It's My Kapitea Timeout

The family loves Chatime and we occasionally indulge in them (occasionally only lah, cannot drink too often. Hahaha).
Our favourite is their signature milk tea, the Pearl Milk Tea and the Passionfruit SmooTea.
Chatime is having this fun promo currently and I can't resist in joining...
KapiTea Timeout!
Play games using our mobile phones and interact with the Chatime TV to win prizes.
Visit and sign-in with our FB account and key in the unique code as seen on the TV screen.
Score 300 points and above to win 50% discount voucher for a Floatea.
Score 1000 points and above and win a free Floatea.
Not bad wei, as it's free to play the games.
Some more, those great at games can win awesome prizes too. I'm pretty bad at games so I'll drag Son and Hubby to Chatime later and ask them to play. Who knows, we can win the grand prize and fly to New Zealand, and enjoy Kapiti products there. Hehehe
For the time being, I'll just settle for this awesome Cocoabearry Floatea which has Kapiti's Vintage Strawberry and cream ice cream + Superior Pure Cocoa. So sinful and so sedapppp...

OK, later I probably need to burn those few thousand calories I consumed but that's OK. ^^ 


  1. I must confess that I am a very great fan of Chatime and was so addicted that I had to watch my weight. Now you just shared a new flavour to lure me again.

    Argh! Why do you have to end the post saying need to burn few thousand caloriesssss!!!!! So bad.


    1. Hahaha

      Must balanced mah.
      Calories in, calories out. :P

    2. How much are those drinks worth?

  2. I loves Honey Milk Tea, last time used to drink them, then didn't drink, now long time no drink, no craving for it, hehe...

    1. True also.

      If regularly drink, can have cravings.

      But once stop, not really need to drink that much. Lol

  3. I have never tried Chatime. Now that I see how interesting it is, I wanna try pulak!

    1. I only started recently because of my Son! Lol

  4. Wow! That Cocoabearry was sinful from your description. I dont drink pearl milk tea. Not a big fan. My favourite tea is black tea and milk tea, as what we called "teh o" and "teh c" over here

    1. The Kapiti ice cream on top make it extra sinful.

  5. Saw Chattime in London too! No worries if you drink aplenty, Lina, I know you will burn the calories off fast!! haahaha..


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