Sunday, 16 November 2014

4 Hours Around Putrajaya, On Foot

I needed to do a long run. I wanted to run for four hours and had thought of doing it around my apartment but lucky me, hubby wanted to do some walking too so on Sunday, both of us went to Putrajaya.

It's been a loooong time since I last trained in Putrajaya.  Truth be told, I kinda miss running there by myself too. Yeah, for me, Putrajaya is one of those places where female runners can actually run alone without too much fear about safety. There are routes along housing area and parks where we can run without much worry. Well, at least for me lah.

Hubby and I didn't run together. I needed to do a final long run before my marathon which will be held on Nov 30th. Hubby on the other hand, has no races until next year. So, we decided to split up.
8.40am start time on a sunny Sunday. Normal. ^^
I started my run from Taman Seri Empangan at Presint 5 in Putrajaya, at the foot of the hill of where PICC is located. From here I ran along the lakeside towards Pullman Hotel and the Maritime Centre in Putrajaya.

Plenty of families having picnic or just having fun outdoors here. Plenty of cyclists along the lakeside route too.
After running 2km, did a pit stop at the toilet/changing room nearby the Maritime Centre. This gotta be the nicest public toilet in whole of Putrajaya!

The ones at Taman Seri Empangan is the complete opposite of this!

From Pullman I turned back and go up the hill towards PICC.
Saw a number of cars parked along the road here, with their car boots filled with flower bouquets for sale.

Graduation/convocation season, I suppose. ;-)
From PICC, I turned right at the junction and ran downhill and straight towards the road leading to Taman Cabaran and Presint 20 and enter Taman Selatan.

What to see in Taman Selatan?

Cemeteries. Hahaha 

A very green and tranquil place, I might add. When I passed this area, only a family was seen at the cemetery and no new burials. Just a few hundred metres past the cemetery area, at the open green field, there were groups of model aircraft hobbyist or something flying their planes and the noise the aircrafts broke the quietness of the area.
Up an incline and ready to exit Presint 20 to return to Presint 5.

An ERL just passed as I was running/walking/huffing up the incline. Pity. Would've been nice if I got a photo of an ERL zooming past but I wasn't keen on waiting for another one to come by.

Did another toilet pit stop at Taman Seri Empangan toilet to cool-off and pour water on my head before making my way up the Jambatan Seri Gemilang and run on the core island of Putrajaya next.

By this time, I had done 9km.
Stopped by Dataran Gemilang to snap photos of families enjoying wet fun at the pool there. It's free access for all. ^^

Then, I just ran in a straight route towards Palace of Justice.

The road toward the Palace of Justice, from the Jambatan Seri Gemilang all the way to Ministry of Finance building was busy with cars. There's this Mega Auto Show Carnival and largest car club and gathering. Busy busy road and noisy noisy road today. 
There was a hive of activity and construction work seen too. I suppose this is for the 2014 FIA Formula E Putrajaya ePrix?

It's next week, folks!
13km in the pocket, I later headed towards Putrajaya Holding and ran past another public kiddie pool. This one is located just beside the Putrajaya Holdings and nearby the Jambatan Seri Wawasan.
I continued on, and had this view later. This, a few hundred metres away from the pool. I intentionally chose this route as I wanted to run along the Sisiran Putrajaya which is a lakeside pavement on Core Island of Putrajaya. Sisiran Putrajaya covers Presint 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 10 and 13. Lovely lakeview, I might add.

Then it's time to do some hill training, after huffing up to PICC earlier.
Halfway up the hill at Taman Wawasan. From the foot of the hill, I could run all the way to Wisma Putra. One access road to the top of the hill is now closed off. 
After 2km done around Taman Wawasan, I continued on running alongside the lake area and arrived to Presint 18. 

Lovely, lovely house here. 
A little bit further down and I saw this skyline.

This mean I'm nearing my "finish" line and was running back towards Taman Seri Empangan.
And back to Jambatan Seri Gemilang.

Stairs? Yes.

The stairs on the opposite side of the lake will be the one where I, along with other runners participating in Watergate 16-hour will go up and down those stairs for dunno how many times while we do our 5K loops in 16 hours! Wahahaha...
Almost finish already. Up this bridge and then down...
And saw Hubby waiting patiently for me at Taman Seri Empangan.

I did this very very slowly so didn't manage to cover more areas. Anyways, I also stuck to a more familiar and what I deem safe route this time.

Maybe if I have more time or when I am much fitter, I can meander to Presint 11 or 8 or run towards Alamanda (did that before, by the way).

While I did this solo run, a number of friends are in Penang and ran in the Penang Bridge International Marathon.

Congrats to all of you!


  1. I like to jog outdoor, but have to depends on weather, if rain, can't jog :(

    1. It's all up to us and our safety. :)

  2. interesting the views..

    1. The view is nice that's why I thought of sharing them. ;)

  3. it's actually a nice run around Putrajaya..

    so many places I have not been to..

    call me *jakun* but I've been to Putrajaya a couple of times only, and as a tourists "sight-seeing" around the mosque and PM office only :p

    1. If jakun then must quickly rectify that jakunness. Hahaha

      Come come, I bring you around Putrajaya.

      But on two feet, OK? :P

  4. I just saw a very nice quote painted on the floor of the new guy in Nu Sentral

    it says: Running is cheaper than therapy..

    so true!!

  5. wow...i love your watch and nice sceneries around Putrajaya!

    1. That's an old watch. Hahaha

      Putrajaya does have nice sceneries. :)

  6. Nice run. No problems with stray dogs there? We live in Cyberjaya and have to choose our routes carefully to avoid them. Some have chased my husband when he's been out running. We're not used to seeing so many stray dogs; we just moved here from Australia. No stray dogs in Australian capital cities.

    1. There were.

      Actually, I'm noticing more strays now than before but most of them ran away upon seeing us human.

      I just make sure I stay away from them and stop running.

      Rather sad to see... especially at a place where Muslims are the predominant residents...

  7. Nice snaps. Lovely place to run....though J might just stop at the pool there and refuse to move.

    1. The pools are nice. If you go to the one at Dataran Gemilang, got makan place nearby. ;)

  8. Look much more interesting compared to the mentally challenging PBIM.
    21km from island to main land, with nothing except lamp poles, people and the sea (some said people mountain people sea too). U-turn, another 21km heading back to island.... until my elbows also hurt (need to elbowed all the way thru the half marathon-walkers in the last almost).... :P

    1. Ouch!!! ;)

      But hey... you get to experience the new bridge. Congrats on another marathon, Neoh. :)

  9. Alamak, run past cemetery. I would run very fast there LOL!

    1. I actually walked.... felt like I need to respect the "residents" there. LOL

      But I might think different if I am crazy enough to run past it at night! Haha

  10. I told wifey once that I don't mind living in Putrajaya because I love the many bridges and lakes! No where else in Malaysia has that plus nice roads to run or cycle. Viva Lina!

    1. I agree Anay.

      Putrajaya is a good place to live and enjoy the outdoors. :)



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