Monday, 22 June 2015

Saturday Buka Puasa By The Lake

A picnic style buka puasa, just like what we used to do during the Ramadhan weekend a few years ago.
and for the same reason.

Mommy needs to do her 10K run so Daddy suggested we all go to Putrajaya, get our Buka Puasa chow at the Pasar Ramadhan and later Daddy and Son enjoyed the lakeside view near Masjid Besi (Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin  mosque) while waiting for Mommy to finish her run.

The lakeside from the mosque all the way to the Monumen Alaf Baru is lined with people opting to buka puasa picnic style, with friends or family.
We are always rather simple in our choice for buka puasa.

Nasi ayam, nasi tomato and nasi ayam berempah was our choice.
But can't linger too long after our meal. ^^

It's a good choice to picnic at Presint 2 & 3. There is the Pasar Ramadhan. Two mosques are nearby. And for sweaty people like me, there are an abundance of toilets that I can use to shower and freshen up.


  1. Your family is very lovely always! Can go anywhere, eat anywhere and do everything together always. Anay salutes!

  2. nice choice of a place with all the essential amenities for buka puasa!!

    Mak Glam always smart lah..

  3. everytime this year, Mak Glam goes picnic

    and everytime Mak Glam goes picnic, she brings the Ultraman mat

    and everytime Mak Glam shows the Ultraman mat, Thambee is so jeles~~

    hukhukhuk!! ^^

    1. Why jeles?

      I thought ah boy has a doraemon mat? ;)

  4. This is so meaningful. Buka puasa together, picnic style to accompany you so you can run. You have such a beautiful family, Lina :)

  5. wow...that's nice!! Selamat Berbuka Puasa! Oh... you guys still running during Ramadan ? Most of my Muslim colleagues take breaks from our usual badminton and runs.

    1. For me, to exercise or not; be it during fasting or not is a personal choice.

      I run. Some don't. Either way, OK what.
      Some would prefer to concentrate on more religious activities this month too.

  6. Quite a good and fun idea to buka puasa picnic style. The simple food selection looks pretty good to me!

  7. Fuiyoh..."picnic" again. I missed walking at pasar ramadan. Must go one ofvthese days

  8. wah picnic :-)

  9. Love your family bond, Lina! xoxo



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