Dinner At Murni Discovery, Cheras

All running events posts for the past few weeks(!) and I make this a boring blog for my friends. Hahaha

A friend helped me collect my adidas running shoes, which I won for the SCKLM Media Challenge (Half-Marathon category) and we decided to meet up at Murni Discovery Restaurant in Cheras.

Got lucky to found an empty spot by the roadside in front of the restaurant to park and got a table very near to the car. Hihihi

First order of business - makan.

Between ordering and the arrival of food - very efficient. Thumbs up.
 A Poison for me, Very refreshing and for only RM5.00
I was feeling greedy so I ordered the Nasi Goreng Lamb Chop (the 2 pcs lamb chop hidden by the fork & spoon).

For RM18,00 it is really good value.

Got meat and got nasi plus fries - got carboloading session. Hihihi
And after a boak-borak, makan-makan that lasted for hours; it's time to head home but not without my adidas shoes!

Thanks Redz for your help! :-)

OK, this is not exactly a food review blog, so those who wants to go find Murni Discovery Restaurant, go visit their website lah.  


  1. Poison! What a name!

    Your nasi goreng lamb chop can last you a week's calories! Haha.

  2. poison... wei...now you poisining me already...gatal feel like wanna go there and try out the food .

  3. I wanna whatsapp Mama Kucing if she's going, i want to tag along, haha....

  4. Hahaha I'm not a runner and also a fatty, so for me, makan-makan post is the less boring one. Hahaha I may not be the best blog reader for your blog >.< ...

    1. No competition. Come and comment once in a while oso I happy. :)

  5. I terkejut sekejap when I saw "poison". I thought it might be something to combat mosquito due to the Zika thing hah..hah... drink rupa-rupanya...LOL!

  6. Trust me, your blog is never boring to me. It is full of life to remind me to live on healthy pace and balanced lifestyle. You are so updated with news & events and shared everything to keep our minds running along. Thank you always.

    Your last photo is nice. You lost weight? Please eat more ok.

    I no need to list out which blogs are boring and could help me to Zzzzzzzz.... Wakakakakaka


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