Friday, 21 November 2014

Japanese Food, At My Home

I used to cook Japanese fare at home. Nothing too fancy. Nothing too grand. I am no gourmand and certainly not a great cook.
When I said Japanese food, I don't mean sushi and sashimi though.
Japanese food is that, and more.
Anyways, I'm not a Japanese culinary expert so what I cook are usually simple and quick fares.
And most times, it's a fusion of Japanese ingredients and local ingredients too. Whatever works and the tummy agree. Hahaha
Ika bata-yaki served with hot rice. It's simply squid grilled with butter (the word "bata" is butter) and soy sauce.
It's yummy and simple to make.
Making onigiri which is rice ball.
Either with fillings or sometimes I just use pre-packaged some ready-made dry seasoning or furikake.
My simple and favourite onigiri happens to be with sardine fillings. Sautée onions, put sardine in. Add mayo and salt to taste then put some in the middle of the rice ball. Slap a nori.

To make my life simpler, I always use an onigiri mold. Not an expert to shape a rice ball yet.
I don't have the oden vat to cook them so I just use what I have. A pot. LOL
I'd describe it as Japanese version of yong tau foo. Hehehe 
My takenoko gohan.
Bamboo shoot rice with salmon served with stir fried asparagus and miso soup.
The servings style wasn't typical Japanese. I used the free bowls I got from buying washing powder only... 
Grilled sanma fish. And this one, served with local soy sauce with sliced shallots and vinegar. Melayu style. Hahaha
This one funnily enough, was sanma fish that I cooked assam style. Fusion like that. Bwahaha.
There are some curry rice, gyudon and oyakodon photos stashed somewhere. If I found them, I'll put it here. :P

Just thought of a little bit of Japanese inspired post since we'll be going to Nagoya on Monday after a break from our last visit in 2011.

Not travelling too far this time.

Anyway, we've already visited all four main islands of Japan and been travelling there every year since 2002 to 2011 so am not really looking to cram our itinerary with places to visit.

We'll go there, meet friends, hike a mountain (or two), shop a bit and then I run a marathon also. Simple itinerary this time around. No tour-groups recommended sites to visit either, because that's like soooooo first time touristy activity! *evil laugh*

Anyway, happy weekend everybody!


  1. yummy .... when u invite me to your home to eat the japanese food ? :D

    1. Hahaha

      I no time to cook already now.

      Am not like Mamarazzi so rajin also. :P

  2. Well, at least you cook at home. I never try cooking Japanese at home. ^^

    1. Cannot la eat out everyda right? Hihi

  3. fuyoh Obasan Glam cooking a Japanese fare at home!!

    Thambee is surely impressed with that lah..

    got grilled squid, got rice balls, got grilled fish, and ODEN too!!!

    まさか!!! @.@"

    1. Simple one...

      Other people can cook better, with the proper ingredients. ;)

  4. so excited for Obasan Glam for traveling to Japan for her 11th time!!

    aiyoyo, all 4 islands of Japan and surely Honshu, Honshu, Honshu and Honshu huh?? muahahaha :D

    great to have a relax trip and to meet up with friend than rushing here and there in the coach for a 20-minute brief stops at all the tourists attractions.. ^^

    have fun and enjoy yourself!! :)

  5. I'm impressed, Lina! I enjoy cooking Japanese food too, but I've not tried using squid. Your food looks yummy! Coincidentally, I've just posted something on Japanese food too.

    1. Gotta check your post out too!

  6. My Japanese food at home are onigiri, Japanese mixed veggie curry and instant Miso soup. I am planning to cook tomato rice balls for my two girls.

    Yours are considered more sophisticated than mine.

    1. Miso soup can be made easily. No need to go for instant one lah.... better. Hihihi

  7. I think Jap food is not hard to cook, just need to get the right ingredients and sauces.

    1. Anything is good to cook with proper ingredients, right? ;)

  8. Lina, I am also impressed!!! So many choices some more.... Thumbs UP!

    1. Just show off here lah! wahaha

  9. Whatever works and the tummy agrees <-- *Like*
    But your Jap cooking nampak macam umaiii!

  10. Not bad lah our marathon runner also cooks :D



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