Sunday, 27 September 2015

Celebrating The Birthday Month With A Bang

September is a special month for us.

Both Hubby and I celebrate our birthdays in September.

September is also our wedding anniversary month.

There were special celebrations that we arranged for the month. Some we did, some we didn't manage to do due to unforeseen circumstances.

But all in all September has been a good month, hazy weather notwithstanding. ^^
We were supposed to celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary in Merapoh, doing The Magnificent Merapoh Trail (TMMT) together.

But fate has other plans and due to work commitments, we DNS (Did Not Start) the run.
Both of us work on the day of our wedding anniversary so I decided that it would be fun to hit the treadmill and ran 16K, to mark our 16th anniversary. Hah hah

And as a compensation for not going to TMMT, I signed up to The River Jungle Marathon (RJM) instead.
It was super fun, although I ran in RJM alone this year compared to last year when we both ran in RJM for our anniversary.
I actually signed up for a 10K run the Sunday after RJM, but when a friend invited me to join him and his group for a route recce for an upcoming race the night before my race; I didn't hesitate in agreeing.

So instead of a solo 10K run at AFSA Balloon Run, I ran with Hubby on Saturday night in Shah Alam and had lots of fun.

We went for a vacation in the third week of September to celebrate both our birthdays, Hubby and me. 
I had planned for many months to run an ultra on my birthday and I found one in Kyotango City, in Kyoto, Japan. Hubby and Son were there to give me full support, of course.

Wouldn't have dreamed of doing it without their support.
Thank you Hubby and Son for your patience. Love you two lots. *muaks*
Returning home after our vacation, I had a half marathon on Sunday. It was supposed to complete a 4-weeks race plan for September.

An FM on the first Sunday of September.
A 10K on the second week (which I DNS in favour of running 10K in Shah Alam, in leisure).
A 60K on the third week while on vacation.
And a 21K on the last week of September.

But alas, the Mizuno Wave Run which was initially cancelled due to haze is now postponed to an unconfirmed date.

But still, September had been a really fun month. As always.
And to be able to enjoy it with my family is priceless.

Three more days left for September.
We still have the three days to do more special stuff together!


  1. so nice to have everything happening in September, one-shot celebrate all, save cost and save time, hihihihi ^^

    next year, go for a 17-day holiday to celebrate your 17th anniversary.. :)

    1. Hope what you wish will come true, SK! Hihihi

  2. Happy Birthdays and Happy Anniversary to this fabulous & happy couple!
    Celebrating overseas in a lovely country will be so sweet and memorable. I jeles la!
    Wishing you both many years of happiness and good health. Keep running...

    1. Both you and Letchumy also so lovey-dovey. :)

      Thank you for the wish, Anay. ^^

  3. Happy Birthday and annioversary to both of you! So nice both of you can run together and how I wish my wife can join me too but too bad, she's not the exercise type. ASnf he haze here has been causing events to be cancelled.

    1. If she supports you, that is already great Chris.
      Appreciate that also. ;)

  4. Oh, you and hubby are September babies too like me hee..hee... Well, Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to you both! And what better way to celebrate doing what you love :)

    1. and Happy birthday to you too! :)

  5. Such an eventful month!! Happy birthday and wedding anniversary!

  6. Happy Birthday and Happy Wedding Anniversary!!!

  7. Though you did not manage to get certain things done but you did have a fantastic September. Happy Birthdays and a Happy Wedding Anniversary to you and hubby :)

  8. Happy belated birthdays and happy wedding anniversary!
    P/S - cant wait to read your travel posts on Japan :)

  9. Hello Lina!! I also want to wish you all the Happiness with your family...!! Indeed your family is very supportive to you all the way...!!

  10. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday, Lina and Zaini

    1. Must have been sakit hati to have to DNS but what to bah.

      But at least still managed to run 16K in gym....LOL

    2. Running an Ultra on your Japan pulak tu....wah lau eh...betul betul something to celebrate la. As always Raimie and Zaini will always support you punya. This is what family all about :)

    3. Hopefully SCKLM will be able to go ahead this weekend



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