My Two New adidas Ultra Boost

Yeay! I got new shoes. New running shoes!
My yellow boost when it was still new and shiny ^^
I badly need to replace my old, yellow adidas energy boost (which I bought at a mere RM250.00 from JPO through a friend).
This really battered yellow adidas saw me through 10K, half-marathon, full marathon, 50K and a 60K PBs for the past year.
And it's time to bid farewell and find a replacement.
I have been eyeing adidas' Ultra Boost range for some time as friends who used them love the shoes but the retail price is so scary ranging from RM650 - RM750 per pair! @.@
So bila see SALE word at adidas store, I didn't hesitate in getting one.
A new pair of adidas Ultra Boost bought on Merdeka Day at a hefty 40% off.
I would've bought another pair but this is the only one that's in my size. The rest all kena sapu already. Huhuhu
But lucky me, a friend went to JPO recently and nicely updated a few friends about the shoes at the adidas store there.
At less than RM250 a pair for an Ultra Boost, it's a bargain!

More importantly, the store had my size! SALE but no size also no use, right?
Now I have two new shoes. Yeay!
Can stop shopping until next year already lah. Hahaha


  1. Nice color!
    Bright striking colors make us more motivated to workout, right? :p

  2. You run a lot, bet your shoes overwork as you are! ^^

    Nice shoes. Like the striking colours.

  3. My wife's shoes have been torn, one by one and she was heartbroken. I told her it was natural to tear and get worn out after so many runs and rigorous hikes! I must tell her Lina has worn over 100 pairs. LOL

  4. Nice lah your new shoes. I am also looking to buy a new pair but me only for jalan-jalan.

  5. Gosh, I'm in love with the shocking colours! Enjoy your coming weekend, dear! xoxo

  6. I like the bright colours but they are not so easy to match my clothes so I usually buy black colour shoes.


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