Friday, 30 September 2016


For PUMA lovers out there!
The FENTY PUMA by Rihanna Creepers in its original colorways are back! Choose from the best-selling colors of black-gum, black-white, white-gum, and oatmeal in both men’s and women’s sizing.
In Malaysia, fashion lovers and fans of the FENTY collection can expect the Creeper Re-Launch Pack to be in stores starting next week. The FENTY CREEPERS will be available exclusively at Sunway Pyramid at RM459. With super limited pieces available, all colours except Oatmeal will in stores.

Be one of the very few people in Malaysia to get your hands on the much sought after Rihanna Creepers!

Thursday, 29 September 2016


MALANG, INDONESIA, 29 SEPTEMBER 2016 – The drastic transition from the picturesque, breezy and cooling land down under to a stadium that has hosted thousands and thousands of cheering football fans, will crown another champion this coming 8 and 9 October 2016. The FIM Asia Supermoto Championship 2016 will transform the vicinity of the football arena into a battlefield for 23 international supermoto riders from 14 countries striving for championship points and a victory in Indonesia.
All these anticipation building up to the race can never be possible without the organiser and sponsors pouring their hearts and contribution to the race. The approximately 1.2 kilometers track in Malang will be a competition that will lurch through the riders’ emotions with its whopping one kilometer tarmac and an approximately 250 metres off-road track. The menacing track is set to put riders to the test on their balancing skills, facing seven tight hairpin turns, followed by jumps on the off-road track. Losing sight on concentration can lead to an ultimate defeat.
Supermoto is an ever changing and evolving game, especially when the weather and track condition is uncertain, giving riders with the best overall skills the advantage to secure the top spot. During an interview with Asian Class leader Team KTM’s Muhd Habibullah with 50 points on the leader board, his faith to secure the podium in Malang was hammered by the shorter off-roads. “I have more confidence when it comes to off-road and Malang will be a huge challenge. I will continue my stringent training regime and ensure that I am well-prepared for the race.”

Satheswaran Mayachandran, Chief Executive Officer of Asia Supersports Group, added that “the flexibility of this race to adapt in any situation and location is the core that makes the race interesting and unpredictable. Riders and engineers for each team are tested on their adaptive and endurance skills in every difficult situation. We believe that every team will go on full throttle to compete in Malang this coming October, just like the incredible race we witnessed in Newcastle.”

Round 2 of the championship in Malang is not merely a race, but a festival held to celebrate the country’s first ever international supermoto race. This historical moment will be made merry with other activities including a press conference, a grand gala dinner, photo and autograph sessions, social visit programmes, community supermoto coaching clinic, motorcycle stunts by Indonesia’s Wawan Tembong, motorcycle and accessories displays and sales as well as fun-filling games, while enjoying the heated race as close as ten metres from the track.

In addition, another momentous occasion will also take place when the delegates of Newcastle pays a visit to East Java, along with a special visit from a Malaysian delegate, creating a trilateral meeting between Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia, to forge a stronger tourism relationship by leveraging on international motorsport races.

“FIM Asia Supermoto Championship is not only an avenue for motorsport enthusiasts to enjoy the sport, but also a platform to produce beneficial relationship between countries. This positive result was witnessed when the delegations of Malang, led by his Honorable Muhammad Sanusi, Vice Regent of Malang City, visited Newcastle during the first round of the series,” added Sathes.
The FIM Asia Supermoto Championship 2016 Round 2 will be held within the vicinity of Stadium Kanjuruhan on Saturday and Sunday, 8 and 9 October 2016.

For more race updates, information and announcements, visit or e-mail us at

FIM Asia Supermoto Championships 2016 is a regional supermoto championship organised by Asia Supersports Group, a consortium of three companies namely Bikenation Motorsports Sdn Bhd, CW Media Sdn Bhd and E-Plus Entertainment Productions (M) Sdn Bhd, and supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia, Malaysia Major Events, Malaysia Truly Asia, Destination NSW, Tourism Hunter, Newcastle City Council, FIM Asia, Automobile Association of Malaysia (AAM), KYT, KTM Malaysia, Premium World Motorsports (PWM) Sdn Bhd, official distributor of Husqvarna in Malaysia,, and

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

The Cherating Holiday Makan-Makan

Our 3D2N holiday gastronomy adventure started early, at lunch time and in Bangsar. We had lunch at Anuar Kari Kepala Ikan located behind TMC supermarket in Bangsar.
No Kari Kepala Ikan this time but our fried chicken and sotong goreng were equally good and satisfying too!
We arrived Cherating at around 4pm and spent the evening taking a dip in the sea and a stroll along the beach.
We later decided to have dinner at a beach-side restaurant sandwiched between Holiday Villa and Legend Hotel.

Nothing too fancy. I had the Daging Masak Merah Fried Rice and Hubby & Son had Nasi Goreng Pattaya and also Tomyam.
Nothing too shout about but not too bad either.  
Breakfast was at the hotel as our room came with breakfast.
Simple, standard buffet fare though Hubby was wishing they served Nasi Dagang too.
But of course nice la eating breakfast while enjoying the sea view.
For lunch, we decided to head out and took a drive in to Terengganu and visited Chukai Town. We were looking for Satar to buy as snack as we wanted to have a picnic at the nearby Pantai Geliga (or Pantai Teluk Mak Nik).
It was hard to decide where and what stall to buy so in the end we stopped at this shop located right at the junction where we turn into Pantai Geliga.
There are two branches of Warung Aziz Satar that we saw. Another one was bigger but we opted not to stop there for lunch.
Satar in hand, off we went to Pantai Geliga. 
After spending about an hour there, we kinda got hungry again so we decided on our return to stop by the same Warung Aziz Satar for lunch.

I was hankering for ICT (Ikan Celup Tepung) and they had it. Yeay!
 Ikan Celup Tepung with sauce.
And Sotong Celup Tepung.

Both were so GOOD.
We also enjoyed Satar. Nice grilled fish meaty goodness with a zing coming from cili padi that is included. This one is a must eat when visiting Terengganu.
And Otak-Otak.
 While waiting for our main dish which was Laksa! Terengganu style laksa.
Our makan-makan won't be complete with Keropok Lekor and Warung Aziz Satar had staff making them fresh right at the stall.
We bought some to enjoy later during tea-time.
Hubby told me that he didn't plan to go to Hai Peng Kopitiam as we'd have to travel to Kemaman but as luck would have it, there's a branch called Sukiyang Coffee by Hai Peng in Chukai, right beside Maybank.
 I had the toasted bun with kaya and Vietnamese Coffee which I shared with my Son.
Hubby who had earlier said that he didn't want to eat a heavy dinner chose this Lala Rice dish. I forgot what it's called lah but quite sedap.
Hubby got his wish of a Nasi Dagang breakfast the next morning as that was served at the hotel buffet. And it was quite nice too. 
 Lunch on our last day was at Temerloh R&R and what else to eat? Patin Tempoyak, of course!

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

It's My Kapitea Timeout

The family loves Chatime and we occasionally indulge in them (occasionally only lah, cannot drink too often. Hahaha).
Our favourite is their signature milk tea, the Pearl Milk Tea and the Passionfruit SmooTea.
Chatime is having this fun promo currently and I can't resist in joining...
KapiTea Timeout!
Play games using our mobile phones and interact with the Chatime TV to win prizes.
Visit and sign-in with our FB account and key in the unique code as seen on the TV screen.
Score 300 points and above to win 50% discount voucher for a Floatea.
Score 1000 points and above and win a free Floatea.
Not bad wei, as it's free to play the games.
Some more, those great at games can win awesome prizes too. I'm pretty bad at games so I'll drag Son and Hubby to Chatime later and ask them to play. Who knows, we can win the grand prize and fly to New Zealand, and enjoy Kapiti products there. Hehehe
For the time being, I'll just settle for this awesome Cocoabearry Floatea which has Kapiti's Vintage Strawberry and cream ice cream + Superior Pure Cocoa. So sinful and so sedapppp...

OK, later I probably need to burn those few thousand calories I consumed but that's OK. ^^ 

Monday, 26 September 2016

Beach Time At Holiday Villa Cherating

For our birthday weekend this year, Hubby and I decided to have a nice, relaxing beachside vacation (read no running in races involved) and we managed to find a good deal at Holiday Villa Cherating.
A last minute deal where we got the Villa type room for RM191.00 per night plus breakfast included. I think we're quite lucky to get it after checking the hotel's website e few times as their rooms were all fully booked!

We somehow got this deal (and room) a few days before our trip to Cherating.
Our villa with a pool-view and the beach is just 200 metres away.
Our room came with a resident cat of our own too! A cat was relaxing on the verandah. Good thing we always have cat food handy, in the car.  
The villa came with a sitting area and a nice comfy sofa.
And this twin bed. We actually requested for a king bed but oh well... Hotel fully booked mah.
Aircond was good and strong so we had a nice sleep the two days we were there.
It's simple but nice and comfy.
 The beach at Holiday Villa is awesome.
It has a long stretch of beach that is seemingly endless and running here is such a joy. It's  just sand and sand. Very, very nice beach to run on.
We enjoyed strolling on the beach, taking pleasure in the scenery and each other's company.
And the beach is family friendly too as it is not deep and kids can enjoy a dip without too much of a worry. Clean too.
We spent time alternating between a dip in the sea or picnicking by the beach. enjoying keropok lekor that we bought from the stalls around the area.
Or simply relaxing and enjoying the cool, sea breeze.

It was a perfect family vacation for us and one that didn't cost much. ^^

Saturday, 24 September 2016


Herzogenaurach, Germany (19 th September, 2016) – Global Sports Brand PUMA launches their women’s campaign ‘DO YOU’ which aims to inspire confidence in women everywhere. As part of this campaign, PUMA announces they will be working with international model, actress, and activist Cara Delevingne. She joins PUMA’s growing list of influential female ambassadors including Rihanna, who served as the campaign’s Creative Director.
“To ‘DO YOU’ is to take ownership of yourself and finding the power within that ownership — it's a very powerful statement,” says Cara. “It's about accepting who you are, no matter your faults.  ‘DO YOU’ is about finding your truth and sticking to it.

I think it's so special because it means something different for everyone. It specifically encourages people to be themselves.”
Cara embodies the PUMA Woman. She is fearless, always finding new ways to express herself and use her body as a catalyst for conversation. Her unapologetic attitude and inspiring defiance of the status quo will set the tone for this campaign. 
She leads the pack of strong women appearing in this campaign, including Mimi Staker and Olivia Boisson of the New York City Ballet, German track and field athletes Alexandra Wester and Tatjana Pinto, and Cuban volleyball players Leila Consuelo Ortega Martinez and Lianma Flores Stable.

The campaign was inspired by Rihanna who once said “I dare myself to make things work. I don’t do things for the response or controversy. I just live my life.” The campaign inspires women to stay true to themselves, make their own rules, and never take ‘no’ for an answer. It creates a conversation that encourages women to be confident, motivated, and never willing to compromise on anything from their personal style to their workouts to their life. Given Rihanna’s own belief on this message, it made perfect sense to bring her on board with PUMA to creative direct the campaign featuring Cara.

The ‘DO YOU’ campaign launches this month with a cross-category product assortment dropping through December from PUMA’s Running & Training and Sportstyle collections. Cara will be featured in outdoor advertising, PUMA stores and retailers, and Follow @PUMAWomen and @PUMA for the latest on the campaign.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

My Two New adidas Ultra Boost

Yeay! I got new shoes. New running shoes!
My yellow boost when it was still new and shiny ^^
I badly need to replace my old, yellow adidas energy boost (which I bought at a mere RM250.00 from JPO through a friend).
This really battered yellow adidas saw me through 10K, half-marathon, full marathon, 50K and a 60K PBs for the past year.
And it's time to bid farewell and find a replacement.
I have been eyeing adidas' Ultra Boost range for some time as friends who used them love the shoes but the retail price is so scary ranging from RM650 - RM750 per pair! @.@
So bila see SALE word at adidas store, I didn't hesitate in getting one.
A new pair of adidas Ultra Boost bought on Merdeka Day at a hefty 40% off.
I would've bought another pair but this is the only one that's in my size. The rest all kena sapu already. Huhuhu
But lucky me, a friend went to JPO recently and nicely updated a few friends about the shoes at the adidas store there.
At less than RM250 a pair for an Ultra Boost, it's a bargain!

More importantly, the store had my size! SALE but no size also no use, right?
Now I have two new shoes. Yeay!
Can stop shopping until next year already lah. Hahaha

Monday, 19 September 2016



NEW YORK CITY, NY (29th AUGUST, 2016) – Finally, the wait is over as Rihanna’s inaugural FENTY PUMA by Rihanna apparel, footwear and accessories collection hits stores worldwide beginning September 7th . No one can forget Rihanna’s debut of this collection last February in New York. Each look was daring, provocative and oozing with attitude and now, it’s available for the world.

Rihanna drew inspiration from contemporary Japanese street culture and tradition for her debut collection with PUMA. Mixing cultural influences with gothic overtones and exaggerated volumes and proportions, the fashion icon challenged the traditional male and female silhouettes and blurred the lines between genders that are often times too rigid for her fashion tastes.
Fans can expect key styles in the first monthly drop including the ground sweeping Mock Neck Maxi Dress and popular Rising Sun Lacing Sweatshirt and Sweatpant. The Tear Away Track Jacket and Pant, Bra and Lace-up skirt will also be making its mark in the stores serving the fashion hungry and function needy. Every inch of her personality is depicted in every element of the range, and definitely not to be worn by the faint hearted. New introductions will follow in October and November, including the original and new FENTY PUMA Creepers, her show-stomping Sneaker Heels and key accessories like the Mesh and Bandana Cap and signature Lace Up Backpack.
“This collection is not only a representation of who I am and how I dress, but also pushes the boundaries of what I wanted to create with PUMA” says Rihanna, “I wanted to take PUMA to a new place with something unpredictable and unexpected. It's Japanese street culture with a haunting twist. I played with texture and silhouettes and all of the fabrics are luxurious. I reinterpreted the traditional in my way.”

For the Autumn-Winter ’16 FENTY PUMA by Rihanna campaign, Rihanna brought in top industry creatives to help bring her vision to reality. With Paris based creative agency M/M, photographer Willy Vandeperre and stylist Alastair McKimm, the campaign brings the collection to life. Models Fei Fei Sun, Cong He, Sang Woo Kim all bring their attitude to give an edge to the campaign.

On September 6th in the U.S., PUMA marked the collection’s introduction by launching at (at 12 pm EST), Bergdorf Goodman (12 pm EST online, 3 pm EST in-store) and two FENTY PUMA by Rihanna Pop-Up Shops powered by SIX:02. The two FENTY PUMA by Rihanna Pop-Up shops are located in New York at 125 West 33rd Street and Los Angeles at 8380 Melrose Avenue, which will open at 3 pm EST and 12 pm PCT respectively.

The worldwide release of the collection will commence globally on September 7th at PUMA stores, and select fashion retailers such as Bloomingdale’s. In Malaysia, the  AW16 Fenty collection will be in PUMA KLCC and PUMA Sunway Putra Mall only.  For more information, visit or


Sunday, 18 September 2016

My Running Anniversary - A Quest To Be Healthy & Heart Healthy

Today marks the 5th year I had started running. Well, the day I joined my first road race actually, which was a 10K at KLIUC Unity Run in 2011.
Me, 5 years ago
Truthfully, when I started running it wasn't so much about losing weight as most people would think but as an alternative to going to gym to keep fit and healthy.

I used to hate running but after I terminated my gym membership I need to find a way to be active and not turn into a couch potato so I gave running another shot.

Fast forward 5 years later and I am still running and hopefully will be for many more years to come and doing it together with my family.

An active lifestyle of course should be complimented with a balanced diet.
I admit, I love sinful food and like to indulge once in a while (or is it once too often?).
But even with a active lifestyle and being more aware about our diet, there is no guarantee that we are as healthy as we'd  like to think we are. There are a number of cases where seemingly healthy runners collapsing during a run due to heart failures which is shocking to say the least.

I guess that's where, apart from doing regular exercise and eating a healthy and balance diet; a regular medical checkup comes in.

For us old fogeys, the government (SOCSO to be exact) even provided us income earners medical checkup vouchers for us to do our medical checkups, if our company doesn't give this benefit to us - upon our 40th birthday.

It is alarming to note that 1 out of 2 Malaysian adults are suffering from high cholesterol and 42% of them are below the age of 40! @.@

Glad to note that my cholesterol level is normal (well, the last time I checked).

Also, heart diseases are no longer an old-people disease because adults as young as in their 20s are diagnosed with heart disease. And  half of the heart attack patients (45%) have three or more risk factors:

  • 77% being obese
  • 65% have high blood pressure
  • 46% have diabetes
  • 38% are smokers
  • 37% have abnormal cholesterol levels

Info taken from:

  1. National Health and Morbidity Survey, 2015 MOH
  2. Muzammil, B. (2014, October 8) Heart Disease: Shocking Facts The Younger Generation Should Know. Malaysia Digest.
  3. Tan, S.C (2016, August 7) Younger and Riskier, The Star, Health, pp 11.
So what I am aiming now; for me and for my family is to manage our heart health holistically by:

Physical activity
Be it running. Hiking. Walking (walking in the mall also OK ya). Cycling. Playing games - badminton, football, futsal. Heck, even Pokemon-Go encourages players to go out. Just play it safely and with consideration of others lah!
Start 'em young!

Balanced diet.
Ensure a healthy meals and avoid junk food.
Consume more vegetables and fruits. Drink milk. Eat nuts (I love snacking on nuts - they are a source of plant sterols).

Actually, drinking Nestle Omega Plus with added plant sterols is a good way to manage cholesterol level. Just two glasses a day as part of a healthy diet.

Medical check-up
And lastly, we must do regular medical check-ups even if we feel that we have no serious health issues because we wouldn't what time-bomb of a disease is lurking unnoticed by us unless we do them. 
Anyways, for the past few weeks I've been doing the #HeartHealthChallenge that I updated on Instagram and  Facebook that Nestle Omega Plus is organizing; since joining their Nestle Omega Plus Walk-A-Mile event in early September. 

It is a fun way to be part of a community and join the challenge to lead a healthy lifestyle.
And I've even been rewarded for joining it with a surprise gift from Nestle Omega Plus!

Isn't that cool.

It is certainly a good motivating factor to start!


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