Monday, 1 June 2015

Sunday, After The TM Fan Run

Workout wise, last weekend had me doing two late morning runs.

One on Saturday, which was an hour and a half run that started at 10.00am and the second one, on Sunday at TM Fan Run in Putrajaya. Nothing too strenous as my 16-week training plan requires me to do both runs at long/easy pace. And I'm basing the long pace with the pace I plan to hold for a 9-hour run. ^^
Funnily enough, I wasn't that hungry on Saturday and this was dinner.

Son had an outing planned with his friends on Sunday, so Hubby and I went out to pick him up later in the evening and then headed to Tropicana Mall to pick up my race kit for the 12-hours Back 2 Endurance which will be held in two weeks' time.

I had at first wanted to enjoy a nice slab of steak but after walking around the mall, decided to opt for dinner at Pasta Zanmai instead. Steak will just have to wait for the weekdays lah. ^^

Both Hubby and I ordered the May specials.
 Unagi paella.
 and mini kinoko spicy pasta (which, truthfully wasn't all that spicy) but it was good. Just not spicy. 
 As there were no greens with our order above, I decided to add a salad too.
The boy who spent 7-hours with his friends today already had an early dinner so he just accompanied us and refused to eat more. ^^

I'm taking a half-day leave today so that I can spend some time with this boy. Maybe eat a nice steak with him too. Hehehe


  1. aiyoh, i actually don't mind having that "messy burger" at all..

    instead i find it looks more delicious than the Pasta Zanmai dishes below..

    hahahaha, just purely personal choice, no prejudice.. :p

    1. Everyone has their own preference. :)

  2. oh, the boy has already entered the stage that he goes hangout with friends..

    okay, at least the parents have got their own time and the boy joins in later..


    1. Both the boy and the parents can have their own time. Hehehe

  3. Aiyo, late evening saw lots of food in this post....
    make me hungry :P

  4. Take half day to go makan2 with son. Not bad ahhh...

  5. wow...thats the reward after the run!! :)

  6. Awww! Look at your boy! Now so grown up and hensem lagi.
    How was that Unagi paella? Looks familiar but I don't think I had it before.
    I must try lah.



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