Sunday, 31 July 2016

AIA Men's Health Women's Health Night Run

I wasn't supposed to do this 21K run at AIA Men's Health Women's Health Night Run on Saturday night as I was supposed to be in Merapoh, Pahang doing 30K at The Magnificent Merapoh Trail. 
Photo and model credit : Andri
See my name on the banner? Huhuhu

Congrats Andri on TMMT!

If any of you guys saw a runner sporting the bib under my name, don't throw a hissy fit. The organiser allowed legal bib transfer and I already informed them of me not being able to run in TMMT. 

Anyways, life happens and shit happens too. Hahaha

And there I was, going to Putrajaya on a Saturday night for a road run instead of a trail run in Pahang. And running in the rain.
Misjudged traffic condition and the initial plan to have dinner was scrapped off and I was getting hungry while being stuck in the car getting to Putrajaya.

We arrived shortly before the Maghrib azan was heard and I had just enough time to eat and digest a bun. For dinner.

Didn't manage to meet up with any friends before the flag-off and I started mid of the pack this time. 

There wasn't any concrete plan for the run as I had no target for this "training" run. I actually kept flip-flopping between a 2:30 finish or maintaining the pace I did at Bukit Jalil Half Marathon which was a 7:10.

The start was congested as there were quite a number of runners in front of me and my first plan was to catch up with the 2:30 pacers.

I felt I was running quite fast for my liking but I thought if I hadn't caught up with the 2:30, it should be OK.

Mana tau, after running 3K I realised that I was holding a 6:28 pace for the first 3K and only managed to catch the 2:40 pacers at that distance and did it in 19min 26sec. Crazy! Compared to TM Fan Run first 3K, I was running a 6:46 pace and a time of 20min 18sec for 3K and that was for 2hours 22min finish! @.@

The thing about holding too fast a pace is that, the second half may get ugly and it would be hard to maintain a certain pace.

One of the 2:40 pacer's balloon popped as I caught up behind them. I then ran ahead fully intending to catch their 2:30 pacers but can't see them even after running 6K.

I mentioned it to a runner and he told me that the 2:30 pacer balloons had popped too. (AIA you buy cheapo balloons from where ah?)

While volunteers at the first and second water stations were chirpy and encouraging, the volunteers at the other WS (apart from the last WS) were quite quiet, some sullen and completely overwhelmed and seemed undermanned. 

At one WS, where there were like 3 bottles of Lucozade available and yet to be opened so I resorted to opening and pouring them myself (and sorting the cups too since they weren't unpacked from the plastic yet). Oh yes, to the WS supervisors... can you please brief volunteers not to fill up water/isotonic full up to the brim of the cup next time? One - to avoid wastage (we don't need to drink a full cup dey) and also avoid splashing drinks on ourselves. 

The first 12K was uneventful, and it was at the second WS that I bumped into a fellow GC runner. We ran together, most times he was slightly in front of me for the next 11K if I'm not mistaken before I lost him. 

There were a few dark stretches along the route and I wonder why the organiser chose the unlighted section for the KM13-15 section and knowing that it would be VERY dark, didn't provide any "assistance" such as temporary mobile lights, etc. 

I'm sorry but for RM98 registration fee for a 21K, I think they could afford 1. better balloons. 2. purchase Daiso RM5.30 lights.

I guess hunger (for just getting a light dinner) and trying to compensate that with sugar fix (I was popping in sweets and downing energy gel) and also running a too fast pace for the first 3K took a toll on me and I started having walk breaks from KM16. I had gotten to KM15 in 1:44 which was an average pace of 7min/km having slowed down to a more reasonable pace after KM4 onwards.

But KM16 onwards, the pace steadily got slower after that. HAHAHA

Dark stretches and running together with the 12K runners made me either slow down to  a slower run or walking breaks. And I was happily sashaying and chatting with a friend who was manning the CP timing mat at KM17 (or thereabouts). LOL

A complete opposite from TM Fan Run where I actually ran a 6min pace for the final KM with a friend, I only jogged to the finish line this time. 
Approaching finish line with hubby waiting for me. A crew was seen busily asking runners not to block the finish line with their photo taking and selfies to allow runners who are finishing to pass through. 

Took my medal, a bottle of mineral water and joined the loooooooooooooooooong queue for the goodies bag. Again, for RM98 - I would have expected more than free packs of Petron tissues, Lucozade and the goodie bag after my run. 

Banana ke, apple ke would be nice if they really cannot afford (or feels we runners are already too damned pampered) to be given a snack pack macam TM Fan Run did (that one I paid a measly registration fee of RM55).
Lepaked a bit with some friends after the run an was looking for Shuhaimi afterwards. Turn out he didn't bother to join the goodie bag queue as it was looooooooooong but hubby managed to meet him.

Thank you again Shuhaimi for the company during the run!
A 21K run in Putrajaya at night. My first night run event for 2016.

I'm using the experience and the feel of MHWHNR 2016 to strategise for next week's SCKLM. One, maybe I should forgo following a pacer if pacers are running way too fast from what I am comfortable with for my target timing because I have absolutely no intention in running a 6:20 pace again unless I want to target a sub2:15 HM. 

And now, I also remember why the last MHWHNR that I did was in 2012! (But 2012 was nicer lah... and they didn't put too much junk but actual nice things in the goodie bag)....

But then again, runners (like most Malaysians) have really short memory. LOL

Anyway, I wonder if the run going to have another cheap sale 50% off for their Johor run like they did for Putrajaya? Though I seemed to miss the memo on the 50% promotion earlier. 

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Challenge Buddy Run 2016

Challenges Media; a social enterprise promoting disability advocacy and inclusive community development and in collaboration with Brickfields Asia College is holding a 7 KM Buddy Run in August 2016 to celebrate the spirit of friendship while focusing on social inclusion for our disabled buddies.
Registration rates are as follows:

Individual : RM 70 
Pair : RM: 120 
Student Individual: RM 40 
Student Pair: RM 80 

The participants are entitled to receive T shirts; Goodies Bag; Refreshments; Finisher Medals and E-certificates

Sign Up on the link below:
For corporate package: sign up at this link

Alternatively, registration and more information can be made at:

Or follow them at

Thursday, 28 July 2016


Dual Benefits of Flexibility and Cushioning In One Running Shoe

Herzogenaurach, Germany (24th May, 2016) – Global Sports Brand PUMA continues to expand its successful IGNITE running franchise with the all-new IGNITE Dual for Autumn-Winter ’16 that offers duality in both function and style.
Engineered to provide ultimate flexibility and cushioning for mid and long distance runners, the IGNITE Dual features the proprietary IGNITE FOAM midsole that's visible on the heel and hidden in the forefoot to offer full length energy return. Articulated chevron grooves are designed to compress during landing and rebound. The molded EVA sockliner cradles the foot comfortably for an easy run. The outsole has been technically enhanced by PUMA to mimic the natural gait of the runner. A guidance groove that runs from the heel allows a smoother transfer of the runner’s weight from heel-strike to toe-off. Deep forefoot flex grooves add to the freedom of movement while carbon rubber is introduced on the heel for extra durability.
The duality story extends to the upperwith a two-tone premium flexible mesh that delivers a comfortable fit, breathability and flexibity. Adding depth and dimension to the silhouette is the color shifting mesh and reflective panels for extra visibility in low light conditions. The look is finished with an exciting contemporary graphic that gives the IGNITE Dual a youthful appeal and hook back to the upcoming Olympics Games where the design DNA continues on the training and podium wear of PUMA-sponsored Federations and athletes.
The IGNITE Dual is available in IGNITE Dual Disc and IGNITE Dual evoKnit iterations - variations of the upper design with the same tooling. The IGNITE Dual Disc features PUMA’s innovative laceless Disc Closure System that allows a quick, easy and custom fit with a turn of the Disc dial. Its upper is constructed with a combination of comfort foam that stretches to conform to the foot and net mesh for breathability and depth. The evoKnit Dual is created with a knitted upper for a soft comfortable fit, breathability, and flexibility.
The IGNITE Dual’s twin colorway and graphics also appear in PUMA’s Autumn-Winter ’16 inline running apparel range. All equipped with the  innovative dryCELL technology - materials that draw sweat away from your skin to help keep you dry and comfortable during workouts, the latest apparel
collection offers function as well as style. The Graphic Shorts Sleeves Tee is designed with mesh inserts that help improve air circulation at critical heat zones while a Cleansport NXT finish ensures organic-based odor control.
Additional reflective details give extra visibility in low-light conditions. The Vent Thermo-R Runner Jacket adapts to and enhances movement with an innovative, lightweight, thermoregulating design. The windproof softshell material protects against windchill during your run while high tension areas in the garment enable ventilation to keep you cool when in motion and warm when at rest. The 2-in-1 Short, a lightweight woven short with an inner compressive tight is perfect for enhanced movement. It has a back-zip pocket with a laminated, waterproof lining to ensure that belongings stay dry. A tunneled elasticated waistband is in place for easy adjustability and reflective details finish off the design for added visibility.

The new IGNITE Dual and running apparel range is available at all PUMA stores, and sports retailers. 

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

A Celebratory Dinner At Miyagi

Two Sundays ago, after my run at TM Fan Run; my family and a couple of friends went for dinner at Miyagi for a celebration.
The cause of celebration was this. My result for my half-marathon at TM Fan Run.

We had dinner together at Nando's on Friday, before the run and I had told them that I'd treat them for a Japanese dinner at our favourite restaurant if I get a sub2:30 that Sunday.

And ya, well... I got that sub2:30.

Son had soba and tempura since he didn't want to eat a heavy dinner that night.
Hubby had beef teppanyaki set.
As I was hankering for some oyster for the past few days, ordered the fried oyster set. I prefer them raw, but fried also OK lah...

And it's cheaper to eat them here also...
A close-up of my oyster.

It was supposed to be my treat for everyone to celebrate my PB timing but the couple had generously "belanja" us instead. THANK YOU!

Anyways. for the next PB, it'll be salmon sashimi and caviar. Hahaha

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

PJ Half Marathon - Special Promo Discount


Due to popular demand, PJ Half Marathon 2016 is opening another 300 slots for registrations.

All 21K & 10K categories registered within this 300 slots will get a SPECIAL PROMO DISCOUNT of RM10!
Registration starts 26/07/2016 (Tuesday) @ 12PM. So if you want to register and hadn't done so earlier, don't forget to log on at 12pm. Only limited slots are available for the special promo rate.

For more info and registration, log on to

A fun touch in the event is their medal that features Chickaboo, the runaway ostrich. Cute, right? 

Monday, 25 July 2016

Special Attention At LOGO Fashion Lounge & Gallery

Now, it's not often that I get personalised tour of a shop or boutique let alone a high-fashion one...

Thanks to LOGO Fashion Lounge & Gallery and both Ms Tancy Tan & Ms Terisa Ho, Hubby and I got a personalised tour and experience of the fashion lounge and I have to say, it was AWESOME!

LOGO Fashion House and Lounge is touted as Malaysia's First Fashion Lounge with 500 international brands at discounted items.

Ms Terisa Ho assured me that most items at LOGO are sold at 30% cheaper than boutiques and we can get items for much cheaper during Sales. The items are previous seasons' items but hey! I'm not complaining.

Oh by the way, LOGO is an abbreviation of
L Luxury and Lifestyle
O Originality and authentic
G Global Inspiration
O Outlet Evolution

LOGO has their flagship/concept store in Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang and Evolve Concept Mall, Ara Damansara, Selangor and also another concept store (pop-up store) which was recently launched in Freeport A'Famosa, Melaka. Apart from that, designer shopping is made easy by their online web store at
Upon arriving to the store, I was greeted by the store's associate at their reception counter and first order of business was getting a VIP LOGO membership.

Purchase of RM1,500 will enable one to apply for the privilege card membership and RM5,000 for the platinum membership.
I was then shown their VIP room where the Tan Sris, Datuks and Datins plus celebs can shop in peace.

Syiok wei!
Menswear section on the second floor.
Of all the menswear and accessories that we were shown around on the second floor, Hubby was drawn to this coin pouch.

Oops! Something for me to keep in mind for his birthday? He even told Ms Terisa that the pouch is similar to his old Versace wallet. (OK, OK, noted)
Spacious area and waiting area too. No worries about "sakit kaki".
We later went down this special staircase.
Ms Terisa told me that they hosted the Asia New Star Model contest here (for the first leg or something) and I was quite excited hearing that because a friend's son had actually participated in the contest and went on to represent Malaysia in South Korea!
Photo taken from LOGO website
I also wanna feel like Malaysia top model... HAHAHA
First floor is where the ladies section is located and yes, very syiok to browse in this section.
Two items that I'm drawn to.
But my favourite section is this, without a doubt. The shoes section.
Very nice....

Cannot afford so hold only lah!
LOGO not only has mens and ladies section but also kids section.

So don't worry, the whole family is covered at LOGO.
Oh yes, shopping online via is nice too. And they do carry some nice, affordable items too, like this cute wedges. I WANT!
LOGO is having a sale now until August 31, 2016 so if anyone wants to splurge and still save money on branded items, the time is now to go shopping at LOGO!

I wish my bonus comes in this month. Hehehe

Details on their store:

F22-1st Floor & S21-2nd Floor,
Ara Damansara, Selangor
Tel. 603 7451 8578 / 8579

Business Hour
10AM - 10PM

163D-2-28, 30A-Level 2, Penang
Tel. 604 218 9262

Business Hour
10AM - 10PM

Saturday, 23 July 2016

BOLTMOJI, THE NEW WAY TO MESSAGE FASTER Now available and ready to run.

The 2016 Rio Olympics is just a couple of weeks away, and global sports brand Puma is backing its ambassador Usain Bolt aka ‘the world’s fastest man’ with the launch of "Boltmoji."

"Boltmoji" is an emoji keyboard featuring the Jamaican sprinter, who's regarded as the fastest man in the world, which resulted in his "Lightning Bolt" nickname.
For iOS:

For Android -

In the Apple or Google Play Stores, search for “Boltmoji” and download the application.

Once downloaded, open the app. You will be prompted through several set up screens to install the keyboard. Start using the keyboard “Boltmoji” in your iMessage, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, etc.

Emojis just got #ForeverFaster and it’s time to run with them, so download the app and get ready to enjoy.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Let It Be, A Celebration of Music of the Beatles Part II

The Show You Never Got To See.
LET IT BE is jam-packed with over forty of The Beatles’ greatest hits and thanks to AC Music Entertainment, I had the opportunity to watch the concert.

Not one pass but two VVIP passes were generously allocated for us and as Son indicated that he wanted to watch it too, we went together and ditched the Dad for two hours last Saturday. ^^
Our excellent seat in the Plenary Hall, KL Convention Centre.
The show started with the "mop top" era first and we moved through the years gradually in segments.

From the magical sixties to what would have been if they were reunited.

Forty songs were showcased including Twist and Shout, She Loves You and Drive My Car, as well as global mega-hits Yesterday, Hey Jude, Come Together and, of course, Let It Be.
Another fun thing about going to the concert - meeting fellow bloggers. ^^
We listened and watched the performance, we danced and we also sang along and pretty soon, the show was over.
It was also a perfect relaxation for me, of sorts; before my run on Sunday at the TM Fan Run.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016


The event is to be held on 3/9/3016 (Saturday) at Stadium Mini, Majlis Daerah Hulu Selangor, Kuala Kubu Bharu. Starting time at 4.00pm.

Please be informed all informations and entry forms can be obtained from FTKLAA Website:- and on-line registration at

Walk in Registration is at FTKLAA Office, 2nd Floor, Wisma OCM, Jalan Hang Jebat, 50150 Kuala Lumpur from 10.00am – 5.30pm from Monday to Friday. Saturday from 9.30am – 2.30pm.

Entry form link here.


The Organising Committee is making special arrangements to provide transport with a normal payment of RM 10-00 (To and Fro) for each runner.

Buses are to leave by 10.30am giving sufficient time for rest and reporting as the event is expected to be flagged-off at 3.30pm. The buses will be in front of Wisma OCM, Jalan Hang Jebat, 50150 Kuala Lumpur.

Payment is to be made together with entry submission and coupons for the bus trips are to be obtained from the counter clerk for walk in registration but for on-line registration it will be included in the registration slip.


Please be informed all required informations on the following:-

a)Awards and Prizes
c)Entry Forms
d)How to Register 
e)Number Collections           

are indicated in the entry forms.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016


2016/17 Films Offer an Insight into the Pride & Passion for The Gunners Worldwide

Herzogenaurach, Germany (14 July, 2016) – PUMA today launched the Arsenal campaign, through its first film for the 2016/17 season. ‘We Are THE Arsenal’ offers a global insight into the experience and pride of fans, players– both past and present, all of whomshare a unified passion for the North London club.

The campaign draws upon Arsenal being first registered with the word “THE” within the name, a unique detail in football history. The film to launch it features players including Santi Cazorla and Hector Bellerin; legends such as Thierry Henry, Robert Pires and Freddie Ljungberg; and fans from London, Mumbai, Shanghai and New York – all offering their interpretation of what ‘We are THE Arsenal’ means to them.

The film can be seen here:

Over the next four weeks, four additional films will be released that give a broader view into the experience of Arsenal fans in Mumbai, Shanghai and New York, as well as London. They show the support for the Gunners lives with equal passion and commitment around the world, and the values shared by Arsenal fans are truly universal.

Speaking about the campaign, Santi Cazorla said, “The support for Arsenal in other countries as well as England is always overwhelming. When we see the lengths people go to watch and support us and the impact this has on their lives, it really inspires us to try and bring them more happiness. These films are a nice way to recognise the importance of the supporters, and to show their knowledge and passion is the same in every continent.”

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Group Effort Run For A Sub2:30 HM

I signed up for TM Fan Run (TMFR) 2016 early, with the intention to use it as part of my training mileage for the upcoming Standard Chartered KL Marathon (SCKLM) which will be held three weeks after TMFR.

There wasn't any fast target for the run initially, what with it being held around 11 days after the Hari Raya but after a few sessions with my running kakis, the Gaited Community (GC) during the Ramadan month at Bukit Cinta, UM and someone racun more people to join TMFR; suddenly there was an aim for a sub2:30 being discussed.

Bismi had so kindly offered to be the 2:30 pacer and quite a number of our gang were excited to run within that time for a 21K. I was quite hesitant to join at first as I only wanted to do my LSD but later decided, why not. If I can't cope with the pace, I'll drop and finish it at my target easy pace but if I could follow through, it would be a great motivation for SCKLM. The others too were getting ready for SCKLM; some will be running in the FM category and a few in the HM category.
Bismi (left) and his pacees in team GC. Bar one - the one beside Bismi is a fast sub2 runner. ^^

Included in the gang was Farah, a runner imported from Australia who is back for the Raya holiday and the gang was later joined by a few more GC members who did a few extra KMs before TMFR 21K flag-off.

We started our run late, after the 6.00am flag-off for Subuh prayers and also for toilet stops so we ran at the very back of the 21K runners.
The team following the Bismi bus.

Bumped into a friend, Doc Rafidah at around KM6 and she advised me about my running form. She had told me earlier that she just want to run slow and finish in around 3 hour but she is such a fast runner; her slow run at TMFR was a 2:35! Hahaha

We ran in our group and followed Bismi's lead and the pace he had targeted for us to do. It was quite fun and during the first 10K, we chatted, laughed and joked around as we ran. I was quite pleased to note that I was able to get to KM10 in 1:07:36. 

I somehow got ahead of the group after KM10 but Bismi and Jeli, with the rest of the group caught up with me as we were climbing upwards to PICC. 

With 7K more to go, we merged with the 10K runners at the foot of PICC hill and the road became more congested from there onwards.

Mindful that I have 7K to go, I followed the group until we got to KM15. I got my 15K PB with the timing of 1:42:58 and was quite happy with that, especially as I had a target of 1:45 for the 15K section. Bismi told me to go ahead as the remaining route will be easy and I did.
Slowly breaking away from the group. Can you spot me? :P

I didn't really have anything targeted at this time, I just ran and tried my best to maintain my effort while zig-zagging to pass the 10K runners who were sharing the same route as the 21K to get to the finish line.

Another runner; MJ who was doing 30K that morning (9K before TMFR plus 21 at TMFR) passed me at around KM17 (before the 2nd last water station) and I decided to follow his lead and ran behind him. 

I later learnt that he had targeted to run a 7min/km pace for 30K so him holding a 7min pace was just nice for me.

Although the road was by now congested with both 21K and 10K runners, I did not mind the crowd at all. 

Didn't expect a water station 1K away from the finish line but there was one and seeing MJ stopped for a drink, I stopped too. He mentioned about team order and waited for the other 2:30 runners in our gang while I, not too sure what to do; followed Azmi who had passed us at the water station and followed Azmi to the finish line.

With like 400m to the finish line I was running like I was busting my lungs but Azmi told me to finish strong. I had wanted to slow down but he was right beside me so I continued running till we crossed the finish line mat. 
The rest of the gang finished shortly after and most of us got our sub2:30 target. A number of 2:23 actually. ^^ Thank you Bismi!

Sorry I didn't really follow team order. Hihi

And congrats everybody! Even the sipi-sipis. Hehehe 
Group photo after the run. 

Thank you gang for a great morning out and for the company.

Aiza for the peer pressure.
Bismi, MJ, Azmi for the pace. 
Moq for allowing me to draft him for an uphill section.
Pisha, Farah, Niza, Jeli for the great company.
And the rest of the gang too.
I did something different for fueling this time around. I took Torrone's barley mint and it worked great to last me through 21K! (That and the Moolabar I had for breakfast before the run, of course).
We later enjoyed some lepaking session at a nearby mamak and everyone was sure in jovial mood.

I am sure looking forward to another run with the GCs. Alas, for SCKLM most of them will be doing the full marathons.

Again, thank you GC for the motivation and see you guys in the next run!

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Ariani Hijab Run

Ariani Hijab Run 2016 registration is now opened!
Visit for more details and registration.

The first 500 early birds will be entitled for free Ariani hijab and will be notified by email.

Something nice for hijab wearing runners, but this run isn't limited to female muslim runners only. Everyone can participate and men, fret not. You are not required to wear a hijab to run. If you get the free hijab, can always pass it to your wife, sisters, mom or girlfriend kan? ^^
All finishers are also entitled to the items above.

Details of the run:
Date: 22 October 2016
Venue: Jakel Mall, Kuala Lumpur
Time: 7:00 a.m. (Flag off)

Any registration inquiry please email

Hurry and register if you are interested to join.

I heard slots are running out fast. This is quite a trending run, it seems.


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