A Half-Day Date

Seeing that I didn't spend much time with Son last weekend, with him going out for an outing with his friends and I went to TM Fan Run in Putrajaya, PLUS both Hubby and I will be spending a huge part of Father's Day Sunday at Lake Garden for my 12-hour Back 2 Endurance run; I took a half-day leave on Monday to spend it with Son.

Furthermore, as we need to save money for our September trip; we don't have any school holiday trip planned this time.

First stop was Son's favourite bookstore at the Gardens Mall, The Borders.

Then off we went for a late lunch.

At Tony Roma's.
We shared two dishes among the two of us. (Daddy wasn't around as he needed to work).
The Asian Salad with grilled salmon. Not as nice as it used to be somehow. 
and ribs.

We later walked to the Bangsar LRT (which was fun, in a way) and headed off to Amcorp Mall.
For this.

A few shops over. ^^
Later, we hung out at Gloria Jeans while waiting for his Daddy and enjoy the free wi-fi there while sipping our coffee and enjoying a sinful piece of cake.

Yes, he played with his smartphone. I did too.

I don't mind, as long as we know our limits and still talk to each other across the table.


  1. what a loving mommy Mak Glam is to take a half day off just for the son!!!

    and no need to do anything specially planned, because as long as with your beloved son, everything is special.. :)

    1. No lah...

      Haven't seen him much last weekend and this weekend also, plus it's the school holiday... half a day is not much for other people's standard also.

  2. aiyoh, Tony Roma's and toy shop and Gloria Jeans!! did you hop over to BookXcess??

    it's been a while Thambee has not been to Amcorp Mall dy.. miss the Japanese food next to McD as well as the nasi goreng ikan masin at the mamak on lower ground..

    1. Of course visit all shops lah...

      Except those not interesting. Hehehe

  3. Yah, is better to know your limit, don't go too far, a little bit of entertainment is kind of relaxing!! =]

  4. Gosh, I haven't been to Toma Romas for ages now! Wonder if it's still around in SG.....

  5. Your son must be very happy that you took leave to spend time with him...

  6. What a loving Mama! You made me wanna cry thinking of my mama who also spent quality time with me. Sobs!
    I am sure your son enjoyed the time shopping and eating with you. He will grow up well and remember all the blissful & happy days. Tony Romas is always a must!!! Hooray!

  7. Midvalley walked to Bangsar LRT? Fun??

    Oops, I forgot, running/hiking family here... makes sense then...

    1. No. I mean, you get to walk, see different sights from what you see from a car. Talk also. Fun lah...

  8. Looking at his picture while he looked down at his phone, he has your shadow. He looks a like you very much.

  9. Such a nice mom to make up for him! Love the steak at Tony Roma's!


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