Sunday, 21 June 2015

Chillin' With Acham

I have to make sure I do my workout in the early evening now (or at the moment, before buka puasa/breaking of fast) just so I can spend time hanging out with this little fella at night. ^^
Mommy allows Acham to spend an hour on her lap everyday, and while Acham relaxes on her lap, she just wastes time watching TV, check on Facebook, read Whatsapp messages and occasionally, just occasionally reads her books.

When Acham takes a nap on her lap, it feels just so cruel to move and disturbs Acham's sleep.

Yeah, Mommy is such a pushover for Acham. 


  1. acham is trying to take control of the remote control!!!

    must be showing Hello Kitty on the TV!!

    hehe!!! ^^

  2. I am amazed Acham is not afraid of the remote controller. I thought cats usually fear that thing.. Or is it just in the cartoons that they fear remote controller?

    1. By the way, I think you left a comment in my blog the other day and it went to Spam folder (don't know why), and I accidentally deleted it with 20 other real spam comments... do you still remember what you commented?

  3. Acham looks so enjoying...

  4. Yeah... You better spend some time with him since you always away for your runs. Hahaha... So manja Acham!

  5. Amboi! You manja and spoil this Acham so much. Nanti your 2 boys jeles.

  6. Meow....☺ so pandai this acham van manja like this



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