Saturday, 1 November 2014

Running With MAKNA

Makna in Malay means meaning.
And how apt to run with a meaning, or rather a cause with MAKNA; Majlis Kanser National (National Cancer Institute).

I wasn't planning to run in this at all earlier but well, things happen and both I and Son did 5K "fancyfool run" which was the category where one can either run, skate or cycle and in costumes. There were 15K, 10K and Joy Run (5K) categories too.

There were plenty of activities held at the MAKNA Founder's run since noon as there were mobile mammogram unit, sponsor booths, F&B stalls, face painting, henna, inflatables and a whole range of activities.
 Sponsor booths and cheerful staff manning it. :-)
 What is a run without a Milo van? hahaha
A running buddy manning Putrajaya Urban City Run booth. 
The Jom Botak 2.0 The event aimed to break the existing record of"most heads shaved for the day" in the Malaysia Book of Records.

Why shave? It's a symbolic gesture of support towards what cancer patients face when they lose hair due to chemotherapy treatment.
The 15K category waiting to be flagged off a 8.00pm sharp.
And the starting line for the "Wira Kanser" or Cancer Heroes; cancer survivors. Salute at them. I had the chance to walk alongside an amputee doing his 5K in a crutch for a short while and I am so touched by his cheerfulness and in awe too of his determination. Salute to all you Wira!

For me and son, we only ran (or rather walked) for a short time as we only did 5K. The 5K route was from the Putrajaya Swimming Pool Complex and towards Taman Seri Empangan where we made a u-turn and ran by the lakeside. Quite a nice, easy and very scenic route. Easy for any newbies and parents running pushing strollers and little kiddos too.

There were sure quite a number of little kids running the 5K last night. Good job!

There was supposed to be a water station for the 5K route at Taman Seri Empangan, but either we missed it or it wasn't set-up... we can't find any. Son remarked about the lack of water station as we were approaching Pullman Hotel.

Anyways, there were plenty of drinks after we crossed the finish line.
Good job, Son!

The 5K finish line waas located at the manmade beach near Pullman Hotel while both 15K and 5K finish line was at the start/finish arch. 

The move probably helped to ensure a clearer path for the 15K and 10K runners to finish their run as they didn't merge with the bigger 5K crowd.

Even the goodie bags booths for 5K and the 15K & 10K were at different places.

We had a nice time together, me and son albeit a bit too short for my taste but I'm sure Son digress. Hahaha

We lingered for a while, taking photos of friends, enjoying milo and Fitnesse cereals before making our way back home. We didn't want to get home too late and we have another run to do on Sunday!

Some photos we took during the run can be viewed in FB (click here).

p.s. Thank you Faie for our Saturday night run. ^^


  1. Nice post and so fast u posted. Actually there's a water station right at the u turn, it's small n dark but quite visible.

    1. Aiyah... didn't see that WS. My bad...

  2. We've the shaving events here in SG too, but usually do them in shopping malls. This looks interesting! I'm back from my trip & resuming my blog hopping. Hope you're well.

  3. Well done!

    Eh Raimie went and botak ke? see this pic like didnt see hair

    1. He was wearing a hat deiiiiii :p



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