging path is quite narrow at one side of the park so I suppose it's quite congested on early weekend mornings to run here. Much respect to Gme who does his LSD here!

Gme, with the loops you do at Taman Tasik Cempaka (17 and above) I think that B2E should be a piece of cake for you! hehehe

Monday, 19 May 2014


BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon 2014 Targets 10,000 Runners to Experience Wholesome Improvements

KUALA LUMPUR, 19th May 2014 - BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon is back again for its 5th edition with some 7,000 marathon runners already confirmed their participation for Malaysia's most sought after night run.
“I am deeply encouraged by this year’s early registration for BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon”, said Race Director, Mr. V. Nithiaseelan during the Press Conference of BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon 2014 held here today at Royal Chulan, Kuala Lumpur.

He is also confident that the night marathon is set to achieve 10,000 participation before the end of 31st July even though there have been an increase in such events in Malaysia.

"I believe that the enthusiasm to participate in BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon is due to the fact that it is a marathon with a difference, and every year we make it a point to make changes that will reflect our uniqueness," continues Nithi.

This year is no exception, BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon 2014 features changes which includes a new race route, tag line and insurance coverage for the runners.

Commenting on the route change, Nithi mentions that the new race route will highlight a mix of popular landscapes and the outskirts of Putrajaya.

"We believe the new route would present a more challenging race for professional runners, whilst at the same time allowing new runners to enjoy the amazing environment that Putrajaya has to offer," adds Nithi.

As an effort to stay true to the stature of being a night run with a difference, BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon 2014 also adds value for the runners with insurance coverage provided by the newly re-branded life insurance company, Gibraltar BSN.

According to Ahmad Latfan Mohd Amran, Deputy Chief Executive (Corporate Support) of Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN), BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon runners will be insured from the starting line up until they finish the race.

"We are glad that Gibraltar BSN is on board with us this year. The protection will give the runners an ease of mind during the race," said Latfan.
The signing of MoU
And the launch
First view of the finisher medal
In addition, BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon 2014 also announces the new beneficiary for its 10km Corporate CSR run category. This year the night marathon is set to raise funds for Persatuan Disleksia Malaysia, an NGO that helps develop the ability of Dyslexic children to learn.

"We raised RM100,000 for our beneficiary last year and we hope the enthusiasm to participate in the 10km Corporate CSR run category will continue to grow for 2014," continues Latfan.
This year’s BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon’s new tag line is Night Runner, Nulli Secundus.

Those interested to participate should visit or for more details on registration and payment methods.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Saturday Double Fun Run

Saturday, Son had a school activity so rather than just lepaking around waiting for him to finish; we hanged-out at Lake Garden and did a bit of run.

The plan was to do as many loops around the lake until 12.00pm. Started a bit later than planned, at around (which of course, my normal time to start a run anyway...)

9K into the run it started to drizzle and it was a downpour soon after that. Seeing that there was no thunder and lightning, I continued on and even hubby was doing his loops in the rain.
Man, it was super nice to run in the rain, I tell you. I wasn't alone too. Apart from me and hubby, there were a few guys who were running in the heavy rain. ^^

Stopped earlier than planned and managed to do a 3-hour run because Son called to say that he had finished and asked us to fetch him.

I did 21K and hubby who was more relaxed than me, did about 13K.

We headed to Putrajaya after dinner for another run. A group run organised by le Sabuns Ultra Group. It's a monthly organised run held every 3rd week or so by the group, where one can run a minimum of 5K and a max of 50K. ^^

Zaini had planned to run together with some runners while I didn't really plan to do any running that night but the weather was so nice, it's such a pity to pass up the chance to run/walk around that night.

Not many runners turned up that night as many has races on Sunday morning but the turnout was respectable. Even LYN Runners were there.
photo credit : PACat Adventure Team
Group photos, photos with the recent UTMF finishers and participants and off we went. Some of us lingered and some of us went ahead. I started first while Zaini waited for his "kakis".
First 30min. 3K very easy run. I just had dinner less than an hour before the run so didn't want to push it. Got back to the water station and "lepak" ed a bit because Zaini was just starting his run.

Checked whether Son was OK ad not bored before proceeding again with my own run and that's how it was for the next hour. I'd run and looped back to the water station, stopped, drink/eat and check Son before going off again. ^^
Did another 11K and managed a total of 15K run/walk that night. Had wanted to continue but the "Mat Rempits" were out in force at midnight and I didn't want to proceed alone. Hubby finished soon after but he wasn't keen to walk so we just lingered and listened to experience runners sharing tips and ultra running stories.

Running stories that included talking about the registration of Putrajaya 100 Miles. An ultra event coming soon in November 2014, whcih will see runners running in either 100miles, 100K, 78K or 52K? Are you daring enough to try? The cut-off time is 30 hours for all categories. ^^
photo credit : PACat Adventure Team
Further information and registration details on Putrajaya 100 Miles event (22 Nov - 23 Nov 2014) can be obtained from its website (click here)

Got home at around 3am, showered... and slept at 4am only to wake up bright and fresh after 6 hours of sleep. Aisey... so much for sleeping in.

Somehow felt that it was too stifling to stay at home and we decided to head to Bangi. Had lunch there and even managed to walk around Taman Tasik Cempaka. Kinda my recovery walk for yesterday's run. Hihihi
What a nice way to spend the weekend. For us, that is. :-)

Now all hyped-up to tackle a new week!


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