Petai Feast For The Festive Season

Among the things I look forward to when we visited my hometown in Raub, Pahang is this:

A car boot load for us to bring home; but not all for us. A friend wanted to buy some, that's why. ^^

We still have some. Any buyers? :P
Instead of enjoying the rendang, lemang and the usual Hari Raya fare, I feasted  on petai masak tempoyak and rebung masak lemak that my aunt cooked. Delicious!

After having my fill and only then, I ate the other lauk raya. LOL

At home, it was another feast; with the petai that my dad had given to us to bring home...
With sambal ikan bilis petai.

Hubby "complained" though... as he said there were more petai than the ikan bilis. LOL
and sambal udang petai.

We detoxed ourselves from petai and stopped eating them on Saturday and Sunday. Don't want to stink up the office toilet on Monday! Hahaha


  1. Everything petai!! Must be a feast. Somehow I am not a fan; cannot stand the smell/taste.

  2. That is a lot of petai! I don't mind having some hah..hah..

  3. I like udang, but not petai, hehe...

  4. The whole bunch of petai is a pretty sight! i definitely love more petai than prawns or ikan bilis.

    I went to see my father at hospital and used the attached toilet which stank of petai. Then I remembered that I had eaten petai the night before! Ooops!

  5. haha.. i had belacan fried rice the other day and the shop put petai in the fried rice. It was a working day so i was very careful of eating them (ate some but leave some! such a shame though :(

    1. Yeah, no syiok eat petai when one has to work...


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